October 16, 2009

October 13, 2009

a matter of perspective!

a glass with water half till brim,
as half empty or half full,one may see...
our eyes show us what it seems,
but our mind decides what we want it to be...

scalded hands can remind those affected,
of the trauma caused by a kitchen burn...
one decides to stay away forever,
the other decides to face it learn...

swept away by the oceans tide,
those lovely castles built too near...
one decides never to build them again,
the other learns to overcome the fear...

stories of the demons which may lie ahead,
told by those who travelled before with dread...
one chooses to see for himself,
the other refuses that territory to tread...

two wanderers lost in the lonely woods,
the night is cold,it is dark and quiet...
one lies shattered and scared to death,
the other stays hopeful to see the light...

a mistake realised,an apology deserved,
life in its own way teaches us lessons few...
one hangs onto the regrets of the past,
the other tries to improve and starts anew...

so my friends its all in the mind,
every situation has a question subjective
no fixed response to be rendered right or wrong,
in the end, life is all just a matter of perspective!!

October 12, 2009

happy birthday

We met 7 years back and right there and then, we both knew we were meant to be friends...
there was something about him..a boyish charm..a magical grin..a great sense of humour...a very responsible attitude...a positive vibrant aura---all of which put together summed up to a potent combination for someone you'd just want to know more and more, not only because you enjoy their company but more because of what their company makes you become..
Aditya is one such person and at the risk of seeming dramatic let me add here that after god made him, he probably broke the mould :)
He is the first one to offer you a helping hand...will wait till you cool off from your most terrible moodswings..will pamper you when you are on the verge of throwing the biggest tantrum and make the most serious of moments feel light within seconds..
But this isnt all of him..behind the tough exterior of a fun-loving adi, lies a man who is equally sensitive and strong at the same time..someone who will stay with u even when the whole world turns its back against you...a friend who will never give up on you...a philosopher who will always guide you with the right advice and words (and also get irritated by the fact that u never listen to him)..a fellow cohort who will keep trying to solve your confusions even while getting utterly confused himself...a buddy who will silently keep a watch on you when ur chasing your craziest and silliest dreams so tht you are not left all alone if at all they dissapear...

in todays world most friendships wear off with time..some lose their original magic...some just fade away...and some keep making you feel ur trying too hard to make them survive..

but then there are those very few rare ones---
like trees in thw wild which shelter you from the rough heat...
like the blades of grass, bending but never breaking...
like water--transparent and clear..
like light--which can brighten up gloomy days..
like blessings---which u silently thank god for...

and though im not used to praising him so much and although im pretty sure he might suffer from a heart attack outta shock on reading all this, i still want to tell him today that i consider myself very lucky to have him as my friend.

sidenote for adi: please note, im being extra nice just today, because its your birthday..so please do not expect this kinda treatment from me on an everyday basis..*grin*
you will still remain the idiotic, irritating, overlecturing, useless....and amazing person that you always have been to me..
so dont you dare change! :)


October 10, 2009


you ask me why i am like this...

sometimes practical
sometimes naive
sometimes unrealistic
sometimes real
sometimes stubborn
sometimes impulsive
sometimes thoughtful
sometimes selfish
sometimes unconditional
sometimes nervous
sometimes completely sorted
sometimes vibrant
sometimes absolutely depressing
sometimss hopelessly romantic
sometimes a cupid killer
sometimes brutally agnostic
sometimes a firm believer
sometimes in love with life
sometimes its biggest enemy
sometimes a strong feminist
sometimes a vulenerable lass
sometimes very strongminded
sometimes ultraemotional
sometimes thriving on hope
sometimes letting go a bit too fast
sometimes an enigma
sometimes a completely clear picture
sometimes a hundred alter ego's
sometimes just one me!

there is a brief pause in conversation disturbed by a stillness in the air...
you think im silent because ive taken it as a compliment---a multifaceted personality
but i say nothing because you have questioned my existence---a confused identity!!

October 06, 2009

"You know how people long to be eternal. But they die with every day that passes. When you meet them, they’re not what you met last. In any given hour, they kill some part of themselves. They change, they deny, they contradict--and they call it growth. At the end there’s nothing left, nothing unreversed or unbetrayed; as if there had never been an entity, only a succession of adjectives fading in and out on an unformed mass. How do they expect a permanence which they never held for a single moment?"
----Ayn Rand

October 04, 2009

of viewing your field from the other side of the fence...


The easiest way to reach the right conclusion, is to see the situation you are in from a third person's perspective.
You gotta watch it like a reel playing on a screen--only then can things fall in place and the confusion can get sorted..
Often times its most difficult to do this since placing your self out in the audience while the drama unfolds is a tough thing to do.but its only when we do that, that we are able to see things crystal clear.
Only then, the bias is eliminated.
Its like watching a movie and making a judgement about the story line.
That is precisely when we figure out how our perspective changes when it comes to our life and the life of someone else..
Most of us are great as agony aunts--always willing to offer help and advice to our friends in times of need even when it isnt really needed..always ready with pearls of wisdom and what we think is the right thing to do in so-and-so situation..strong minded individuals who will take no shit from anyone or so we seem to them.
Infact when we are asked for advice, we are the first to say what is right and wrong and how we should stand up for ourselves.
While watching a movie, we are the first to criticise the bad guy..sneer at the idiot..and laugh at the situation.
but the truth is when we ourselves are caught up in similar situations, we falter..we hesitate..we bite off more than we can chew..and tolerate more than we can.
Why is it that eveyrthing changes when it comes to our own selves..our own lives?
Why dont we realise our mistakes, our faults as quick??
But no we wont! we continue to play the fool.
We cling onto the slightest ray of hope..we start believing in miracles and we run miles away from reality..in short we take a plunge straight into denial.
Whatever side we are on, we believe we are right and continue to behave the way we want to--sometimes like emotional fools and sometimes like ungrateful wretches. Either we take the people who matter to us for granted or let ourselves be taken for granted..
Either we allow ourselves to hurt or be hurt..
Either we cause pain just because we have the power to do so or we bear it till we can no more...
and almost always, we hope that things will change for the better even when there is no chance..or continue till things keep getting worse and worse with the confidence that it never will.
Perhaps we just dont realise or dont want to realise that people and things never change unless there is a realisation...and the bitter truth is that realisations if dont occur to the self, will never bring about a change!

All said and done, it is only when we watch our life as a movie reel flashing infront of our eyes--from the audience row that we realise where we are actually going wrong.That is precisely when we are capable of reaching the correct conclusion and taking a sensible decision..

Yet, it is never too late to mend...so get away from the camera and jump into the audience..change the way you are looking at things..be your own critic panel and make a happy difference to your own life.

happy watching! :)