December 23, 2010

along the shore of life...

building castles isn't easy...especially sand hope against hope for the wave to stay try and build it as far from the water as possible....but you also know that sand castles needs to be built on wet shores...thats when they turn out best!

as a kid, i loved building sand castles.i remember--every time i went to the beach, i never forgot to take my sandbox and shovel..i used to ask my dad for candy only so that i could use the stick as a small flagpost on top of the castle..

much to everybody's surprise that was the only time i hardly bothered about the candy...the castle was the one which hogged all the attention.

I also remember my mom observing the castle and saying that i'd make a fine was only years later when i joined med school, that she learnt never to jump to conclusions :p

but then the castles i built were just a sign..probably to say i would become something other than that too...something which was evident right from my childhood days...something which i was not by choice but by destiny----a dreamer!!

i recall building up those huge castles in the sand.nothing could break my enthusiasm.

i used to be so proud of myself when it stood there in all its glory...a complete dream house which i'd built with my very hands.

but soon a wave would come and wash my castle away and with tear filled eyes, i would gaze hard at the mess that stood in place of my beautiful creation.

i used to always carry the candy stick back home and much to my dad's irritation, place them in a huge wooden box i had as a reminder of all the sand castles i had built :) [for those who don't know my dad has an obsessive compulsive disorder when it comes to cleanliness and according to him, i was and still am the agent through whom the germs gain entry into the house..sigh!]

anyways, i threw out the box years later only under emotional pressure by family after they realised that the termites held it as dear as i did..

that was way back when i was a kid.

today i still find myself building castles...the only difference being, these do not break...they do not crumble....they just melt away...disappear....shy away from all the other concerns which clutter up my mind..the waves are replaced by 'conflict'and the flag posts by 'memories'

and even today, i still carry the 'candy sticks' back home....the difference being, now i store them in a permanent place from where they will never leave--my heart! :)


RamNarayanS said...

There was the whoosh! of a wave in this post and Hmmm, the metaphors :)

Pri said...


triloki nagpal said...

A very poetic post...

Sarah malik said...

wow, poetically written and made me nostalgic...playing in the mud has many wonderful memories for most of us m sure:)
i specially loved the ending lines! and i m a dreamer too, good to join another dreamers world :D


Pri said...

@ triloki nagpal
thankyou :)

@ subtlescribbler
its good to have u here too..its been ages since ive met one of my kind--a lot of people have given up on dreaming nowadays :)