July 15, 2019

The 'apple' of our eye: the story of the underrated fruit

Not a very long time ago, our beloved prime minister, two times over, was asked a question of paramount importance.

“Kya aap Aam khate hain,” the B-Town superstar asked him, “Aur khate hain, toh kaise khate hai?”

While most left-brained individuals took offence at this seemingly petty topic, the right wing/brain found it deeply comforting that the PM had in some way, proved he was a simple man with simple tastes.
I, however, was disappointed by the sheer nature of the question...solely because of the fruit in question.

All through the interview, I fumed why it was always the mango that got this added privilege over all the other fruits. Why isn’t it treated as the ‘aam’ it is?

As a child, I recall my relatives gasping when I chose the humble apple to the majestic ‘Mankurad’ (a popular local variety of mango found in Goa). My parents would cajole me with stories of how it was considered the King of fruits. Even today, they think it a dishonour if someone rejects a freshly cut mango and call me a disgrace for not realising its value.

To me, the mango was, is, and always will be the cloyingly sweet and messy traitor who was often responsible for ruining my favourite dresses and causing nasty zits, in my younger days.
It was since then that my loyalty shifted to the cooler, more sophisticated, and mess-free cousin (the apple) which behaved just the way I expected my fruit to behave.
So when the apple is conveniently forgotten and ignored, I take it as a personal attack and try hard to defend it. If at all the PM should have been interviewed about his fruit habits, it should have been about the fruit that is known to keep the doctor away...now that would set a good example to the nation, wouldn’t it?

Allow me to defend my case...

Besides the exorbitant price of the mango, the apple is a more economical option that is available all through the year. In addition to this down-to-earth nature, every component of the fruit can be put to good use. Allow me to elaborate:
  • Apple peels - Triterpenoids, in the peels, inhibit the growth of cancer cells and even kill them. 
  • Photochemical sand polyphenols in apples help in averting asthma and breathing problems.
  • Chewing on an apple helps in saliva production and whitens teeth. 
  • Apple juice when applied to scalp helps prevents dandruff.
  • Contains Vit C and copper which promotes healthy skin. Prevents acne. 
  • Relieves gout.
  • Helps in heart burn, acid reflux.
  • One Apple a day decreases risk of DM. Lowers glucose levels. 
  • Lowers BP, relieves migraine, reduces cholesterol.
  • Eating dried apple helpful for anti inflammatory and anti oxidative properties. Hence less likely to develop cataract because of anti oxidative properties. Reduces relieves arthritis. 
  • Fibre fills the stomach. Less calories. Breaks down fat. Promotes weight loss. 
I am aware, that most of you (ingrates) will be still unconvinced about the humble apple being better than the pompous mango. In a world which gives heeds more to the gustatory receptors on our taste buds than our strained organs crying out for help, the mango will still remain the king of all fruits, I know.

But like in the game of chess, I believe, that if the mango is considered 'king', the faithful apple serves as the 'Wazir', which ought never be ignored, in the game.

So my humble plea to the super stars turned TV journos in the future, next time do your research. Ask the right questions.
After all, it wasn't the mango that fell on Newton's head and led to the discovery of gravity, right?