February 22, 2011

'udaan'----a visit!!

I was watching the movie 'udaan' a couple of days back--i know its not exactly a recent release, but it was one of those rare movies, i had heard so much of and had still somwhow managed to miss.
So anyhoo, the movie is splendid with some very well deserved award winning performances..The dialogues though are the ones that steal the show.
There is this one scene wherein the protagonist recites a poem to his friend, which just takes your heart away.
That particular couplet stayed with me, even long after the movie ended.Infact, so much was its impact and relevance to my life, that i googled it and have read it atleast a dozen times since then.

"Chhoti-chhoti chhitrayi yaadein
Bichhi hui hain lamhon ki lawn par.
Nange pair unpar chalte-chalte
Itni door chale aaye
Ki ab bhool gaye hain –
Joote kahan utaare the.

Aedi komal thi, jab aaye the.
Thodi si naazuk hai abhi bhi.
Aur nazuk hi rahegi
In khatti-meethi yaadon ki shararat
Jab tak inhe gudgudati rahengi.

Sach, bhool gaye hain
Ki joote kahan utaare the.
Par lagta hai,
Ab unki zaroorat nahin."

memories live forever...though somewhere down the line, how and when they were born, ceases to matter anymore!!

February 15, 2011

An unwritten end...

She is standing alone on that isolated beach.
The breeze is carrying memories of a time gone by...the waves whispering a story of their first last meeting---the memory of which would be carried throughout life, making sure every story ahead would never match up to it.

He had said time would heal everything..she had smiled.
He had promised that they would move on and someday in the future, laugh at the unfortunate course of events their story had unfolded..
She had asked if he really thought that could happen..

He hadn't answered..

"dont say goodbye..its a long life and a small world" he had said.

"the world is big enough to throw two people so apart that they never cross paths again" she had said.

She hadn't gone to see him off..for fear that the world would see her cry, and somewhere deep inside, both of them did not want to think of it as the end.
That was the moment which got etched in her heart--every single detail as if carved on stone, which the heart had chosen to be.

3 years and she had received his wedding card..and life had been more or less, an indifferent blur ever since.

6 years and she still visits this place sometimes, just to wonder of what 'could' have been..just to hold those intact remnants of that perfect memory which still lies scattered like pieces of an 'unattempted' jigsaw.

The cool water sweeps over her feet, bringing her back to the present..and as she turns towards the shore, she realises that this time the waves have swept her further than expected, to a memory that time had apparently forgotten but life had not.

"Happy birthday" she whispers to herself, even before the clock strikes 12.

...and time stands fuming at her, realising that it has been cheated yet again--even today, she still ironically remains, the first one to wish him!!

February 09, 2011

cryptic thoughts #27

When the journey seems long and tiring, stop a while, throw away the road map, look around and appreciate the scenery...

February 08, 2011


Have you ever experienced the 'guilt'?

...of exploring endless possibilities, knowing all the while that they can never come true..

...of crossing boundaries that ought never to be traversed, for the sake of a less painful tomorrow...

...of knowing the consequences and yet silently daring to move ahead taking baby steps towards it...

...of not being able to resist temptations even when you know that you shouldn't succumb to them...

...of treading on quicksand, with the awareness that every step you take will just pull you downwards in a helpless abyss..

...of holding on to something that was never yours...

...of letting go of something that was to stay...

...of running away perhaps a little too soon...

...of waiting hopelessly a little too long...

...of feeling guilty even when you arn't at fault...

have you ever experienced the 'guilt'?

February 05, 2011

leaves & flowers---by Robert Frost

A tree's leaves may be ever so good,
So may its bark, so may its wood;
But unless you put the right thing to its root
It never will show much flower or fruit.

But I may be one who does not care
Ever to have tree bloom or bear.
Leaves for smooth and bark for rough,
Leaves and bark may be tree enough.

Some giant trees have bloom so small
They might as well have none at all.
Late in life I have come on fern.
Now lichens are due to have their turn.

I bade men tell me which in brief,
Which is fairer, flower or leaf.
They did not have the wit to say,
Leaves by night and flowers by day.

Leaves and bark, leaves and bark,
To lean against and hear in dark.
Petals I may have once pursued.
Leaves are all my darker mood.

---Robert Frost

February 04, 2011


misty memories,
now covered with dust...

of genuine fondness,
of concern and care...
of ardor and attachment,
we once did share...

of a deep respect,
of the long gone past...
of an unspoken guilt,
of what didn't last...

misty memories,
now covered with dust...
misty memories,
in this carnival of rust!!

unfinished conversations,
hanging mid air...

of extending hands,
which never met...
of an uncertain dream,
of a deep regret...

of an unfulfilled wish,
a love unexpressed...
of a dying bond,
of tears suppressed...

unfinished conversations,
hanging mid air...
unfinished conversations,
in this life unfair!!