September 30, 2007


Ive been tagged by alohomora and juss about right on time...i was almost beginnin to feel a writers block coming up...though even if it did come up it wudent last for long i presume...i believe the "writer" and "thinker" in me just refuses to stay dormant and probably ive reached a stage wherein i cant stay away from "nostalgic moments" for long...
sigh! im nostalgic this world out here...and to all u wonderful ppl :)

so coming to the tag, here are the rules :

Rule 1. Name the person with link who tagged you.
Rule 2. Complete the questionnaire without changing the questions.
Rule 3. Tag 6 or more people...

so as i said earlier and i hereby repeat as per rule 1, ive blissfully accepted the tag by alohomora of fame...:D
so here goes,

1) Are you happy/ satisfied with your blog, with its content and look?
well, im happy but not completely satisfied and i believe thts wht keeps "nostalgic moments" going...the want to express myself better, the attempt to frame out the thoughts in my mind as lucidly and clearly as they are in there makes me want to write more and more.
Merging reality and imagination in a way tht noone can differentiate has always been a writers dream and i humbly continue attempting to attain the perfect balance.
Like life, blogging to me has become more of a journey and im enjoying it .exploring different spheres of thought processes, changing the look of the blog, getting ppl to reciprocate and relate to what i write and knowing their opinion about common matters makes me happy ...the day il'l be completely satisfied with what i write,il'l stop improving...and thn i guess il'l lose interest..cos i believe ,sometimes the destination is not as enchanting as the road wch takes u there...:)

2)does ur family know about your blog?
hmmm...yess they do but i dont think anyone is interested to read it..most of the time they are plain too busy..
Besides ive been writing frm since i was a kid ...the initial response i got frm family was exhilarating...they saw potential...they claimed to recognise talent...but somewhere down the line (sigh, dunno whn), they lost interest and started taking all my talents for granted ...:(( sob.snif.snif!! since thn my family wont bother to read my blog unless maybe i chain them to the chair and channel their line of vision only in the direction of the comp screen by umm mebe attaching two strips of cardboard on either side of their head and maybe remove all othr distractions frm around thm (distractions include ppl, pieces of furniture, even insects or any form of life living or dead)hmpf!!...still maybe they wud try to fall asleep...sigh!!

3)do u feel embarrassed to let your friends know about your blog or do u just consider it as a private thing?
Well, i used to go as anonymous once upon a time...infact remember having a coupla blogs i would disclose only to those i trusted very much...maybe it was the fear of being judged or perhaps wanting only a few ppl to know the real me.
but now i guess ive outgrown tht phase...most of my friends know i blog and i dont think i wud be ever embarassed by what i write or what i think for tht matter...its my take on world...a bit of reality, a dash of imagination flavoured with spices of nostalgia, memories and creativity..also ive realised tht it would take much more than a blog to know me :) Neverthless if some ppl still take it as a judging criteria, go ahead...judge me! :)

4) did blogs cause positive changes in my life?
well, i guess they struck a balance...:)

5) Do you only open the blogs of those who comment on your blog or you love to go and discover more by yourself?
nope...i prefer to go and venture on my own...and thts one of the reasons i dont have a blog roll...i dont restrict myself to only those who read my does get tedious cos i sometimes plain forget links i happen to enjoy reading but thn often do a lot of bloghopping and if ive visited ur blog more than once tht means ive liked u :D

6) What does visitors counter mean to you? Do you care about putting it in your blog?
well frankly speaking i did try it once and it felt real was nice to know soo many ppl stop by to read...but thn i started wondering how i dint get as many comments and lo!!enlightenment dawned and i realised tht ppl who stop at ur blog need not necessarily mean read it...they could juss stumble upon ur blog while blog hopping and pass by...kinda like visitors who accidently knock at the wrong door...forget to say sorry and silently leave. :o
so frm thn on, i stopped believing in visitor counters ...they dont really matter.sigh!!

7) did you try to imagine your fellow bloggers and give them real pictures?
no have never really imagined someone and given them a face as per my wanting..infact was juss discussing the same thing with a close friend of mine a coupla days back and he kept insisting tht ppl give u a face, potray u on the basis of what u write...he was kinda surprised to know tht i have never done tht myself and thought i was fibbing...but frankly speakin,i have never really imagined a fellow anonymous blogger...i have to admit i do form an impression as to how the person will be...but it remains restricted to an opinion...kinda a character sketch...never a face.i wouldent say im not curious...i definitely wud be if i get to know the person better...but wud never have a so called image in mind unless ive actually met u or seen ur pic :)
tht keeps me safe frm the so called dissapointment some ppl tend to experience at times whn their imagination wch depicts beauty in humongous breathtaking expectations (wch sadly enough never get about crossing the line of superficiality)is not met in reality...
As for my pics,yess i do have a coupla thm on my blog..:)

8)do u think there is a real benefit to blogging?
well, tht depends on wht u define "benefit" as...expecting monetary or materialistic benefits is not my forte.have always been taught to tk everything in life at a much deeper level than tht...
personally speaking, i believe i have benefited in terms of being able to express my ideas, vent out my feelings, give wings to my imagination and creativity ,let loose my passion for writing wch wud othrwise well be curbed amidst the monotonous life we normally live...besides blogging to me has been a positive experience thanks to the ppl and fellow bloggers ive gotten about knowing, reading and sharing views with...its really been a pleasure interacting...:)

9)do u think tht bloggers society is isolated frm real world or interacts with events?
Absolutely not...who ever thought tht bloggers are a different cult isolated from reality must be either joking or plain lost it??lol!!
Shame on thm for making us feel like some sorta social outcaste..:p
In fact i feel tht ppl who blog see more to life than most other ppl...ever wondered why we have soo much to write about??

10)does criticism annoy u or do u feel its a normal thing?
I feel its pretty normal as long as it dosent cross a limit...and thn when u point a finger at someone , u shud always remember the othr 4 pointing back at u :)
Give it only if u can take it...tht shud be the attitude!

11)do u fear some political blogs and avoid thm?
duh! havent been avoiding thm but actually speaking have not come across a single one yet...

12)did u get shocked by the arrest of some bloggers?
not any more than i wud be at the arrest of some non-bloggers for similar doings...

13)What do you like to hear? What’s the song you might like to put a link to, in your blog?
well i usually have different songs playing in my posts dependin on the mood im in...
but rite now, wud dedicate this song to all u ppl out here :)


cheers to us nostalgic life! :)

Finally i tag,
and last but not the least, whoever wants to be tagged ...:)

September 16, 2007

as he comes to meet me again... :)

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September 10, 2007


Sometimes silence can be quite expressive..
If u did not get wht i mean, try recollecting all those times in life whn all u had with u was silence and yet u felt understood...felt heard.
If u cant relate to this, thn all i got to say is u must be really lucky! :)
Sometimes these silent moments can speak volumes...and at times the situation is such tht all we are left to communicate with is this silence.
Yet it seems satisfying..cos somewhere we like to stay in the comfort tht nothing is being said..tht our thoughts arnt being read...and we r too afraid tht breaking the ice may juss break the bond...the bond wch is formed between two silent souls trying to gauge each others thoughts.
But juss as we begin to start seeking comfort amidst the silence, it suddenly starts becoming starts gettin deafening without a single word being exchanged.
Misinterpretations, misunderstandings surface up and we are left with this calm silence breaking loose and creating chaos in our heads and in our lives...
and thts whn we yearn for a spoken word...
a spoken word wch can confirm our interpretations...
a spoken word wch can break the melancholy of the silence wch has suddenly turned eerie and cold...
a spoken word wch can soothen out the chaos the once comforting silence has now transformed into.
and thts when we wonder wht exactly is more real..which exactly should we believe...the expressive silence or the deafening noise it has created?

Would we ever dare to disturb the "sounds of silence"???

September 04, 2007

"The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
but i have promises to keep,
and miles to go before i sleep,
and miles to go before i sleep"

-----robert frost

These lines by Robert Frost have always been my favourite...but somehow i juss dont seem to care about the promises anymore, juss dont care bout the miles left uncovered...the silence of the woods lures me...and im tempted to go and never return.
Dunno why...probably im juss too tired.

tired of the game...
the game between an expressed smile and a suppressed tear.

tired of the war...
the war between true feelings and fake emotions.

tired of the conflict...
the conflict between a convincing mind and a stubborn heart.

tired of the arguements...
arguements between those who care and my doubting self.

tired of my world...
my world torn apart between those i love and those who despise me.

tired of the journey ...
the journey between tht wht the world sees and wht it wants to show me.

tired of the wait...
the wait between one heartfelt smile and the next.

tired of the confusion...
the confusion between my doubts and my beliefs.

tired of this life...
this life between wht it has actually become and wht it seems to have become.

juss plain tired...!
and quitting midway is a thought...

September 02, 2007

LIFE---a journey...

Something happened today wch made me think a lot...bout the kind of person i actually am...bout the kind of person i was to start with ...and bout the kinda person ive changed into...
Was going through an old blog of mine only to realise how much ive changed and i dont necessarily mean only in a good way.
We all grow up and somewhr down the line, we all tend to miss what we used to be.Once naive enough to see the world through rose coloured glasses,life teaches us to harden ourselves by introducing us to the harsh wrath of reality...and more so at times we least expect it to...and thn we r shocked to have those rosecoloured glasses snatched away from us...but thn again thts how we learn...and since we cant do anythin about life, we decide to do something about ourselves.
While i hear some ppl crib to me tht i have changed so much, thr are still others in my life who keep frustratingly complaining tht il'l never change...
and tht makes me wonder why do ppl around want me to be the way they expect me to be..
Its easy to say "i dont expect"..whn the truth is its all about expectations...whr there is love, thr are expectations and when someone expects somethin from us, it juss means they a lot...and tht is wht intimidates me at times.
It also scares me sometimes whn i dont expect likewise cos it keeps making me feel either i dont care as much or have attained "moksha"...and i know tht "salvation" is something far far away...cos im only human.
Perhaps ive juss learnt to lower my expectations only because im afraid they wont be met wch is also stupid cos thn i dont put my best in it and tht leaves me feeling i dont want it cos i dont care enough...guess im juss too messed up!and believe me i wasent always this way!
I remember wanting to get more "real" some yrs backk ...wanting to get out of my dream world.feelin dissatisfied cos used to think it was juvenile of me to not face life in a practical way..but dint realise tht probably i was trying too hard hard tht life decided to give it a shot...n now im at a stage whr i find myself soo "real" tht i would give anythin to dream tht innocent way i used to...but know tht probably its impossible!
Probably have juss lost out on the capacity to dream and cant expect life to give it a shot ur way all the time isnt it? :).And wasent tht wht i always wanted??...its true they say "uve got to be careful of wht u wish for--it mite juss come true!" :)
Ive changed for sure---for the better or for the worse i dunno and ppl juss wont answer tht for me!the transition has not been easy and now tht im there, feel kinda secure about it...and tht gets me wonderin again---will i be ever able to live up to this???
A loyal friend, a trusted advisor,a personal councellor, a silent listener, a chirpy voice, a confident doctor, a understanding sister, a obedient daughter, a happy face----so many expectations!...and the guilt of not havin lived upto them , and the fear of not being able to...

Sometimes i wonder if amidst all this guilt and fear, ive forgotten to be "me"...