October 28, 2006

bas kuch yaadein!!

As i was rummaging through the closet of my mind, i happened to find this on one dusty ignored shelf :)

Intzaar mein kshitij pe ankhein bichaye,
na milta hain kisi ko kabhi kinara..
toote dil ki nakaam ummeedein,
na le paati hain kabhi kisi ka sahara..

kacchi ret ka mahel banakar,
basane chali thi main ek sapna,
per ek thandi hawa ke jhoke ne,
chin liya jo kuch tha apna...

aur kahin is toofan mein,
pyaar ke afsaane beh gaye,
magar shikwa hain toh is baat ka,
ki in labo pe unke taraane reh gaye!

Bahut kuch seekha humne,
rishton ki ehmiyat jaan li,
naadan dil ne aisi chot khaii,
ki shabdon ki bewafai pehchaan li!

khamosh dhadkan ne maan li,
jo barson se na maana tha.
dilojaan se apna jise samajhte the,
woh to hamesha se begaana tha :)

woh kya jaane sacchi mohabbat,
shayad badnaseeb hum nahi...
pyaar jaane wahi jo dard mein aansu roye,
yahan toh pal pal hain nadiyan bahii

hamesha se nikli dua e dost,
ki tumhe khushi mile ,had se pareh,
badle mein,kismat ne kuch aisa kiya,
jo koi dushman ke saath bhi naa kare

Pyaar ki ummed jagakar,
bich raaste haath chuda liya,
har pal ummeed ki kiran jagakar,
doosre hi pal rula diya...

khuda na kare, zindagi ke kisi mod per,
agar mohabbat tujhse rooth jayegi,
tab shayad kahin ek pal ke liye,
tumhe humari yaad satayegi...

kisi roz yeh kahani apni fariyad sunayegi,
chupke se aakar, us purane mausam ki yaad dilayegi...
do din ki is zindagi mein ek ranjish sada rahegi,
kisi mod pe hum mile the, yeh khalish sada dasegi!!!

October 15, 2006

im bakk n tagged !!:)

hey guys, im bakk!!! :)
n its about time i took up the tag tht "la vida loca" tagged me wth...
so here goes: the deal is i hav to write 9 weird things bout me, tag 6 more people n go n comment on each of their blogs [:D]

well u guys mite think the list wud be endless *blush* but ting tong!! the deal is 9 things ONLY...heehee
so starting off,
1)pri is extremely impulsive by nature (most of the times)n thn her ego has made her stick to many an impulsive desicions, even though she regrets making thm sometimes...sigh!
2)pri's weird sense of humour n comic timing wch has put me in many a embaressing situations at time...*blush*...
somehow manage to blurt out the weirdest of things at the wrong(est) of times:D n get everyone in splits :-/
3)pri is ultrapossesive sometimes whn it comes to her friends/loved ones even though she realises its kiddish to be so :-/
3)pri often "jhadofies" lectures on thinkin wth the mind but lets her heart take over almost all the time :-/
hmph!wht r u grinning at???
4)sometimes pri hates people wthout any valid reason or cause...n the same goes for the ppl she likes...she dosent need a reason to love or hate someone ...At times,she dosent even know thm well enough to judge thm but still she feels it her fundamental right to do so...
n thn she forms an opinion n no matter wht likes to believe tht opinion to be right, n whn it turns out to be othrwise, she goes in denial, she frets, fumes, cribs n wonders whr she'd gone wrong n swears she wont judge neone again...but somethings cant be helped n some habits never change...
so she continues forming opinions, continues judging ppl hoping she'll learn to judge right someday ...:)
5)As a doctor, she considers herself responsible for any patients suffering and agrees tht she isnt being practical in thinkin so whn her friends tell her tht...awes at the fact tht sum ppl live upto a 100 yrs whn noone wants thm to while othrs let go soo early in life...wonders at the injustice...justifies "euthenesia", argues with life...n whn she finds thr r no answers,cribs at the existence of such questions :-/
6)*ok this one will come as a real surprise to ppl who know her n her incessant chatter*
pri often locks herself n spends hours all by herself, not speakin a word, not letting a single thought cross her "othrwise soo cluttered up mind" ...nope she isnt dozing off nor is she goin to depression...:) its a normal beautiful day---yep its juss pri being weird ;p
7)She often cries to herself whn she feels hurt n let down...sometimes she dosent even know the reason why she feels tht way...the tears juss keep flowing till some "earthly form" decides to make an appearance n thn!! the "plastic grin" show beings :-/
8)she is extremely shortfused n though she loves to play the "cool dudette" all the time, she's one helluva sentimental fool :-/
also the first one to say "im sorry" if its her fault but the weird part is SHE decides whethr u deserve to know if she's bugged wth u or not...thrll be times whn ull get the "cold shoulder treatment" n u wont even know why.:-/
only plausible explanation : pri is weird!!! :-/
9)she always tells people wht exactly she feels about thm---more so if she harbours bitter/rude feelings...lol!!!irrespective of her friends feelin tht she's a real jackass to be soo transparent in this diplomatic world.!
but her logic is "if i hate thm , they should know i do...why be a hypocrite?"
I think thts cool...a lil weird but yet cool ;p...
so does she!!!

there!!! those r the first 9 weird things bout pri i can thnk bout ...though im pretty sure i or for tht matter you, can come up wth many more.;p
please feel free to contribute ...lol!!!
Now tht ive completed the tag, i wud love to tag ----chand


October 02, 2006

happy dussehra



heyy folks...sorry, wasent around for a while...
hav been awfully busy the last few days...n itll be the same for atleast 1 week more...life has been pretty hectic...
apologies for not replyin to ur mails n offliners...hav got a lot of blog catchin up to do as well :)
will get bak to blogging in a while...
till thn enjoy the peace n quiet (wth me not around ;p)
Till thn, miss me...
heres wishing all of u a very happy dussehra ...:)
n heyy, happy gandhi jayanti too...
gandhigiri karte rehne ka mamu...SAMJHA??? ;p