June 17, 2009

of today and tomorrow...

what really decides our future?

is it the lines on our palms that determine the course of events waiting to happen?
is it that thing called destiny which has already been written for us even before we were born?
is it our hardwork and endurance that will reach us towards our destination?
is it the blessings and goodwill of the people who genuinely care for us?
is it 'karma' as they call it?
is it consistency and perseverence?
is it the right decisions taken at the right time?
is it the submission in 'whatever happens happens'?
is it doing our best and leaving the rest to HIM?
is it the undying faith we have in a superior god above us?
is it the confidence we have in ourselves?
is it the holding on despite all the stress?
is it the letting go before things change for the worse?

and then thinking about it, what is the future really?
arnt we all giving it too much thought when living one day at a time is actually all we are capable of doing??

time and again im swept into this whirlpool of thoughts to which there is no definite conclusion.
soo many questions....too much confusion...some decisions left pending....a few deliberately pushed onto tomorrow...and yet we find ourselves still going on---all in the hope that maybe some tomorrow will bring us all the answers...

till then let us keep aside the questions and try to live our today the best way we possibly can.



Suree said...

actually its the combination of all....

what is is correct, we should live a day at a time... :)

Amal Bose said...

it is the hardwork and endurance, consistency and peradverence along with confidence in making the right decisions and holding on, facing the problems boldly without letting go, that decides our future..
we have full control over it.. its just that we have to steer it to the destination we want.

Arv said...

its a tough one to answer da....

but after reading your questions... its easier... cos it would be one of those or a mix of those :)

take care da... cheers...

Richa said...

i guess at one point of the time or other, each and every thing in ur list counts..

all we have to do is keep doing our 100 pc and leave the rest to God :)


Dr. Chandana Shekar said...

its everything combined i guess... good work

Rakesh said...

i believe life is consistency and perseverence..others are subset...some people are inconsistence but that is their consistency..like change is constant.....good analogy

Pavi!!!! said...

u've writtena fter long.. Hope alls well?

ya..our future is a comby of all the the things u've mentioned and one more v. imp thing... our future is goverend by how we live today n wat we say/do today..

WritingsForLife said...

karma, lines on the palm, destiny-- all essentially add up to one thing: fate.
So this comes down to the ever popular debate of how much of our fate do we control and what the future holds for us. and there is no answer because human beings, by nature cannot bear the fact that there are somethings in the world that we dont know and we might never find out. Curiosity kills us. we dont have the patience to wait and see. We just have to find out everything right now.
I wonder what is the fun in that. I live off the thrill of not knowing and of finding it out at the right time. :-)

Đžidhi S said...

I agree to wt u say, but its not just that, its on us - how we take out life and towards which path we take it to. and yes then a mixture of all the points u jotted above.

Blog Boy said...

I believe in the following.

who controls the past controls the future, who controls the present controls the past.
Nice post!!!!

Lucifer said...

in men i think its junior who calls d shots

aditi said...

Very thoughtful post