January 31, 2011

cryptic thoughts #26

Its weird how sometimes 'just a call away' can feel like the greatest distance to be ever traversed
"Kaee khwaab dil tujhko lekar sajaaye...
Par khauff yeh bhi kahiin par sataaye...
Gar ye bhi toote toh phir hoga kya re...
Mujhe raas aati hain khushiyaan kahan re...
Kyon dil ko dukhana bevajah maadnove...
Kyon dil ko dukhana bevajah...
Phir aansoon bahaana ik dafaa..."

When did life become so complicated??

January 28, 2011

Dr PRI and Ms HIDE...

Recently there were some jabs directed towards me subtly hinting at the 'enigma' status i have been designated, by some highly esteemed writers around here.
There was this one comment which particularly stayed with me for a long time, more so since it was coming from someone i had not really expected from.
"where is it that you wear a mask? on the blog or outside it?"

Frankly i do not like explaining myself to others.I have always felt that you need to explain something only when you think the other person is not smart enough to figure it out on his/her own.

but anyhoo, for the good of mankind and for the future of the planet which i see dying a little everyday out of curiosity, i will oblige!! *opens her self-research material*

well, those of you who follow my blog regularly will know me as quite the stuck up fool who thrives mainly on nostalgia and sentiments.
Those who have personally met me outside the blog world will claim that i am too much of a fun loving enthusiast to ever take life seriously.

The confusion however arises when someone who knows me from outside the blog suddenly discovers my blog link and decides to give it a read.
It is for this very reason, that some of my closest friends and kin refrain from reading 'nostalgic moments'--that in their opinion, is their way of avoiding confusion as, in the words of a very wise friend, "ignorance is bliss"
these are the kind of shameless people who deprive me of my share of attention (by not following my blog) & prefer to stick to the picture they have built of me, rather than cloud it with unnecessary interference from something which could very well be written off as a piece of 'fiction' or claimed to be so (im not complaining though--in a way, i like the way they think *grin* )

"how can YOU write such emotional stuff?" is a question i have often been probed on by some of my real-life (for lack of a suitable word) friends.
Another one i encounter a lot many times is the famous "whoaa!! are you the same pri who writes 'nostalgic moments'" (this is usually after a few days of interaction with fellow bloggers--which does make me wonder at times, what kind of chronically depressed (read 'meenakumari') personality my blog might be projecting)

So today i have decided to unravel the MYSTERY and let you in on a little secret---the secret of doctor 'pri' and miss 'hide' *drumrolls in the background*

Ardent admirers of Linda Goodman have jumped with rapturous ecstasy muttering "hail linda" amidst muffled smirks, after getting to know i come from the 'gemini woman' astro clan.
There was a point wherein i too had almost started believing everything she said, until one day i read of the infidile and manipulative tendency she claimed gemini women to show..So being a staunch loyalist and one with a intact value system at that, the book went flying straight into the dustbin and linda was shown the middle finger.

Anyhoo, there are certain things which are rather true of a gemini (only all the good things she has to say..ahem!) which was what stopped yours truly from making an effigy of goodman and burning it down.

oops sorry, lets not digress..where were we?
oh yes, the story of "doctor pri and miss hyde hide"
now, please do not be confused by the title bestowed since this "miss hide" (nope!! it is not a typo..i mean HIDE when i write hide) is nothing like the much infamous "mister hyde" we all have read about.

In fact she is pretty much the contrary and that is where her flaws start..sigh!

'Miss hide' is someone who seeks solace in hiding from everything (yea..i know, pretty self explanatory..doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure).
she is pretty much what they would call an 'escapist'.
Give her a situation she cant handle and she would slip into her shell, open up her diary and do what she does best--scribble furiously.

'doctor pri' on the other hand, is the strong headed woman who makes her grand and esteemed appearance usually while lecturing others.She is the agony aunt to all her friends, the one whose advice they seek..the one with the strong belief system and self respect large enough that it is sometimes mistaken for ego.
She sometimes writes on 'nostalgic moments' too (like she agreed to do today)..but its 'miss hide' that requires the space as a venting board, most.

however it has been noticed that dr pri is the one who roams all over facebook and blogsville posting in strong headed comments telling people to move on, not brood over the past..yada yada..yada..

yea i know what you guys must be thinking--why doesn't dr pri advice miss hide then, isn't it?
well, well, ofcourse she does..she lectures miss hide for long hours after which miss hide seems all empowered and strong enough to slay a dragon--but in just a few hours, the miserable wretch that she is, suffers a relapse and gets back to her usual demure self again.

humour?? ahhh!! humour is dr pri's sharpest weapon...she knows how to use the lethal comination of sarcasm and wit which helps her win many a debates/arguments.

but bring her face to face with a loved one, and she is rudely shoved aside by our miss hide who remains tongue tied and lost, silently weeping like a depressed cow long after the war is over, while dr pri gags at the sight.

neverthless, both of them have to work in coordination--thats how the rule goes..miss hide cant make an entry while dr pri is talking and the same holds true the other way around.
there are some occasions where dr pri refuses to budge, inspite of being pushed violently by miss hide..she stands firm and lashes out fire even with a loved one as opponent.
but alas!! more often than not, the drama queen that miss hide is, makes dr pri pay for it hours after the spite is over--she cries, she weeps, she cribs, she rants, she writes, she blogs like a crazy maniac..and much to dr pri's embarassment, she finds herself left helpless and with a heavy head, all thanks to her idiotic alter's antics.

ohh wait..miss hide isn't all that bad though..she's just more of a coward unlike the brave dr pri, her alter ego is.
miss hide flees away from emotions which dr pri keeps trying to understand and reason with..

miss hide is terrified of love while the dreamer that dr pri is promises never to give up on her unrealistic (written by miss hide & cancelled by dr pri) ideals.

miss hide constantly fears expectations and their consequences while dr pri is not afraid to face them.

miss hide is often found building walls around herself which dr pri is busy toppling over.

miss hide is the one who is running away from addictions from fear of dependency, while dr pri strives to overcome them.
(In fact, it is miss hide who keeps deactivating facebook/email accounts and dr pri, who convinces her to return from the short spells of hibernation..sigh!)

At times, miss hide is found sulking all day, sulking over the past, sulking over decisions she cant change, sulking over the 'why's and 'if only's..sulking..sulking..sulking.
That is when dr pri decides to take things in her hands, goes up to miss hide and gifts her one tight slap, succeeding in getting her right back to her senses.

Dr pri is often found rolling her eyes at the entries miss hide posts.
she hates it when people feigh concern and believes in sorting out her issues all by herself.

miss hide on the other hand loves to be pampered..
She, most often than not, misses to notice the thin line between fake pleasantries and genuine concern.
She often wears her heart on her sleeve, is easily upset with words just as easily as she falls in love with them, is sensitive to the moodswings of the ones she loves and had it not been for her alter ego (dr pri), would have had to be institutionalised for therapy by now.

Dr pri has seen a lot in life..she is observant..she is perceptive..she is practical and she understands.
She is not searching for a shoulder to cry on, gets easily tired with people who sulk all the time, think that they should grow up..lives for the present and has a firm grip on her reality and yet has always fought it, her own way.
She knows that there is good just as there is evil in every in the world and has made peace with that.
Miss hide knows that too but she thinks she would be able to change the evil..and when she realises she cant, she goes away..shies off..hides herself clinging onto a sense of failure..until her alter decides to take things in her hands and drags her out of the phase, making her understand that she has to value herself first to be valued by others.

It doesn't help for too long though.miss hide see's what she wants to..she is emotional and sensitive..thinks with her heart..and is disappointed easily.
She is a kid in denial who keeps hiding from any sort of conflict, who gives up almost always a little too soon, who worries about the future--a little too much, is terrified of emotions-yet surrenders to them and keeps running from reality in a futile attempt to hide from it.

The differences between them do not stop here though..dr pri and miss hide are pretty different on a more superficial level too.

miss hide loves to dress up in traditional attire, has a penchant for trinkets and jewellery..she usually seizes the chance to dress up for occasions, to wear makeup..she hates it if one strand of hair is out of place or if she gains an ounce of extra weight--not that she'd do much to change it..but ofcourse she would SULK!!
She also loves receiving compliments--almost addicted to them.She'd get all conscious if noone complimented her.she would get conscious if people over complimented her too, but that is a altogether different story..lol!!

dr pri on the other hand, lives in a pair of jeans and a tee most of the times..she prefers living like a gypsy and thinks that she sets the trend.
She hates early morning showers, doesn't see the logic in cleaning up her wardrobe, will be found sporting a just-woken-up look with curls of hair falling all over her face and when caught, she would just pass it off as the latest style and even concoct a name & story to justify it.
Compliments dont affect her just as much as criticism doesn't.She is much too deep to be affected with superficial charm & believes that true beauty is skin deep.
However she has mastered the art of disappearing and pushing the more socially acceptable miss hide forward, as and when the situation and company demands her.
Smart that she is, she claims that she would never want to be caught dead looking inappropriate except in her nightmares, but those who know her well would know that she wouldn't really mind going to her own wedding in a pair of denims and a not-so-ironed kurti.
She is weird like that but at complete ease with her weirdness.
So while miss hide with all her selfcooked & unaccepted flaws manages to scarcely like herself, dr pri brags about being 'perfection personified' and considers her own self as her most favorite person.

so now you see how it all makes sense?

ahem!! what about me you ask? Im pretty comfortable being them both.i fact i think my life wouldn't feel normal had one to go missing.
some might attribute it to my gemini star sign while some might say im just confused about what i really want in life..

well, what can i say but----
voices in my head...
alters in my soul...
some days are blue,
some days rock n roll!!


err..some might think im pretty schizophrenic to write this, and miss the whole point of the post.

as long as your confusion is sorted, people..as long as your confusion is sorted ;-))

As a parting note, all i can suggest is to try searching for your 'psychological alters' too..and accept them both.
They help strike a balance in life..and keep you feeling human. *smiles*

so here's to peace and self improvement,

January 27, 2011

the distance between you and me...

this piece is actually a repost---something i'd scribbled a long time ago in one of my vulnerable moments.

there is a distance separating us--you and me..
not one of miles,
but one of silence...
unpredictable silence!!

there is this void which shows up,
making everything seem incomplete,
and i wonder if you have noticed it too...
uncomfortably inadequate!!

a few words thrown in here and there,
some few smiles and laughs shared from time to time,
your want of space, my fear of crashing...
empty insecurities!!

a troubled mind lost in thoughts,
engulfing the whole of me at times,
a feeling that says something is wrong somewhere...
terribly wrong!!

what matters is the distance,
but not the one between two bodies,
rather the one between two souls...
invisible strings!!

its just a matter of time today,
before we cross these miles between,
a distance just a coupla hours away...
easily traversed!!

but who will break the silence,
the eerie one creeping from time to time,
shielded in a strong armour it lies safe...
haunting awkwardness!!

until then lets just try and figure,
the reason which keeps holding us back...
is it my mistake, your fault or a little of both?
blame games!!

though both of us know--you and me,
that there is a distance to be traversed
between two hearts...
between two souls...
through the silence...
through the emptiness...
through the awkwardness...
through the insecurities...
one which no airplane will help us cross...
only love!!

and over time life made me realise that sometimes, the distance just keeps growing...
sometimes, the love is never enough!!

the challenge called "life"

Life is frustrating yet so challenging...

it is so unpredictable...probably that is exactly why we arn't bored of it yet!
we face different situations each day...
good memories we cherish...think about them for hours because we love the feeling they bring along with them...
the bitter ones??...we hold them close too...
why?? nobody has an answer.
probably its because we tend to feel that those 'bad' times are just our 'good' times in disguise and that if we refuse to let go, maybe they will just shed off the disguise and come rushing right back to us...

sometimes these phases last for so long that it feels like its gonna take forever to get over them...or for that matter get beyond them...
we crib...we cry...we vent out...probably we don't try hard enough...probably we don't want to...
at times we try to run away from our past...but unable to do so, we bounce right back...
we falter...we fail...we trip...we fall...
and then we dust ourselves and try to get back on our feet...
sometimes we sit too long on the ground crying...
we start feeling lost...
we begin to feel alone...defeated...and then...
then we look around and notice...
notice ppl in the same situation as ours...
they too have fallen hard...they too are struggling to get back...
everybody is fighting a battle...everyone has their own cross to bear...

in a way all of us are living parallel lives...
but most of the time we are oblivious to the others around us.
thats probably the reason we start feeling lonely...
or maybe we are soo busy revelling in self pity that we ignore the pain around us...

but each one of us ought never to forget that every cloud, no matter how dark does have a silver lining.
we just gotta hang in there and wait.
no matter how many times we fall, we should never give up on our capacity to dust ourselves and say 'im okay'...
because each fall is but a test...
a test of hope...a test of courage...of strength...of faith...
for HE works in mysterious ways...
and the masterplan will unfold and one day we will find all the answers!!

January 25, 2011

a lovely piece of work and a skeptic's afterthought...

"We two were lovers, the Sea and I;
We plighted our troth ‘neath a summer sky.

And all through the riotous ardent weather
We dreamed, and loved, and rejoiced together.

At times my lover would rage and storm.
I said: ‘No matter, his heart is warm.’

Whatever his humour, I loved his ways,
And so we lived though the golden days.

I know not the manner it came about,
But in the autumn we two fell out.

Yet this I know – ‘twas the fault of the Sea,
And was not my fault, that he changed to me.

I lingered as long as a woman may
To find what her lover will do or say.

But he met my smiles with a sullen frown,
And so I turned to the wooing Town.

Oh, bold was this suitor, and blithe as bold!
His look was as bright as the Sea’s was cold.

As the Sea was sullen, the Town was gay;
He made me forget for a winter day.

For a winter day and a winter night
He laughed my sorrow away from sight.

And yet, in spite of his mirth and cheer,
I knew full well he was insincere.

And when the young buds burst on the tree,
The old love woke in my heart for the Sea.

Pride was forgotten – I knew, I knew,
That the soul of the Sea, like my own, was true.

I heard him calling, and lo! I came,
To find him waiting, for ever the same.

And when he saw me, with murmurs sweet
He ran to meet me, and fell at my feet.

And so again ‘neath the summer sky
We have plighted our troth, the Sea and I"

--Ella Wheeler Wilcox

When i first read this poem, i was speechless..almost spell bound.There was something which tugged at my heart strings which refused to let go long after i'd finished reading.
After a few hours of unintentional contemplation, i found myself questioning the reality of this poem..about the ethical value of relationships, about the genuineness of love and about the hypothetical consequences such a situation could have for them, in today's age & time.
It made me question the lover's decision, her dying-a-little-everyday when she realised that 'the sea' had changed towards her, her emotional conflict when she met 'the town' who wooed her, her disappointment when she was let down a second time and last but not the least, her state of mind when she decided to go back.

The ending stanza made me happy for her--it made me feel her happiness-what she must have felt when the love of her life apologised and accepted her, being only too happy at her return.
but alas, the skeptic in me didn't let this happiness last for long as my mind started to delve into the unspoken possibilities the future could hold.
It made me wonder how long this relationship could last, knowing there had already been a fall-out, a breach of trust and a recoil.

Frankly i think this poem is about three entities who are responsible for such a relationship to eventually crumble someday.

1) "the sea" who with his idiosyncracies (depicted by the usage of words 'rage' and 'storm') tested its lovers patience to a point of utter disgust arising out of frustration from being neglected/taken for granted..

2) "the town" because all his virtues are negated due to his insincere nature..

3) "the lover" since she has commited the grave folly of falling for someone when she clearly has not moved on.
moresoever, she has worsened it by going back to 'the sea' only after realising that 'the town' isn't good enough..

what if at some point in the relationship, 'the sea' goes back to his original raging self again, and they fall out of love all over again?
would she be able to trust another 'town' considering the infidile nature of the previous 'town' she encountered?
would she be able to love 'the sea' as she ought to, knowing that the 'good' change was just a temporary phase which changed again?
wouldn't the 'falling out' of love be inevitable?

and then again, what if 'the town' had been genuine? would she have still realised her love for 'the sea'? if yes, then wouldn't that be unfair to the town? would she be able to live with the guilt of breaking a genuine heart amidst her so called 'selfish' realisations?
if no, then where is the love she is claiming she still has for 'the sea'??

and what about 'the sea'? would it really have changed? could it realise its fault and truly stop taking her for granted after knowing that it was she who finally returned?
and how long would the apology last before it changed back into its scary self again?

IMHO, all three would be responsible had the relationship not to work out eventually..but most responsible for the tragedy would be the lover who returned..for she was stupid to expect a permanent change in something so ephemeral to have had changed, in the first place.
but im also aware that love knows no logic and it is almost impossible extinguish the tiny flame of hope in the heart of someone who has loved and lost, until the very end!!

lots of questions..no definite answers..afterall what is 'right' or 'wrong' is just a subjective thought :)
all said, its a lovely poem to be read and enjoyed without serious contemplation, a concept which my skeptic mind somehow fails to understand nowadays.

If only i knew how the story ended...

January 16, 2011

sealed with love!!

below is a letter addressed by the 'pri that is' to the 'pri that was' seventeen years back.i would have loved myself to read this at that tender age of 10.
probably life would have been different.

but neverthless, no regrets...only realisations!! :)

my dearest pri,
You are young and innocent and you have no clue of what the big bad world holds.
So this is just my way to stop you from making the mistakes i did.

I know that life is an experience and you can never really learn if you don't make those mistakes yourself....but neverthless i feel its my duty to warn you.
nobody warned me and i had to learn these lessons the hard way out..or then again, maybe they did..but i paid a deaf ear to them....perhaps i was stubborn...perhaps i was oblivious..or perhaps i was what they call naive...innocent.
or maybe i just believed in fairytales for a long long time.

I know this is coming to you at a point where life seems perfect....love seems eternal....fairytales seem like something you can just wish for and they'd come true.
but let me tell you life is hardly ever about perfection, love and fairytales.

The world is full of imperfections...love is the most ephemeral concept that can ever exist...and fairytales have no place in reality!

I know you might hate me for bursting the bubble.but the sooner you learn this the better.
how then are we supposed to cope??

Its simple really...
learn to enjoy the imperfections.
learn to fall in love with 'change'.
learn to face reality.
and then you will realise that life isnt that bad.

yeah, you will meet a few ugly trolls along the way....there will be prince charmings too.but the difference wont be as obvious as it seems to be in those books you read.

In the end, the troll might just turn out to be a prince at heart...and the one u thought to be a prince, just a scheming troll.

Life my dear, is one big masquerade party and some people wear their masks till the very end...so dont leave sobbing midways when you suddenly realise that you are surrounded by strangers you thought as friends.

Dont let these masks scare you though..confront them..face them..make them your friends..remember that every mask has a story..listen to what it has to say.
Some people will want to cheat you with their masks while some will keep them on till the time they are convinced you can be trusted.Learn to differenciate the two.

You will meet several good people too, just like the baddies.
There are people with hearts of gold...don't ignore them..never take them for granted..never break their trust..because these when hurt will never return and one day you will realise what you have lost.

Dont turn your back to love..but also remember never to go so far with someone that you cant come back alone.life is unexpected...very unpredictable.
Dont make 'love' the most important thing in your life...im not saying it isn't important.it sure is..but it isn't worth leaving everything else neglected and that most often we realise, only when its too late to change what we have lost....don't shirk away from your responsibilities in the never-ending pursuit of the perfect soulmate..because the existence of that concept isn't even confirmed yet.

At one point of time, you will be tempted to believe that the world is an evil place and the only way to get back at it is to join it!!
dont fall prey to this thought....because at the end of the day, you will be going to bed with a horrible feeling which will stay within you even long after the act is over.

One more thing, enjoy your childhood as much as you can..you will never have it back!
climbing trees, falling off bicycles, playing with marbles,hide and seek, tag---do it all!!
games will change their meaning in a few years.You willl learn a whole new set of games which you wont enjoy..but you will have to learn the rules!

Dont let go of your dreams.
Strive to achieve them..do not succumb to criticism.You will meet people at every step trying to pull you by the leg and drag you down.
be sure that you have both your feet firmly planted on each rung of the ladder.Take one step at a time and never look back cos looking back will just distract you.

As for life, people who truly care will always stay at your side.They will catch up with you no matter how far you wander.
so dont worry...if they truly love you, they'l always be there for you..never give up on them!
but you should learn to remember that sometimes you gotta let go.
now im confusing you aint i--telling you never to give up and yet telling you to let go sometimes??
well there is a difference dear and that you will realise in due course of time.
you will know exactly when to heed to the former and when to the latter....just remember to pay attention to the small voice within you--because it knows best!!
NEVER ignore it!

Dont throw away advice given by parents and elders thinking they dont understand.
They have seen and know a lot more than you and there is no denying that.
I know that you would find it boring.There will be times when you would want them to shut up and think that you know best...but remember that the only unconditional love there can ever be is that your parents have for you....and they would never want you to be unhappy.
so with friends..you can get by almost anything if you have these angels around you.Just make sure u choose them wisely--all those who laugh with you arn't your friends.Make sure you notice the ones who cry when you are crying.

Having told u all this, i wouldn't want to scare you off life.
I want you to go out there...face it...do all the things you have ever wanted to do....have fun...and keep smiling....because at the end of it all, we just live once.
but sometimes 'once' seems too much and i dont want that happening to you.

Always remember troubles keep coming and going in and out of life....the point is how to deal with them and scare them away for good ;)
as the popular saying goes, "it is not because things are difficult that we dont dare to do them...it is because we don't dare to do them that they are difficult!"

ok i need to go get my coffee now.that, i know was one helluva long lecture...i think i should stop here.
you might not understand all that ive said right now, sweetheart.but as you grow up, this letter will keep changing meaning--its magical you see just like your smile..so keep reading it oft and on and never forget to smile.

wish you all the very best!!

yours truly,
"she who's name should not be taken"

P.S: one last thing--please donot get addicted to caffeine, facebook and blogging.

tadas! ;)

January 11, 2011

cryptic thoughts #25

They say a picture speaks a thousand words...
but all i have left of you, is one adamant photograph and our story filled with silence!!

"yeh kis chaha mein, dil mita ja raha hain...
ki main hoon yahan, dil chala ja raha hain..."

Black-and-white v/s colour

life in 'black & white' has always been the simpler option..the easier one to lead.
The greys can only confuse us and colours, most often than not, prove to be just a passing phase--an illusion!

yet colours are far more fascinating to the human eye and greys carry with them hopes of endless possibilities, which even though out of reach are something the heart doesn't want to give up on.

Perhaps thts exactly why we often see things in 'black & white' only in hindsight. It is only then that we realise that had we not spent so much time in searching for those elusive 'colours' and deciphering (or trying to decipher) those confusing 'greys', life would have been so much less complicated.

Having realised the ephemerality of the whole situation, our heart silently promises our mind that it would never fall prey to these rose tinted mirages again.

...until one day, suddenly out of the blues, we see a palette full of colours lying around somewhere.

The heart skips a beat..the mind reminds it of its promise.

The heart does a flip flop..the mind tries to fight it.

The heart fights back claiming it has a mind of its own.............and the mind is speechless and left in awe and disgust knowing its about to be ignored again.

...and so, the heart which has ironically changed colours on seeing colours, leaves the baffled mind and rushes right back to square one--painting pictures again...

"colours are funnnnnn..we would never have a masterpiece if it wasn't for them!!"
the heart exclaims, splashing a few drops here and there.

"they can get washed away into nothing too..they are not permanent.Stay within the limits of the black and white world, lest they wash you away with them" warns the mind.

"Ohh get lost, killjoy!! I dont need you here.How can you forget that one can only sketch in black and white.I am an artist who has always hoped to create a masterpiece someday and i think, i have found my paradise"

"hmm..until we meet again, my friend..all the best, until we meet again" the skeptic mind sighs as it bids farewell to the mesmerised heart.

...and the sky is adorned with a rainbow of several hues, as the sun shines with contentment and the clouds hold greys of distant yet beautiful possibilities, once again, making the world feel like a dream---transient yet resplendent...

yea..its true..dreamers never learn!! :)

January 05, 2011

when we two parted--by Lord Byron

When we two parted
In silence and tears,
Half broken-hearted
To sever for years,
Pale grew thy cheek and cold,
Colder thy kiss;
Truly that hour foretold
Sorrow to this.

The dew of the morning
Sunk chill on my brow--
It felt like the warning
Of what I feel now.
Thy vows are all broken,
And light is thy fame;
I hear thy name spoken,
And share in its shame.

They name thee before me,
A knell to mine ear;
A shrudder comes o'er me--
Why wert thou so dear?
They know not I knew thee,
Who knew thee so well--
Long, long I shall rue thee,
Too deeply to tell.

In secret we met--
In silence I grieve,
That thy heart could forget,
Thy spirit deceive
If I should meet thee
After long years,
How should I greet thee?--
With silence and tears

---Lord Byron

January 03, 2011


a few questions from rahul...a few answers from me
some cryptic..some pretty straight...some might not be what meets the eye...while some are crystal clear--tags are fun that way.


I hope to..
stick to my decisions for 2011!

I hope not to..
stay stuck up or upset myself with things that are already in the past!

I want to..
move on..and with luck, move forward!

I don’t want to..
think about the could-have/should-have/would-have been's!

I should have..

I shouldn’t have..
given things so many chances!

I could have..
totally lost my mind!

I couldn’t have..
lost my self respect, ever!

I did..
what i thought was best!

I did not..
expect someone i'd considered so close, to break my trust like that!

I wish..
i had known earlier!

I regret..
forming too high an opinion and falling in love with it!

I should..
understand that some priorities change with time!

I should not..
unnecessarily panic and jump to conclusions! (yea i do that sometimes)

I could..
try and improve my patience levels with irritating people who totally drain you of your energy!

I couldn’t
believe it until i sat and made a note of all the issues which i had been consciously neglecting!

I never thought..
it would turn out the way it eventually did!

I always thought..
i'd see you again!

i remember...
almost everything except birthdays..lol!!

i find it easy...
to forget you if you dont like me!

i find it tough...
to forgive easily!

i am...
just me..simply me..always me!

i cannot be...
anyone else..and frankly, im very comfortable with that fact!


now's my turn to tag (phew! i cant recall the last time i had posted a meme around here.whats with the giving me so much space, people?? :-|)

anyhoo, i pass on the honour to---
triloki nagpal
sarah malik
holy trance

and last but not the least, whoever has the time and interest to take it up.

live and let live!