June 19, 2009

a song which will make u ponder long after u've heard it...

dekhiye toh lagta hain,
zindagi ki raahon mein,
ek bheed chalti hain...

if you go to see, u will perceive a huge crowd of ppl walking together on the road of life

sochiye toh lagta hain,
bheed mein hain sab tanha!

but if you go to think about it, you will notice that everyone is lonely even amidst the crowd

jitne bhi yeh rishte hain,
kaanch ke khilone hain,
pal mein toot sakte hain...
ek pal mein ho jaaye,
koi jaane kab tanha!!

relationships are made of glass...fragile as they are, they can break in a second..and before one can even notice, one is left all alone!

dekhiye toh lagta hain,
jaise yeh jo duniya hain,
kitni rangeen mehfil hain...
sochiye toh lagta hain,
kitne gham hain duniya mein,
kitna zakhmi har dil hain...

if u go to see, this world is one wonderful celebration..but if you go to think about it, you will notice that there is so much sadness in this world and that each heart is bleeding...

woh jo muskurate the,
jo kisi ko khwabon mein,
apne paas paate the,
unki neend tooti hain,
aur hain woh ab tanha!

there are people who used to smile and dream about spending their life with the one they loved. but their sleep has been broken and they are left all alone

dekhiye toh lagta hain,
zindagi ki raahon mein,
ek bheed chalti hain...
sochiye toh lagta hain,
bheed mein hain sab tanha!!

if you go to see, u will perceive a huge crowd of ppl walking together on the road of life..
but if you go to think about it, u will notice that everyone is lonely even amidst the crowd

June 17, 2009

of today and tomorrow...

what really decides our future?

is it the lines on our palms that determine the course of events waiting to happen?
is it that thing called destiny which has already been written for us even before we were born?
is it our hardwork and endurance that will reach us towards our destination?
is it the blessings and goodwill of the people who genuinely care for us?
is it 'karma' as they call it?
is it consistency and perseverence?
is it the right decisions taken at the right time?
is it the submission in 'whatever happens happens'?
is it doing our best and leaving the rest to HIM?
is it the undying faith we have in a superior god above us?
is it the confidence we have in ourselves?
is it the holding on despite all the stress?
is it the letting go before things change for the worse?

and then thinking about it, what is the future really?
arnt we all giving it too much thought when living one day at a time is actually all we are capable of doing??

time and again im swept into this whirlpool of thoughts to which there is no definite conclusion.
soo many questions....too much confusion...some decisions left pending....a few deliberately pushed onto tomorrow...and yet we find ourselves still going on---all in the hope that maybe some tomorrow will bring us all the answers...

till then let us keep aside the questions and try to live our today the best way we possibly can.


June 04, 2009

random thoughts....

Was thinking about emotions today--how they justify themselves and keep taking over all logic from time to time..
infact was thinking about reality too---how it keeps making an appearance time and again but waits only for the end to impart its strongest blow...
and then my thoughts proceeded to US--you, me..humans who keep ignoring reality and continue to succumb to emotions knowing that they have the capacity to engulf us someday if we allow them to gain control...

thinking along these tangents brought me to a conclusion that it is perhaps only when you allow yourself to drown completely and totally in any emotion, that you get blessed with the potential to realise what it really means to you and what you really mean to it!!

and then again, emotions are like those winged birds which only become more beautiful and happy when allowed to fly freely..you cant clip their wings in the fear of losing them...neither can you cage them to keep them safe..they'll only end up feeling claustrophobic.
they are supposed to be set free..
if they return to you unguided and unchanged--thats when you know they are there to stay!
Being able to let go of your feelings is a true blessing and blessed is the soul who succeeds at letting go of his emotions because it is only after one has given his 100% to them, that he is able to do so, having being lucky enough to have experienced them totally and completely..
until that time you ignore this blessing and keep holding on to your emotions even though you know they can turn strong enough to blur out your reality..
being human, you tend to get selfish..
most of the times you realise, and yet you dont want to realise...
you tend to go in denial and keep believing only what you want to believe...
that is precisely when the boon of realisation becomes the bane of insecurity..

and eventually one fine day, a small subtle realisation comes knocking at your doorstep and that familiar stranger called reality peeks in yet again..
frightened, you shut the doors and windows tight so that it does not enter..but it keeps knocking untill you can no longer bear the deafening sound which has suddenly grown loud enough to threaten your very existence...

"why the hell have u come here??" you scream as u fling the door open..
"to help u deal with the truth" comes the stone cold reply..

flustered with rage at that response, you ask "ya right!! and where were you all this while?"

maintaining the calm it always had, reality answers---
"i was always there--making my presence felt from time to time..it was YOU who kept ignoring me!!"