March 28, 2006

adios for now

Sorry guys...wont be around in blogsville for the next few days :(
A lot of things on my mind and its high time i tried to sort out the clutter n get a lil order in my messed up life :)
So wont be bloggin as well as blog hoppin apparently....(dont worry guys...this is juss a short'l be bak..heehahaha)*hopefully*
Il'l miss u all till thn...

cya whn i get back...

miss me lots
and heyy pls do check on "nostalgic moments" once every 5 days to see if pri's bak...n pleeez pleeez dont giv up on me..the least i want is someone doin tht rite now!! am i soundin desperate or wht??...*grin*
Heyy but u guys better not giv up on me (bloggin) till i tell u so...sigh!!


March 18, 2006

meanderings of my listless mind ...

(Heyy in one of my moods bear up wth yet another of my creations :)happy reading ...)

As we turn the pages of our life,
thinkin of the person we are today,
each passin moment, each day goin by,
has sumthin to teach us in its own special way.

People walk into our lives,
many call themselves a friend,
some threaten to go away,
some promise to stay till the end...
Each passin moment,as each day goes by,
teaches us promises can also lie...

Hearts broken n made to mend,
we think of ways to survive the hurt,
once naive enough to believe each "love" to be true,
now convinced its almost always a "flirt"...
Each passin moment, as each day goes by,
teaches us true love can make one cry...

Ppl hurt along the way,
by words spoken n not realised,
we thought of it as nothin thn,
now we know we paid too huge a price...
Each passin moment, as each day goes by,
a void remains, we r left wth a sigh!

A cup of coffee, a rainy day,
nostalgic moods n secrets shared,
friendly banter, hearts pourin out
a stupid mistake of thinkin someone cared...
Each passin moment, as each day goes by,
teaches us memories leave only whn we die !

And life goes on, the lesson never ends,
the journey continues ,we make new friends,
only to learn from the hurt n pain,
we continue to walk again on tht forbidden lane...

(ITS TRUE THEY SAY, "life is a lesson...we learn it only whn we r through"...:))


March 15, 2006

HOPE!! shud we???

A weary traveller stranded in the storm,
an innocent teen, waitin to go to prom,
a dying man, wishing for longer he could live,
an angry lover, waiting for her beloved to forgive.

Somebody waiting for somethin to be said,
somebody waiting, for their silence to be read,
somebody wishing they could juss go away,
and yet somebody hoping,for longer to stay.

Hopes so pure, hopes so naive,
hopes are wht keeps us alive.
Blind eyes hopin tht someday they'll see,
"sans hope", life wud be a misery.

But hopes sometimes make us go weak,
and its they wch make facin reality seem bleak..
but human as we are, we continue to dream,
no matter how futile the case may seem.

But if it wasent for hopes, life wud be such a bore
and the world, no matter how beautiful, wud still seem sore,
and life wud lose all its charm , all its cream..
afterall nothin really happens, unless first a DREAM...:)


P.S: this poem was composed by me a long time bak whn i was officially a "dreamer" remember postin it on my prev blog "reality sucks"..(lol!! the name itself juss goes to prove tht i was livin in a utopian world bak thn)...
well some ppl claim tht i still do...sigh! wonder wht they wud hav said if they knew me bak!! ( a conversation wth a friend brought bak this memory n i actually went bak n fished it out...phew!)
but wht scares me sometimes is the thought tht maybe the "dreamer" in pri is still not dead yet...sheesh!!

cheers ppl
dream on (its good once in a while)
but make sure u dont get soo lost tht u dont hav ur reality to lean back on :)

March 11, 2006



When you get what you want in your struggle for pelf,
And the world makes you King for a day,
Then go to the mirror and look at yourself,
And see what that guy has to say.

For it isn't your Father, or Mother, or Wife,
Whose judgement upon you must pass.
The feller whose verdict counts most in your life
Is the guy staring back from the glass.

He's the feller to please, never mind all the rest,
For he's with you clear up to the end,
And you've passed your most dangerous, difficult test
If the guy in the glass is your friend.

You may be like Jack Horner and "chisel" a plum,
And think you're a wonderful guy,
But the man in the glass says you're only a bum
If you can't look him straight in the eye.

You can fool the whole world down the pathway of years,
And get pats on the back as you pass,
But your final reward will be heartaches and tears
If you've cheated the guy in the glass.

Hav u ever cheated the one in the glass ?? be it for one day , one hour, or mebe juss for a moment?? When we fool someone to beleive we are someone else, whn we try to potray ourselves as someone who we are not, are we actually foolin the others or juss foolin ourselves in the process...n in the end is it really worth it?/...think about it!!


March 09, 2006

sigh!!! in a "not so perfect" world...

When in love, all of us dream of a perfect world...a world wherein ur bf/husband will get u flowers everyday, will remember to wish u on ur birthday no matter how caught up he is, will get u flowers n heart shaped candy every valentines day, will hav eyes for noone else but u,will think of u as the most beutiful woman on earth even on a "bad hair" day...:)
But as the days go by, we feel the harsh wrath of reality ...the knight in shinin armour changes into a cold heartless gremlin who not only feels tht "thr shudent be silly ocassions like valentines day to express my love, u shud know." but also forgets to wish u on ur birthday but has the cheek to grin shamelessly n admit it not comin up wth ne excuse...hmph!
BOTTOMLINE: u r taken for granted....sigh!
ur dream of yesterday is slowly changin into a nightmare...n u realise so is ur "romeo"

Heres a simple example showin how ur dreamsong lyrics change ...

IN UR DREAMS n in a perfect world (created by woman ofcourse), this is the scenario we all expect...:)
It's late in the evening, She's wondering what clothes to wear

She puts on her make up, And brushes her long blonde hair

And then she asks me, Do I look alright ,And I say yes, you look wonderful tonight

We go a party, And everyone turns to see, This beautiful lady, That's walking around with me

And then she asks me, Do you feel alright, And I say yes, I feel wonderful tonight

I feel wonderful, Because I see the love light in your eyes, And the wonder of it all, Is that you just don't realize, How much I love you

It's time to go home now, And I've got an aching head, So I give her the car keys, She helps me to bed, And then I tell her, As I turn out the light,

I say my darling, you were wonderful tonight, Oh my darling, you were wonderful tonight

IN REALITY, this is the scenario...sigh! (sumwht puttin it mildly/harshly..u decide..heehee)

It's late in the evening, She's wondering what clothes to wear

She puts on her make up, And brushes her long blonde hair

And then she asks him, Do I look alright ?

N HE SAYS "YUP U LOOK OKAY...LETS GO...WE DONT WANT TO BE LATE"...(sigh!..grrr...okay??...thts it??..sheesh!why did i even ask?)

We go a party, And everyone turns to see, This beautiful lady, That's walking around with me

And then she asks him, Do you feel alright
(SIGH!..some sense of they r wonderin wht a girl like me is doin wth a clod like u..hmph!)
...It's time to go home now, And he's got an aching head, So I give her the car keys, She helps him to bed, And then he tells her, As he turns out the light,

(at this point wifey dearie is waitin wth bated breath wonderin if he is gonna finally say her dream words...)
n all he comes up wth is
PLOP!!n off to sleepyland he goes mumblin sumthin like a muffled "i love u" was it juss ur imagination playin tricks??...

GOD!!!if this is reality...dayummm!!...lemme go back to my dreamsss...heehee

March 06, 2006

wht wud u do?

one of those evenins whn reality really gets to u n leaves u feelin real helpless bout things happenin in ur life and around u...Sometimes u see things happenin, see people facin situations , wch really make u wonder wht these ppl are made of...sometimes life makes u face similar situations n thn again u wonder "wht kinda stuff are u made of?"...
juss reflectin ...giv it a thought maybe juss to humour me or maybe juss to know for urself...:)

Wht wud u do ...???
1)if every single day of ur life, u wake up smilin only in the end to go to bed cryin...
2) if u realise tht someone has taken away ur power to dream n no matter wht, u juss dont get thm nemore...
3) if ur family --the only force wch the world says is worth livin for is the one who wishes u no longer did...
4) if to make matter worse, tell u tht they think so...
5) if u r made aware of ur shortcomings every single minute the more u try to forget bout thm...
6)if u see people around u being killed in riots wth no fault of theirs regardin stupid miniscule issues like "religion differences" ...
7) if u r the only one left out...
8) if u hav to love the person u hate most...
9) if u hav to lose the person u love most...
10) if u no longer trust ur opinions bout things n ppl...
11) if the innocence of trustin ppl , of beleivin friends, of dreamin bout ur knight in shinin armour, the innocence of those beliefs u always had ---juss leave u n go away all at once wthout ne prior warnins n u suddenly find urself a changed person, n as ppl say ,changed for the worse---cold , curt n most of all hurtin...
12) if u suddenly get to know u r likin it this way..mebe this has always been u...n yet u know it has never been...
13) if u start wth thinkin bout sumthin n thn end up losin track of wht u were thinkin bout in the first place...(dunno bout u guys but i can perfectly relate to this one...)
14) if u feel like breakin off wth someone the moment they get to know u a wee lil too well...
15) if u hate to beleive thm whn they tell u they do...
16) if the "new chaged" you has always been the one person u wud hav hated to become, yet u dont seem to hate urself now...
18)if the people around u misunderstand u n u nolonger feel it important to clear up their misunderstandin even whn given the chance to...
19)whn nothin really feels important to u nemore n u realise u r becomin more n more selfcentred by the minute n u don giv a friggin damn!!
20) if the posts u write dont make sense at all n leave the othrs juss as confused bout u as u are...heehee

ps: im sure this post will get ull thinkin n probably even judgin me...but as i always say, ull are most welcome to draw ur own conclusions juss dont vouch for thm to be true...:)n dont u ask me why i care bout tht...

I DUNNO...!!!

March 03, 2006

shaam se aankh mein nammi si hai
aaj phir aap ki kami si hai
shaam se aankh mein nami si hai

dafan karr do humme ke sans mille
nabaj kuch derr se thami si hai
aaj phir aap ki kammi si hai

waqt rehta nahin kahi tikk karr
iski aadat bhi aadami si hai
iss ki aadat bhi aadami si hai
aaj phir aap ki kammi si hai

koi rishta nahin raha phir bhi ek tasvir lajmi si hai
shaam se aankh mein nammi si hai
aaj phir aap ki kammi si hai

Guess wht has been the song for the day...:)
juss one of those days whn everythin comes back to u n leaves u misty eyed...
tears of happiness,
tears wch reflect ur hurt,
tears wch hav made u a stronger person,
or wch hav juss made u a lil more curt...

i dunno why its still thr,
n juss whn i thot i no longer am weak,
i realised today how wrong i was,
whn tht silly tear juss flowed down my cheek... questions asked , no "awws ull be fine" n pulleeease no "tell me bout it"' watch the comments...n pls feel free to tk this post as purely fictitious