January 16, 2011

sealed with love!!

below is a letter addressed by the 'pri that is' to the 'pri that was' seventeen years back.i would have loved myself to read this at that tender age of 10.
probably life would have been different.

but neverthless, no regrets...only realisations!! :)

my dearest pri,
You are young and innocent and you have no clue of what the big bad world holds.
So this is just my way to stop you from making the mistakes i did.

I know that life is an experience and you can never really learn if you don't make those mistakes yourself....but neverthless i feel its my duty to warn you.
nobody warned me and i had to learn these lessons the hard way out..or then again, maybe they did..but i paid a deaf ear to them....perhaps i was stubborn...perhaps i was oblivious..or perhaps i was what they call naive...innocent.
or maybe i just believed in fairytales for a long long time.

I know this is coming to you at a point where life seems perfect....love seems eternal....fairytales seem like something you can just wish for and they'd come true.
but let me tell you life is hardly ever about perfection, love and fairytales.

The world is full of imperfections...love is the most ephemeral concept that can ever exist...and fairytales have no place in reality!

I know you might hate me for bursting the bubble.but the sooner you learn this the better.
how then are we supposed to cope??

Its simple really...
learn to enjoy the imperfections.
learn to fall in love with 'change'.
learn to face reality.
and then you will realise that life isnt that bad.

yeah, you will meet a few ugly trolls along the way....there will be prince charmings too.but the difference wont be as obvious as it seems to be in those books you read.

In the end, the troll might just turn out to be a prince at heart...and the one u thought to be a prince, just a scheming troll.

Life my dear, is one big masquerade party and some people wear their masks till the very end...so dont leave sobbing midways when you suddenly realise that you are surrounded by strangers you thought as friends.

Dont let these masks scare you though..confront them..face them..make them your friends..remember that every mask has a story..listen to what it has to say.
Some people will want to cheat you with their masks while some will keep them on till the time they are convinced you can be trusted.Learn to differenciate the two.

You will meet several good people too, just like the baddies.
There are people with hearts of gold...don't ignore them..never take them for granted..never break their trust..because these when hurt will never return and one day you will realise what you have lost.

Dont turn your back to love..but also remember never to go so far with someone that you cant come back alone.life is unexpected...very unpredictable.
Dont make 'love' the most important thing in your life...im not saying it isn't important.it sure is..but it isn't worth leaving everything else neglected and that most often we realise, only when its too late to change what we have lost....don't shirk away from your responsibilities in the never-ending pursuit of the perfect soulmate..because the existence of that concept isn't even confirmed yet.

At one point of time, you will be tempted to believe that the world is an evil place and the only way to get back at it is to join it!!
dont fall prey to this thought....because at the end of the day, you will be going to bed with a horrible feeling which will stay within you even long after the act is over.

One more thing, enjoy your childhood as much as you can..you will never have it back!
climbing trees, falling off bicycles, playing with marbles,hide and seek, tag---do it all!!
games will change their meaning in a few years.You willl learn a whole new set of games which you wont enjoy..but you will have to learn the rules!

Dont let go of your dreams.
Strive to achieve them..do not succumb to criticism.You will meet people at every step trying to pull you by the leg and drag you down.
be sure that you have both your feet firmly planted on each rung of the ladder.Take one step at a time and never look back cos looking back will just distract you.

As for life, people who truly care will always stay at your side.They will catch up with you no matter how far you wander.
so dont worry...if they truly love you, they'l always be there for you..never give up on them!
but you should learn to remember that sometimes you gotta let go.
now im confusing you aint i--telling you never to give up and yet telling you to let go sometimes??
well there is a difference dear and that you will realise in due course of time.
you will know exactly when to heed to the former and when to the latter....just remember to pay attention to the small voice within you--because it knows best!!
NEVER ignore it!

Dont throw away advice given by parents and elders thinking they dont understand.
They have seen and know a lot more than you and there is no denying that.
I know that you would find it boring.There will be times when you would want them to shut up and think that you know best...but remember that the only unconditional love there can ever be is that your parents have for you....and they would never want you to be unhappy.
so with friends..you can get by almost anything if you have these angels around you.Just make sure u choose them wisely--all those who laugh with you arn't your friends.Make sure you notice the ones who cry when you are crying.

Having told u all this, i wouldn't want to scare you off life.
I want you to go out there...face it...do all the things you have ever wanted to do....have fun...and keep smiling....because at the end of it all, we just live once.
but sometimes 'once' seems too much and i dont want that happening to you.

Always remember troubles keep coming and going in and out of life....the point is how to deal with them and scare them away for good ;)
as the popular saying goes, "it is not because things are difficult that we dont dare to do them...it is because we don't dare to do them that they are difficult!"

ok i need to go get my coffee now.that, i know was one helluva long lecture...i think i should stop here.
you might not understand all that ive said right now, sweetheart.but as you grow up, this letter will keep changing meaning--its magical you see just like your smile..so keep reading it oft and on and never forget to smile.

wish you all the very best!!

yours truly,
"she who's name should not be taken"

P.S: one last thing--please donot get addicted to caffeine, facebook and blogging.

tadas! ;)


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Perhaps, even if you could go back and tell this in person, she would not have listened, would she?

If I had written this, I wouldn't have. That's why the process is called growing up instead of growing old.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Tweety said...

wow...now i want to write one to my own self, may be it would clearmy own views towards my life and prevent me from making same mistakes again, that i have already made...well done pri??

Anz said...

Awesome...just awesome is the world. I too wish we all could have read such an email like this just when we were kids. It would have been a great warning/advice.
Great to be here after so long. Hows you Pri?

RamNarayanS said...

Nice concept of reverse time-capsuling. :-) Hey, but would a girl at 10 understand this? Maybe 14,15 is an apt age, huh! I digress, leave it. Good realizations. :-)

Pri said...

@ lasphemous aesthete
totally agreed..but there has never been harm in trying.
that aside, im sure knowing her (or rather 'me'), she would have wanted to confirm all this for herself and still have gone and lived life her way.
afterall we realise things only in retrospect dont we?
and then again, its never too late!! :)

Pri said...

@ tweety
u nailed it right, dear..that precisely was the point of the whole post!! :)

Pri said...

@ holy trance
i know that feeling, soulsistah! :(
but thats not happening..ive learnt that its futile to regret what we could have changed..
instead lets try and improve what we still can :)

Pri said...

@ anz
i agree..i guess life was much simpler then & people around us didn't imagine/want-to-imagine that it could/would get so complicated and so we wern't warned (enough)..sigh!!

all we can do is try and let go of the could have/should have's and move towards the future---we dont have much of an option anyway, do we? ;)

yea its really been a long time.its nice to have you around here :)

Pri said...

@ raMmmm
lol!! no age is old enough for such things, ram..
life is one big lesson...and we keep learning as the pages flip by :)
all we can hope & pray is not to have to learn the same chapter, twice

this post is all about wishing i'd studied some carelessly flipped chapters a bit more carefully, a bit more 'on time'.
but neverthless recording them so that i dont forget what ive learnt :)