August 03, 2007

one of his best--"jo beet gayi, so baat gayi"


Was brooding over the ironies of life with a friend on gtalk.He was trying to evoke a positive attitude in me and me (as usual) was hell bent on how uncertain the simple joys in life are..
and just when i almost thought i won the arguement, he leaves me dumbfounded by offering me a verse of harivanshrai bacchans famed poetry "jo beet gayi so baat gayi"
I was so impressed by it, tht i googled it almost instantaneously (couldent even wait for him to mail it to me as promised)
Thought i should have it up here on "nostalgic moments" so that anytime down the path of life, when i shed a tear over the past, i can read this and remind myself that i ought not to.
Many thanks to tht friend again for getting me to read this at one of the best times i could ever need it :).

Strange though it mite sound, but there are times in life u just want to be proved othrwise even in a winning arguement.

Jeevan Main Ek Sitara Tha
Maana Vah Behad Pyara Tha
Vah Doob Gaya To Doob Gaya
Ambar Kay Aanan Ko Dekho
Kitne Iskay Taare Toote
Kitne Iskay Pyare Choote
Jo Choot Gaye Fir Kahan Mile
Par Bolo Toote Taaron Par
Kab Ambar Shok Manata Hai
Jo Beet Gayi So Baat Gayi

Jeevan Main Vah Tha Ek Kusum
They Us Par Nitya Nichavar Tum
Vah Sookh Gaya TO Sookh Gaya
Madhuvan Ki Chaati Ko Dekho
Sookhi Kitni Iski Kaliyan
Murjhaayi Kitni ballriyan
Jo Murjhayi Woh Fir Kahan Khili
Par Bolo Sookhe Phoolon Par
Kab Madhuban Shor Machata hai
Jo Beet Gayi So Bat Gayi

jeevan Main Madhu Ka Pyala Tha
Tumnay Tan Man De Daala Tha
Wah Toot Gaya To Toot Gaya
Madiralya Kay Aangan Ko Dekho
Kitne Pyale Hil Jaate Hain
Gir Mitti Main Mil Jaate Hain
Jo Girte Hain Kab Uthte Hain
Par Bolo Toote Pyalo Par
Kab Madiralaya Pachtata Hai
Jo Beet Gayi So Baat Gayi

Mridu Mitti Kay Hain Bane Hue
Madhu Ghoot Phoota Hi Kartay Hain
Laghu Jeevan Lekar Aaye Hain
Pyale Toota Hi Karte Hain
Fir Bhi Madiralaya Kay Andar
Madhu Kay Ghat Hai Madhu Pyale Hain
Jo Madakta Kay Maare Hain
Vey Madhu Loota Hi Kartay Hain
Va Kachcha Peene Wala Hai
Jiski Mamta Ghat Pyalon Par
Jo Sachchey Madhu Sey Jala Hua
Kab Rota Hai Chillata Hai
Jo Beet Gayi So Baat Gayi


Sam said...

Can't thank you enuf pri.. this ahs been one of my fav poems for long!! read it for teh first time as a 14 year old.. class 10.. part of our curriculum with CBSE... and in love with since... knew it by heart then... know just teh gist.. dat might explain a lot of things abt me, wudn't it?? :)

Anonymous said...

Hey pri, came through your blog long back, but commenting today 1st time.

Very well written, intense and hearty. can touch base with your posts here. Keep it up.

H.R Bachchan is awesome and he writes delightful Hindi....

Keshi said...

cant u'stand :(


Utopia said...

lovely poem :).

Anonymous said...

hey i remember this in was a nice poem...

Blog Boy said...

A very nice poem
Keep it up.....

Pri said...

@ sam
glad to be of help sam...its indeed a beautiful poem and i think everyone should have a copy...helps thru life :)
lol...well as for u not rememberin as well, knowin the gist is good enough :)

@ don
glad u liked it here don.
n yess very rightly said about harivanshrai bacchan...
have u read his "koshish karne walon ki haar nahi hoti"?

@ keshi
drop me ur email addie and i'll try interpreting it for u...though wudent be able to do full justice...
its too wonderful as it is :)

@ utopia and neo
yess i agree...this poem is lovely!

@ blogboy
il'l tk tht compliment on behalf of bacchanji..heehee
btw nice to have u drop by nostalgic moments :)

Anonymous said...

Has been a very long time....anyone here????
There was this poem in the same book i guess which had lines like
"tha path par mein bhola bhala...tum ne aakar aas jagadi" . But for the life of me I cannot recall the name of the poem or the poet. Can u?