August 29, 2007

"RATATOUILLE"---whoaa! whattarat!! ;D

Watched ratatouille yesterday n it was one movie i have enjoyed in a long long time...also watched "hey baby" and the only thing i can say about it is it made me like "rat-a-too-ee" all the more :-/
Animations though seem kiddish to a few of our "i think im soo mature" juvenile audience always have a hidden lesson to teach...its juss tht we have to start watching thm without givin thm the status of juss a toon character...n tht my friend, makes all the difference...
I read somewhr tht single ppl are able to enjoy animations much better than married ones with kids...well no wonder...cos most (dont pounce on me..i said MOST! :-/)married ppl r usually busy controlling their kids who watch these beautifully crafted animations as juss another "tom n jerry" cartoon.n as usual have to comment n question on almost everythin in the movie WHILE ITS RUNNIN..sigh!i seriously think its a sheer waste bringing a 3 yr old for sucha movie n expecting it to enjoy ..because thn u have to explain to thm whts goin on, tell thm to shutup n pamper thm to hush juss to avoid everyone else lookin angrily at u for disturbing n most of all go out of the movie hall whnnever they feel bored or feel like having popcorn wch apparently is almost always at the part u dont wanna miss.n thn ur lost and have to spend the rest of the movie guessing wht happened n thn it juss becomes a CARTOON FILM to u like it is to ur pampered brat..sigh! anyways most ppl dont realise tht n so the audience in the movie hall had a lotta kiddo croud too:-/ making me feel all the more nervous lest i couldent hear a word of the movie had i have to sit beside a a "mommie with a irritating kid"(psst!luckily i was sitting next to a 40 yr old couple who were as interested in the movie as me...tht made me happy! even started imagining myself goin for such firstday-first shows whn i turn 40...only diff being il'l go ALONE..heehee)

There were lessons each character thought us..though they were cleverly crafted in good humour, cute graphics and a wonderful story...
kudos to the imagination wch create such marvels! :)
Thrs somethin about animations wch make me smile even long after the movie has ended.."Shrek", "finding nemo", "madagascar", "lion king" has had similar effects on me ..heyy mindya im not talkin bout the cartoon animation shows on TV..those r the ones wch dont have ne lessons to give, no brilliant lines to strike the audience with, no "perfectly relates to my life"scenarios..(heehee ya ya i know.sometimes can even relate to animated!!),no hidden messages....basically they juss thr to give the kiddo audience a laugh. and most of the times i dont find thm funny! hmpf!!(not tht it matters now but as a kid used to n was pretty jolly well excited bout watchin thm too..sig:-h!)Anyways enough of digression :-/

The story revolves around REMI who aspires to be one of the best chefs in the world .he is confident tht he has wht it takes and is throughlly inspired by a famous cookbook "anyone can cook"...he knows his knowledge of spices and talent in mixing up flavours can show him the way up there in no time.
the only drawback he faces is tht he is juss a RAT :( ...
But lady luck is on his side and in a strange sorta way, life gives him an opportunity to unleash his talent n show off his culinary skills but the hitch is WITHOUT ANY RECOGNITION FOR IT..remi's real love for cooking is clearly reflected by the way he goes on and seizes the opportunity without bothering even once bout anything else...he just wants to prove he is a fine cook and wants to make sure his talents dont go to waste..ohh whattaboy! oops sorry WHATTARAT!!! :P

As the story unfolds , we meet new characters and with thm come several othr messages ...GUSTEAU--the author of "anyone can cook" is a famous gourmet and one of the best n most reputed restaurant owners in remi's dream city-paris!
As luck decides remi gets a chance to land up in his dream city and be guided by his very own mentor "gusteau"'s spirit as gusteau is long dead outta depression after reading a slashing article about his restaurant by a food critic "ANTON EGO" who is supposedly the worst of the kind.
As remi discovers later tht gusteau is nothin but a figment of his own imagination, it juss goes to show us how much we have in our control but sometimes we juss need tht extra push ...everybody's got it within thm, but all we need is tht lil ego boost from within, we need to listen to tht lil voice in our head (who most often we prefer ignoring), the voice wch tells us wht we need to do, wch tells the right frm the wrong and most importantly the voice wch never wants us to give up whn we still have the capacity to go on :)...wished we all had a small lil "mr gusteau's spirit" guiding us.
thrs this particular dialogue in wch the spirit tells remi not to lament over the loss he has suffered "if u dont let go of the past, u will never get to see whts in store for u in the future" ...very true!
most often we stick on to the past , hold on to it sayin its difficult to let go whn the truth is tht we dont want to let go! we tend to brood over something wch is long lost and isnt even thr with us anymore...n what we dont realise is we are losing out on our present and future in the bargain! luck and time wait for noone and yess it is easily shunned has a big ego...who knows one day u refuse to acknowledge it and the next time on it starts doin tht to u---refuses to acnowledge u!
this thought has often crossed my mind,each time ive let an opportunity( to go hand in hand with time into the future) slip by.
wht wud u do if this was the last time u seein it come?It is scary but wht wud u do if it turned true??
There are instances whr remi is very tempted to go bak to his old ways..being frm the "rat family" he has this tendency to steal into stuff ..but somewhr he hates tht he is in one of paris's finest restaurants, thr are wayy many instances wch try to make him succumb to temptation...but the "spirit" (wch is nothin but a face to the lil voice in his head) reminds him of wht he believes in---tht he is here to MAKE and not to TAKE..n our sweeet lil remi resists all temptations (err..almost all)!kudos!!

"rat-a-too-ee" also reminds us tht no matter what, family is FAMILY and even whn everyone in the whole world leaves ur side, u can count on thm to be there for u matter how much they disagree with u, they still want u to be happy.
But it also tells us tht no matter wht, dont give up on ur dreams, cos in the long run, ur dreams are all u got and u juss cant afford to spend the rest of ur life feeling dissatisfied coz u sold thm...u juss cant sell off ur dreams no matter how much the emotional pressure frm family or loved ones...cos one has to remember tht ur family wants to see u happy at the end of it they try to keep u away frm all things they think might harm u or make u unhappy...but no matter how close, u are the ONLY one who knows wht can truely make u happy and if u r confidant enough, dont look back! If thts wht u really want and are sure tht its goin to make u happy, believe me thts wht ur family could ever want for u! :)
Comin bak to the story, remi enters gusteau's famous restaurant only to find it being run by "SKINNER" who has taken over after gusteau's myterious death...remi likes it thr...he see's new opportunities knocking and cant resist the temptation to try out his culinary skills..and so he does by helping "LINGUINI" who is a honest, down to earth timid boy desperately in need to save his job...the duo create marvels much to the awe of everyone around thm who can only but wonder how a simple garbageboy can suddenly turn into sucha fine cook...(thanks to remi who is hardly visible under the gourmet toupe tht linguini wears,frm wch he guides him)...the dilemmas they face, the confusion they create and the solutions they come up with to sort out the mess are amazing and one cant help but admire remi's cuteness , intelligence and the "never say die" attitude...
and thus remi and linguini happen to bring back "gusteau's" lost name and reputation, win over skinner's evil corrupt ways, and prove gusteau's well known philosophy "anyone can cook"...Remi's "i want to make and not take" policy holds true n strong till the end ...and much to everyones suprise and amazement his extraordinary culinary skills win over even the cold stonehearted "ANTON EGO"...
"rat-a-too-ee" also shows us tht no matter how stone hearted a person is, somewhr deep within he still has a heart...maybe it appears to be wicked, maybe it appears to be frozen but sometimes a small gesture is enough to rekindle the warmth it seems to have lost ...
realisation dawns as the evil hearted critic tastes the "ratatouille" made by our very own "gourmet remi" and gets flooded by nostalgia ...the taste reminds him of his childhood, the simple life he lived and the wonderful ratatouille his mom used to cook for him...and he is awe struck and completely swept away in emotion as he savours every bite of it..
He later realises tht its very easy to slash ppl with sharp pointed words but very difficult to understand wht they go through...and equally tough is it to realise the value of somethin and appreciate it! so he gives up his job as a food critic, his last article being one in wch he confesses his wrong doings and praises and appreciates "gusteau" present day status...
The beautiful friendship between linguini and remi shows a lot...
the "sayin sorry without any ego comin in between whn they realise their mistakes", the "feeling the need to clear off misunderstandings whn any", the "missing each other not only because they need each othr but they want each other",the "not spilling out their secret even whn linguini is under the pressure of alcohol or even for tht matter with the love of his life "COLLETE", the "selfless attitude" and the "im sooo very angry with u and i want to GET BACKK AT U " spells alternating with "damn! its all my mistake and i WANT EVERYTHING BACK AS BEFORE" couldent help but make me smile...:)
Inspite of all the challenges faced, the hurdles to be crossed, the misunderstandings to be sorted and the difficulties to be overcome, REMI finally emerges victorious and proves his talent thus daring us all to dream and strive towards making thm wht we want thm to be---REALITY!
REMI proves tht no matter how far and distant it seems, if we have the will, no goal can be labelled "impossible"...we juss gotta keep trying and never give up...juss gotta listen to the small voice in our head and keep goin as he says "with luck, forward" :).
Afterall it is but a "RATRACE" ...ya sometimes u feel it still makes u a rat,but if ur like remi, u wudent mind being one wudya? :p heehee

All in all "ratatouille" is yet another success in the world of animation!!
I left the movie hall a satisfied soul!:)


August 26, 2007


Sheesh! i hate it most whn unwanted guests invite themselves at my place and my parents play "god"...sometimes wonder whom i got the "mean streak" frm?? :-/
here is an excerpt from one such conversation..
this happened whn one mrs "so and so"(name undisclosed for safety reasons)came over to pay a friendly visit wch lasted a whole 8 hours...sigh!

TING TONG!(thts the doorbell if u dint get it :-/.the only other bell wch can ring on seein aunty"so and so" is the EMERGENCY--RUN FOR SAFETY typa one...but this time i was trapped unawares since it was poor me who answered the rotten doorbell)

SHE: (almost fallin in my arms)helloooo dear....wht a wonderful surprise to find u at home today."

ME: (almost shocked at how she cud juss steal my openin line like tht!hmpf! wasent i supposed to be sayin "wht a pleasant surprise to see u" since YOU are the one who's come over??)
"uh.ohh...hello aunty.please come in" (still not over the shock yet.wonderin wch escape route wud be the fastest to get away from her without it seeming rude.)

SHE: (now in her all very excited,"i want to ask u so many questions" mood)
"darliing!uve lost soo much of dear?u dont seem to be eating is it?whrs my 'rolly polly cutopie' pri?? *makes a sad face*

ME: *grinnin frm ear to ear*
"err well aunty,its been more than a year and ppl tell me its a pleasant change ...heehee" (me trying to laugh nervously at somethin i dont consider the least bit funny..rolly polly cutopie my left foot...i was OBESE lady.dont try to be nice! hmpf!!)

"well offcourse darling...u lookin wonderful!always told u wud be a lot more charming without the puppy fat" (whoaa!! talk about changing sides)

ME:"aunty can i get you somethin? actually moms not around...she'll be arriving shortly" (me hoping desperately tht she'll cut her visit short n drop in some othr time)

SHE:"oohhh no problem dear, i have so much to talk to u...hardly ever got u on phone too and thn u never did reply to those emails mohit sent u. your mom told me that internship was keeping u real busy"
(*thanks mom, hmpf! n i was wonderin how some ppl never picked up i know...u never really let them!*)
"i understand dear, thts wht a doc's life is--busy busy! mohit n pinky always admired this quality in you..soo dedicated!!"
(sheesh! they wouldent have said tht if i allowed thm to know me better aunty dear...most of my friends who still keep wonderin how i have time for everythin under the sun will agree.heehee)
"ohh and il'l have coffee" (dammit!i almost thot she'd forgotten tht bit.:-/)

ME:"ya sure aunty ...juss give me a minute!" (or mebe an hour...i could bake a cake for u...nethin to stay away frm tht chat session wch could turn dangerously intrusive soon)
But however hard u try, u cant pretend u r still making tht coffee for nethin more than 15 minutes.:( and there i was subjected to the trauma again!

"ummm hows the feeling?"

ME:"feeling, wht feelin?"...(almost thought she was reading my mind thr--"hows the feeling of having an uninvited unwanted pesky family friend come over,interfering in ur lazy schedule?".hmpf!!)

SHE: "ohh u naughty does it feel to be out of college n soon to be on ur own now?"

ME: (still not gettin the joke but laughing nervously neverthless)"ohh it feels gr8 aunty...well err am not exactly out on my own yet".:-/

SHE:"WHATTTT????arnt u? arnt u workin nowadays??"

ME: *confused*! im not...someone told u i was???"

SHE:"ohh so plannin for PG rite??...whts ur field of interest dearie?"

(GAWD!! see see this is whr the conversation starts gettin nosy...n for all those ppl who think im exaggerating, juss wait n watch how!)
ME: "well actually aunty,er, umm, i dont know really...might juss take a brk for a while..not really come to a decision yet".

(keeps the NICEE coffee cup down with a thud to add to the effects, raises an eyebrow and asks
"then are u gettin married???"

ME:WHAT IN HELL?? is every single person who is a bit undecisive n plannin to tk a break for a while supposed to get MARRIED?? cant they juss be..err plain LAZY mebe??
"not really aunty ...nothin like tht" (now fervently hopin for the doorbell to ring n mom to come home)

SHE: "so? is thr some problem sweety??u know u can tell me darling...u can trust me...are u seein someone? is thr ne tension? somethin botherin u??"
(SEE SEE!!! i told ya...n u thot i was exaggerating!)

ME:"err no aunty..i know..i wud tell u if thr was sumthin" (thts me fibbing big time with an innocent face :-/

SHE(completely ignoring wht i juss said)"I heard u blog...why??"

ME: "huh?? er..yes" ???why???
now this comes to me as a real shock because err maybe im juss not used to ppl questioning me on why i blog in an accusing kinda way..sigh!guess thrs a first time to everything

SHE:"yess dear, why?? happy ppl dont blog...its the sad ones" (heyy watch it lady! did u juss call me "SAD"?)
yess fellow bloggers,anyone with me?? i have devised a perfect masterplan already and it wont even look like murder..maybe we could even forge a suicide note sayin "i cant forgive myself for having such false assumptions about ppl who blog and i dont deserve to live anymore?" anyone game? huh huh??

ME:"no aunty, a blog is juss an outlet to vent out ur feelings,express ur opinion..ur take on things.and generally have open discussions with ppl on comman topics...n get to know their view point too!"

SHE: "exactly! n why would a happy person do that??
if its advice or opinions,you could ask ur friends u know..."

ME: "yaa..but sometimes there are a lot of things on ur mind and speakin thm out might juss seem absurd..while on a blog, they dont.u can speak bout nethin u want...its ur domain..n u wouldent bother about ppl judging u" (sheesh! now why did i say tht?)

SHE: "like wht things??"

ME: (ignoring her question) n besides aunty, a blog is NOT a personal diary...i mean yes.thr r things u learn frm personal experience n tht makes up a major part of ur thot processes n probably it does reflect in what u write but u can also have a vivid imagination, conjure up stories, write poems ,preserve favourites.! see, so its multifaceted!
me feeling like a scientist tryin to explain the 'theory of bloggin' to her

SHE: "n what do u do?"

ME:"me?? i BLOG...heehee" (grinning shamelessly n trying to be evasive)
SHE: (not gettin it or choosing not to mebe)"so..whats the name of ur blog?"

ME: "er!!..nostalgic moments"

SHE: "THERE!! i knew it!.the name says it all...
why are u soo sad sweetie?"

ME: (now a bit irritated) "huh?? lol!! aunty u r hell bent on makin me feel i am is it? i told u im not..really" (still grinnin at the lady whoi am convinced is definitely trying my tolerance threshold...i even start getting visions of the gods rewarding me in appreciation of the divine patience im showing towards irritating humans today)

SHE: interrupting my thoughts"thn why do u write a blog called "NOSTALGIC MOMENTS"? only ppl who are sad do those kinda things"

DUH!!!is it???
WHAT IN HELL??? AGAIN???I MEAN SERIOUSLY !!Some ppl will say anything to prove a point!
I cant believe this lady supposedly thinks she has to have a say regarding every single thing in my life!!even my blog handle? whyyyy???? sob!!

(its a good thing i dint give her my blog url thn...she mite have to say a coupla depressing things bout it she thinks it shudent be "lifeofpri" but maybe "thedailyroutineofadementedpsycho"sheesh ...heyy now wait a minute!now whr did i get tht frm?? well err...its not a bad one eh? maybe another blog someday...heehee)

ME:"and wht do ppl who r happy do thn?" *grinnin in a hopeless attempt to hide my irritation*

SHE:"they visit ppl,have fun,make new friends ,live their lives and enjoy every second of it"

ME: "ohh tht?? i do all tht aunty, be rest assured im livin my life n enjoyin it too.

SHE: "really?? but...

ARGHHHH!!! QUICKKK!!SOMEONE CALL 100...THRS GOIN TO BE A MURDER HERE (sigh! i know i know...cant help a legal woman...)

(this is the first time today ive been soo overjoyed by the chime of tht miserable doorbell)
As i excuse myself and rush to answer the door, i hear aunty mumbling somethin to herself...guess the remnants of tht unfinished conversation bottled in tht small lil head of hers r still struggling to get out n are utterly dissapointed at the thought of seein an almost half depressed victim go off like tht---unfinished!
Before it can get any worse, i leave her with my mom and slip away with a parting line wch not only took the cake but the baker and the bakery too ...heehee

ME: "excuse me aunty.i think i'll leave ull two together sure ull will be having lots to catch up on and i gotta err.. go... BLOG!! :p"

Triumphing over my victory,i scurried away feelin very happy i dint have to go further with other topics like bf's, marriage,ekta kapoor soaps,the price of vegetables in the market,how i should start living my life (on her terms tht is...hmpf),why i WRITE, WHY I TALK,why i EAT, why i BREATHE.phew!..ok ok :p thts goin a bit too far...but whn it comes to such "il'l never know whn il'l be meeting u next and i juss mite want to write a book on u in the meanwhile" family friends, one can never say! :-/

She only got to see me again at dinner time whr thanks to my mom, dad and di , thr were always salad bowls to be passed, double servings to be distracted with (if the situation got awkward) n phonecalls from friends to help me get away avoiding her nosy curiosities...

sigh!!thank god for small mercies!

juss 3 words for all such darling mrs "so and so's"

music playin on my mind:

August 18, 2007

"perhaps, maybe, probably" and all those uncertainities...

She is waiting...
waiting for wht,
she herself dosent know.

probably for a new beginning...
or maybe, the perfect end.
Maybe for an explanation, a justification for whtevers happening..
or perhaps, an assurance tht things are gonna be all okay once again.
Maybe waiting for tha sweet nostalgia to wash away,
or perhaps for the bitterness to fade.
Maybe she waits for her issues to be sorted,
or perhaps new ones to blame...
Maybe waiting for a new life to start,
or perhaps this one to end...
Maybe waiting to hold on.
or maybe just, to let go!!

Perhaps she is tired of the wait,
but maybe its luring her...
luring her towards,
the new beginnin...
the perfect end...
the justification long awaited...
the assurance she always wanted...
the sweet nostalgia wch makes her long for those times she cant have back...
the fading of those bitter memories wch still manage to hurt deep within...
the sorting out of all those issues unsolved...
the security of new ones building up...
the start of a new life, the hanging on, the letting go ....

the END!

She is waiting.
precisely for what, she still dosent know...

August 08, 2007


Yesterday was the last day of internship...
Im officially a qualified doctor now :)
Strange is life! Juss some yrs back, (ok ok,even some days back.hmpf!), i was soo very much waiting for this day.But now tht it was there i felt a strange sadness sweep me in.
It wasent about the 'leaving the place and having to go'.
It was just about "nostalgia" :)
As i was leaving,a friend suggested we tour the whole college and hospital one last time. and so we did! probably in an attempt to freshen up those old memories!
those memories which had long been buried somewhere deep, some surfacing up every now and then..
this time it was was as if i wanted to gather all those moments i had spent in GMC during the entire tenure and keep them with me forever.
Sadly enough, GMC has given me memories good , bad alike...
but as they say "if u want the rainbow, u must also take the rain" :)
As i went to the academic section to collect my last pay as an intern, i saw some newly joined juniors there..."freshers" as we call thm..
The frightened faces, the anxious looks took me back in time when i started my journey in med school...
Tension, anxiety, apprehension,happiness all rolled up in one.
I remember tht first day of college, me entering the lecture hall wayy before time, going about in big groups for fear of being ragged, smiling and wishing all seniors around!!I was a sight, really! sigh!...but thn again all "freshers" are! ;p
We entered the "anatomy dissection hall" though my friend kept insisting tht we should'nt subject ourselves to such tortures juss for the "nostalgia" kick!
but the "nostalgia crazy" nut tht i am, finally managed to convince her (read drag her in).ARGHHHH!!!tht smell...yess the smell of formaline on the freshly preserved cadavers! gawd!!
Realising tht 4 years of staying away (i never entered anat lab once i cleared off my yr 1.i mean why wud i .its not a museum u know!:p) can do wonders to ruin the "olfactory adaptation" we once were very proud of, we took a quick final glance around the hall and turned to leave.
Tht one glance took me bak in time whn i was answerin my first anatomy viva (the first exp of ragging by a proff).i was so scared tht had forgotten all wht i'd studied .(blame it on the fact tht i was studin without a "bone set"thn).Tht voice still echoed in my ears as i left the hall...soo many yrs hadent been able to wash out the venom she had hissed tht day. Tht bitchy "u think ull be able to survive in med school?", the sarcastic smile and those silent tears all came backk in a gush!
I left the hall hoping to meet tht dame and tellin her "yess maam,i did survive it after all.but must say, u tried hard!".
Wonderin wht brought about the sudden seriousness in me, my friend nudged me and giggled as we passed the forensic dept hall.Tht almost instantly brought me bak frm whr i'd juss gone.and the next moment, we were laughin n giggling about all those fun times shared in year 2
yess, yr 2 was absolute delight...had regained my confidence by thn.was convinced tht i would definitely make it , come what may! first yr torture had shockingly rejuvenated my spirit!lol!! brought back my fighter attitude and made me a lot more comfortable with sarcasm, discouragement and unwanted short it had just made me "shameless" ..!! , a very important prerequisite in med school.heehee!
[though admit there were a few proffs who i wont ever forget in my life (for all the right reasons).they were the only "angels" in hell , i could say and ill respect and admire thm whereever i go)
BUT yr 2 was is all i can remember!Had learnt the art of "fitting in", the art of answerin tests without studin, the art of giving crap with a straight face and yess most importantly the art of givin 10 buckets of muck to anyone who wud even try to throw off a single speck at me! ...:p
Yess u can say--pri changed from an angel to a devil .to be more specific a daredevil! ..heehee
As we entered the lecture halls, we saw some juniors scamperin off as soon as they saw us..."heyy cmon ppl,get a life! we r here to be friends remember?".i gave them a very irritated look as one gandhian walked past me pleadingly giving me a "gmorning maam.please , please let me go! im here to STUDY not to make friends (and definitely not to trust seniors who want to)" kinda nervous smile...
"wht was tht pri?? wht did u juss say? GET A LIFE???...u remember how u reacted whn our seniors had made one of their own classmates propose to u as a joke and u dint know wht was happening?," my so called friend reminded me! :-/ (yeah sure! i can count on my friends for noting down all my embarrassing moments and never forgettin thm.hmpf!)
"heyy cmon, tht was a bit too wasent even a ragging in hell was i to know" i tried to defend my juvenile behaviour but in vain.i was losin this one.and i dint mind it..i smiled as i remembered how poor me was soo totally stunned ,scared as hell thinkin of all possible ways how to turn down VERY VERY POLITELY a senior intern u dont even know on the 5th day of med school while all the seniors had a good laugh at my expression!still havent figured out whethr the joke was aimed at him or me!sheesh!!.a very innovative prank i muss say! hmpf!!
later he turned out to become a very good friend who STILL often jokes about tht incident.sigh! i know i know! sad sense of humour!
As we continued checkin the benches for our scribbles n scrawls written durin boring lectures, we hoped tht they wud never change the benches for the generations to come (never paint the walls wud be too much to hope.sigh!).i couldent stop laughing as my friend started reading out some crappy verses i had scribbled on the benches (heehee was always into poetry esp during PSM class hours whn we used to have those shayari sessions whr my friends n me used to play a "rhyme without reason" jugalbandi :p)...i miss u guys :(
Next we headed to the PSM seminar room, and thn the micro lab, and the biochem lab and finally the girls common room where we used to sit n device all sorta plans and timetables (wch seldom succeeded) attemptin to study SERIOUSLY,conjured up pnemonics which cud give the writers of med books a run for their money,dozed off between classes if we got too bored of dozing off during them, and not to forget vented out our anger and frustrations by kicking chairs (plastic ones mindya--we wudent wat to hurt ourselves :p),standing on the table and screaming "------ u r a LOSSSEEERRR!" or "----- I HATTEEE YOUU " using the desired proffs names and sometimes expletives to add to the effect! *embarrassed*
yr 3 was all about clinics,case histories and tests , tests and more tests...part 1 of yr 3 was again FUN! (for the not so serious goofs like me).but part 2 was serious stuff...a question of life, careers and gettin out of here! lol!!
I personally went thru a lotta unexpected ups and downs in the latter part of yr 3, due to which my career life was a bit affected...a lot more memories, some good, some bad.but leaving thm for some other time ...some othr post maybe...
afterall u cant expect "nostalgic moments" to be summed up all at once eh?.
cos as life goes on, as each today turns into yesterday, all i have and will have are these nostalgic moments!:)
but as far as med school goes, life was ROCKKINN as soon as i learnt to deal with it! :)
and everybody learns believe me, u just gotta hold on tight!hang in strong and not let ANYTHING or ANYONE affect u.
M and i walked out of college...we still had the whole hosp to go thru...but we were runnin outta we decided to cover the "internship" part of it some othr time...cos internship was the best part! the BESTEST! the real life...the doctors life! the life wch we always wanted ,in a nutshell!
So we wudent be doin full justice if we juss breezed through it !(considerin we had only 15 mins with us.and we were already runnin late..had to meet up with a few friends and 5 missed calls on my cell were constantly reminding me of tht).
and thn again,i dint really need to freshen up memories of "life as an intern" as they were already freshly locked up in my (as M puts it) senti heart and mental head! .hmpf!! yeah yeah gal! u do remember birds of a feather, dontya! :p
So,with a heavy heart but one filled with memories, i paid homage to my alma mater before bidding it goodbye!



August 03, 2007

one of his best--"jo beet gayi, so baat gayi"


Was brooding over the ironies of life with a friend on gtalk.He was trying to evoke a positive attitude in me and me (as usual) was hell bent on how uncertain the simple joys in life are..
and just when i almost thought i won the arguement, he leaves me dumbfounded by offering me a verse of harivanshrai bacchans famed poetry "jo beet gayi so baat gayi"
I was so impressed by it, tht i googled it almost instantaneously (couldent even wait for him to mail it to me as promised)
Thought i should have it up here on "nostalgic moments" so that anytime down the path of life, when i shed a tear over the past, i can read this and remind myself that i ought not to.
Many thanks to tht friend again for getting me to read this at one of the best times i could ever need it :).

Strange though it mite sound, but there are times in life u just want to be proved othrwise even in a winning arguement.

Jeevan Main Ek Sitara Tha
Maana Vah Behad Pyara Tha
Vah Doob Gaya To Doob Gaya
Ambar Kay Aanan Ko Dekho
Kitne Iskay Taare Toote
Kitne Iskay Pyare Choote
Jo Choot Gaye Fir Kahan Mile
Par Bolo Toote Taaron Par
Kab Ambar Shok Manata Hai
Jo Beet Gayi So Baat Gayi

Jeevan Main Vah Tha Ek Kusum
They Us Par Nitya Nichavar Tum
Vah Sookh Gaya TO Sookh Gaya
Madhuvan Ki Chaati Ko Dekho
Sookhi Kitni Iski Kaliyan
Murjhaayi Kitni ballriyan
Jo Murjhayi Woh Fir Kahan Khili
Par Bolo Sookhe Phoolon Par
Kab Madhuban Shor Machata hai
Jo Beet Gayi So Bat Gayi

jeevan Main Madhu Ka Pyala Tha
Tumnay Tan Man De Daala Tha
Wah Toot Gaya To Toot Gaya
Madiralya Kay Aangan Ko Dekho
Kitne Pyale Hil Jaate Hain
Gir Mitti Main Mil Jaate Hain
Jo Girte Hain Kab Uthte Hain
Par Bolo Toote Pyalo Par
Kab Madiralaya Pachtata Hai
Jo Beet Gayi So Baat Gayi

Mridu Mitti Kay Hain Bane Hue
Madhu Ghoot Phoota Hi Kartay Hain
Laghu Jeevan Lekar Aaye Hain
Pyale Toota Hi Karte Hain
Fir Bhi Madiralaya Kay Andar
Madhu Kay Ghat Hai Madhu Pyale Hain
Jo Madakta Kay Maare Hain
Vey Madhu Loota Hi Kartay Hain
Va Kachcha Peene Wala Hai
Jiski Mamta Ghat Pyalon Par
Jo Sachchey Madhu Sey Jala Hua
Kab Rota Hai Chillata Hai
Jo Beet Gayi So Baat Gayi