June 28, 2008

the '10 secrets' tag...

i was tagged by solitaire, ankur and radhika for this...
the deal is that i have to list down 10 things u guys dont know about me...well this one put me in a kinda fix because firstly i have to give out 10 secrets without exactly deterring from my status of an 'enigma'
and secondly there is soo much to talk and yet hardly anything!
ok without confusing u guys anymore, lemme proceed with the tag...

1)this happened when i was in the 11th standard...we had an experiment in physics which i used to hate...it involved taking some measurements using a micrometer and other such irritating details...
now being the ace student (ahem!*brag ALERT!!*) that i was, i could not afford to let this dislike towards the micrometer affect my grades...
so just a coupla days before the internals, i sneaked into the lab and hid the entire box of micrometers behind an old dusty cupboard...
on the day of the practical exam, all hell broke loose because there wasent a single 'micrometer' around...so obviously no student could be alloted that experiment...heehee

and somewhere in the corridors was a smiling hell-angel watching all the chaos from the corner of her eyes, as the professors panicked and complained to the authorities about the mystery of the missing micrometers...
a day or two after the practical exam, the micrometer box was found casually lying back in place on the topmost shelf...the poor lab-assistant just could'nt believe that he had been so absent-minded...but everybody (except 'urs truly' ofcourse) could ;)

2)i had my first crush on 'doogie howser MD' (remember the 'child prodigy turns doctor' serial that used to be aired on star world during those good ol days?)
lately i read somewhere that he is 'gay' :-/
sigh! guess i always fall for the wrong people...

3)when i was in 4th grade i once slapped a senior (7th grader) hard on the face...just because she was playfully slapping me (yeah she had this irritating habit of slapping the junior kids on the face--the 'how are u??' types)
u should have seen her go red with embarassment and i got some dirty looks from the teachers in school as well because of that...
she (the senior) never interfered with me again...maybe also because of the fact that i had a godmother--the 'evil di' was in the 10th grade back then...:D

4)there was a phase in my life when i just wanted to let go of it...
it took me a lotta time to get over that phase...but im always afraid of a relapse...

5)i have this tendency to ask questions but not bother to listen to ur answers unless they are really very interesting...(ohh and i have my own standards of interest..sigh!)
this often leads to me asking the same questions again the next day...much to the irritation of my friends...
eg:this happened this week...
monday 9 am--
pri: "what say? maybe we can meet up tomorrow and then we'll talk..."
friend: "ohh no pri...its not possible for me tomorrow...i have to attend a cousins wedding...u know riya dont u?meghas sister...the one who had met u the other day...shes getting married...the guy is from pune...works in a MNC...and u know what? i was the only one to know of it when they were going around"
pri: "okk...cool" at this point ive already drifted off somewhere else
friend: "so lets catch up on wednesday then...will come over to ur place"
pri: "ok sure...will be back early on wednesday anyways"

wednesday 6 pm:
ocassion--pri and friend meet up...
after exchanging hi's,
friend: "so uve been keeping all busy these days..i tried calling u soo much in between"
pri: "yeah its been a lil crazy at work these days...so whassup with u?"
friend: "nothing yaar...stayed over at meghas place yest"
pri:"meghas??? why? everything okay?"
friend: "yaa aunty and uncle were just missing riya"
pri: "huh?? where is riya?"
friend: "argggghhh! pri!!!...kyaa yaar...uski shadi ho gayi hain...bataya toh tha"
pri: "err...heehee..ok..ok...i remember ofcourse...i just thought that...emm..she had come over to stay yesterday since u were staying over at their place"
friend: now almost on the verge of tearing out her hair
"she got married YESTERDAY!!!"
pri:"really??..err..ok..i remember...u told me..heehee..."

6)just because i dont speak about something dosent mean that ive gotten over it or forgotten it neither does it make me a happier person...

7)i fell sick and had to be hospitalised for almost a month in 2005...i recovered from the 'pancreatitis' attack only because i had the support and reason to look forward to life at that point in time...
im afraid now that the reason no longer exists(for me), il'l never be able to survive it again...

8)when i was 11, my best friend and i used to always hang around together in school...one day, she told me she was going to buy something from the store across the street...i, being warned by my parents not to leave school even during lunch break, told her i would stay behind and wait for her till she comes back...
she never returned...i kept waiting...
the next day was declared a holiday at school...
even today, i tend to panic if someone i care a lot about gets delayed...

9)only ONE person in the whole world knows everything there is to know about me---ME!! :)

10)i have this habit of hurting from within...il'l remain irritated and upset the whole day...ul'l know something is wrong but ul'l never know what it is which hurt me...
in all possibilities i might tell u and then dispose it off with a 'just kidding' but with me, there is always a lil bit of truth in every 'just kidding' :)

whoaa!!guess ive let out a lotta secrets...
and now before i start feeling awkward and delete the entire post, let me hit the 'publish' button :)
soo much for 'tag ethics'...sigh!

ok finally, i TAG:
---the white phoenix

waiting to hear some of your secrets, guys...
so let them out! :)

June 24, 2008

understanding the difference...

u say u know me, but think again...
would u believe everything u see?
and what about the things u dont...
is it fair to just let them be?
do u know me or just know 'about' me??

with rapt attention u listen when i speak,
u see me walk the roads i take...
u feel me awe at innocent emotions...
u agree to the decisions i make...
but do u know me or just know 'about' me??

u note what i like and what i dont...
u notice what makes me smile and frown...
u smile when u think im happy,
ur there for me when u think im down...
but do u know me or just know 'about' me?

would u know if im happy,
even if i dont laugh someday?
would u know to read my thoughts,
even when i find it difficult to say?

would u be there beside me...
to hold my hand and stay?
when i find myself all alone,
when the whole world turns away?

would u know ive been crying...
when i fake that smile of mine?
that something has gone wrong somewhere,
even when everyone thinks im fine?

u say u know everything there is to know,
and in all possibilities perhaps u do...
u know everything there is to know 'about' me...
but do u really know me too??

June 22, 2008

an ode to blogsville! :)

u know ur addicted to blogging when---

1)u wake up in the middle of the night just to check on ur blog...
2)u talk about ur blogfriends and blog readers at home and with friends...
3)the first thing u do when u wake up in the morning is check ur mailbox for blogcomments...
4)when ur away at work with no acess to the net, u experience withdrawal symptoms like hopelessness, depression,uneasiness,moodswings, delusions of grandeur (that ur being horribly missed by ur readers and that someone must be chcking every 5 mins to see whether uve updated)...
5)u have one person in your life who is assigned to chk ur blog and update u on comments (whether he likes it or not) while u are away without net access...
this person is usually sworn to secrecy that he will not discuss ur blog under any sorta unfavourable circumstances...
6)u know about ur blogger buddies the same way u know ur 'meet everyday' friends and colleagues...infact sometimes u feel u know the former a lot more (much to the irritation of the latter)
7)u suddenly get bright ideas like making a 'life backup' and want to have ur life in print.a kinda online journal specifying every moment..
though this phase might fizzle out in a while due to 'persecutory ideas' (like u start believeing someone might be stalking u thru ur blog and u look at every person walking behind u with suspicion) and before it takes its toll on ur poor mind which is hardly sane by then, u turn back to good ol-fashioned blogging rather than an detailed description of whats going on right from how many bristles are missing in ur toothbrush to why ur house-helps daughter ran away with the milkman...
8)almost half the people on ur gtalk list are the ones u know only through the blog world...
9)u start getting symptoms of worthlessness on days when noone comments on ur blog posts...u stop believing the fact that people can turn busy all of a sudden and have their reasons...
10)u see inspiration in everything...from an old withered plant to the green lizard on ur bedroom wall and the next thing u know is ur blogging about it...
11) u feel a lil dejected when a regular reader suddenly stops commenting...
12)u start wondering what could have happened and refuse to believe that sometimes ppl just get bored of reading 'you'...inshort u go in denial! :-/
13)ur expectations begin to soar...with time, u even begin to wait for those ocassional anonymous commenters to come and comment again...
the thrill in the anonymity begins to entice you as u forget the fact that this is some nameless facelss stranger who dosent even want u to know who he is....
and probably will dissapear one day...maybe giving u the wrong impression that he/she might still be reading you...sigh!
14)u defend blogging like u would be caught dead without it...
15)u get addicted to the attention...the circle...the friends...the lives...the whole different world ur a part of...

so how many of you are really 'addicted'?? :)

when i started blogging, i just wanted to vent my feelings...speak out my mind...the thought of people reading or commenting never really did occur and i remember being surprised when an ocassional reader came back to read me a second time...
my friends thought the enthusiasm would fade after a few days but somehow it never did...
and then i met some really wonderful people who welcomed me in their circle...and then the circle just kept growing...
its really nice to share lives with soo many people who even though might not know much 'about' you...still know u so much :)
we at blogsville have formed such a bond---something i hope will just keep getting stronger...

yeps there are a few things i dont like too...like everything else, there are 'cons' to blogging as well...but that in another post (which is also going to be quite a long one ..so gear up!):D
so here's hoping out circle will never dissolve...and that blogsville turns better and better each day...

3 cheers to blogsville!

June 17, 2008

the 'I' tag...

I was tagged by 'chakoli' and 'vrij' a long time back...so here is me keeping up to the promise...
sorry guys, havent been regular in visiting ur blogs lately...but have been a lil caught up with things...will get back in shape as soon as time permits...
till then, happy reading!

I am : just a figment of your imagination! :)

I think: too much and that at times, scares me...

I know: some things cant be changed but yet somewhere i keep wishing they would...

I want: my yahoo password to 'nostalgicmoments19992000' and 'dr_priyanka07' back [its been more than a year since that acute episode of 'selective amnesia' and im still trying to recollect but no luck :( ]

I have: what it takes!(to be ME!)

I wish: some things in my life would change for the better (i know ive said this before)

I hate: the fact that i sometimes still hope for the impossible!

I miss: the simple pleasures of life...

I fear: the future when i think of it...

I feel: tired!

I hear: the silence of the night...

I smell: the scent of the monsoons! (its raining)

I crave: sweets...especially when im stressed or tensed!

I search: for some news...but in vain!

I wonder: if i have made a huge mistake by saying 'no'

I regret: a few things better left unspoken...

I ache: more emotionally than physically

I m not: an atheist

I believe: in destiny!

I dance: only when im totally at ease!

I sing: because i like to 'believe' i have a good voice ;)

I cry: when it really hurts from within and then i find it difficult to stop...

I don’t always: understand! and im aware of that...

I fight: rarely (i try my best to stay out of fights)

I write: because its my passion!

I win: when i want you to lose...

I lose: when i want you to win...

I never: keep grudges to myself...if i hate u, u will know!...lol!!

I always: say exactly what i feel and this is one habit that has gotten me into trouble many a times...

I confuse: everyone nowadays (earlier it was just me)

I listen: to everyone but do only what i want to...

I can usually be found: wherever im needed...

I m scared: to even think about what im scared of...

I need: a normal life...

I am happy about: nothing in particular as of now...

I imagine: life could have been worse and that keeps me smiling! :)

June 15, 2008

sometimes life (and here, by 'life' i dont mean the duration of time u 'exist') is so short term and u know u cant do anything about it...
noone can do anything about it...except maybe spread the gossip around or shed some sympathetic tears...

they say "smile...it makes others wonder what uve got"
but for how long?? and does it really matter?
when u are busy fighting an ordeal of ur own, would u really have the time and inclination to make people wonder about u?

ok so we smile for ourselves right? maybe laugh to forget our troubles...drown our sorrows--the motto of those stupid 'laughter clubs' where u see a group of troubled faces breathe in and out makig loud 'laugh like' noises early in the morning...
but does that really work?who are we kidding???
A couple of things happening which have made me realise yet again, how things arnt in our control sometimes
no matter how predictable i want my life to be, someone up there is always up to something to keep up to the unpredictability :)
while speaking to mom yesterday, i could see how the twists and turns in my life are unconciously affecting my family as well...
so does that mean a whole set of lives are affected by HIS one move?? wowww! he really seems to be a master mind!
but what about those people who arnt aware of these changes in my life and yet are bound to me some way or the other...what about them? what about ull? :)

There are things i dont like speaking about...
there are certain issues i would love to forget...
we all do that---each a different issue...a different worry...a different matter of concern...
and yet there are things which constantly keep changing the dynamics..lol!!
"enjoy the moment" they say...probably ya, because thats the only thing u can be totally sure of----'the moment'
then why do people (even some very good friends) speak to me about 'backup plans' and 'backups to backup plans' and frown when i tell them i dont have any??
but i cant blame them either...because they going the normal wise way---the one which promises to make life predictable and stable...and they arnt aware that some people have lives just too stubborn to be tamed!

backup plans are not for everyone!
some people are left with no other choice than to try and 'live' the moment and smile as they try to spread some smiles along the way :)

June 11, 2008

im tagged by 'ankur' and 'beauty and the beast' to write 6 quirks about me...
now this is tough because its rather difficult pointing out ur own quirks...my friends would perhaps do a better job at that...but no thankyou! i choose not to allow them...hmpf!!anyways i have tried to shortlist them out myself---

1)i can NEVER enter a movie hall without a tub of popcorn...even though im runnin late and the movie has already started,its quite possible that il'l join u 5 minutes late but not without the popcorn...ohh and ive really got to love u very very much to share it with u...(this quirk is strangely only limited to 'popcorn')

2)i sometimes take immediate dislike to certain people even if they havent done anything rude to me...i hardly even know them sometimes so its not even like im prejudiced or biased based on hearsay or watever...its just this instant 'hate' connection...i do feel guilty about it but theres not much i can/would do about myself...

3)while walking on the road,i can NEVER step on a 'manhole' without getting the thought in mind, of it suddenly giving way and me falling in it... :-/

4)when it comes to certain things/people, im quite extreme...il'l either care soo much and scare myself or care soo little and scare them...heehee

5)i find it EXTREMELY queasy accepting a)gifts b)compliments...the conversation might just halt for a few minutes after me blurting out an awkward thankyou :D

6)there are times i stumble across people who i dont remember meeting in my entire life but who unfortunately think i know them just because they know me and have apparently got a better memory :-/
ok the quirky part is these conversations often last soo long that im almost always afraid they would undergo a nervous breakdown if they realise at the end, that i dont even recall their name...
please note that this shouldent be taken as a 'brag quirk' as i think it is a problem much more serious than that :(

thats it!!--the deal was to note down just 6 quirks and these came to me pretty spontaneously i must say...also had to stuff back many few more of these springing from my mind...afterall we must stick to rules..no? ;)

yea yea i know...im quite a 'quirky' person! *rolling eyes*

June 08, 2008

the 'no(t) me-know me' tag!!

this was pending in my 'draft items' and it was only when i finished answering all the questions, that i realised why i had given up on it midway...sigh!
i cant even remember who tagged me with it...so just in case u are in the mood of a virtual kick on the backside, please show up! :-/
and just in case u hiding there sniggering away after subjecting me to this, then thank your lucky stars that i cant remember u...sigh!
neverthless going by blog ethics, i have taken it up...but that dosent mean i hate u any less for doing this to me...hmpf!! :-/
and i will seek revenge by tagging u with longer and more senseless tags just in case i remember u *evil laugh*

anyways here goes...sigh!

Describe your perfect Sunday morning?
in one word---LAZZZYYY!!

Favorite song of all time?
ummm its impossible for me to pick just one favourite...but yeah, ive loved 'tujhse naaraz nahi zindagi' all my life :)

How tall are you?
now how does that matter??dont tell me u would be asking my weight next?
neways im a lil over 5'5" and no im NOT answering any more questions like these! :-/

If you could be successful at any job in the world, what would that job be?
can people get paid for 'wasting time'?? i would rock at it!! *angelic smile*

If you could be someone else for a day, who would it be?
i would fix somethings for good...sigh!

If you have friends coming for supper what would you cook?
cook?? some friend who expects me to cook is no friend of mine...hmpf!!
i would ask them to come a lil early to help me with it :-/
now thats what friends are for! *angelic smile*

What makes you cry?
you are better off without knowing that...trust me!

If you were an animal in the wild, what would you be?
a hyena!! heard they laugh a lot :-/

Where do you see yourself in five years?
5 years is a pretty long time, buddy! i wouldent know where il'l be tomorrow :)
like me, life is unpredictable too!

If you could time travel to the past to correct any mistakes you feel you’ve made, would you?
hmm i would rather fastforward into the future to know what mistakes i would be doing...so that i can avoid them....

Do you believe that the cup is half empty or half full?
well that seriously depends on whats in it...

What do you do for fun?
ohh i just bore people by making them read superlong tags with nonsense questions ive answered...*rolling eyes*

Are you an outdoor or an indoor person?
there u go again!who started this tag btw?? :o
and i cant believe i CHOSE to do THIS to myself...considering the 'tagger' had supposedly forgotten all about it...
im neither...but i dont have a choice...have to be both!cant remain within the confines of the interior or the exterior all the time can i??
now u know what i mean by 'dumb' questions??

What are you most proud of in your life?
not yet found something to be proud of :(

When do you plan on getting married?
i told u...i dont plan the future! :)
some habit i stopped a long time back...*yawn*

Get the number or give the number?
neither...im a very secretive person! :-/

What is your favourite word?
there are many actually..i like the sound of--
its a different thing i hardly get to use them in day to day conversations...but im always looking for chances....heehee

Romance or Kinky Sex?
seriously,the mind of the person who started this tag intrigues me! :p
quite an interesting person must say!!
from 'dream animal' to 'time travel' to 'cooking' to 'kinky sex'...mann!! what next??

How do you feel at the moment?
*fiddles with the telephone wire around her neck* any guesses???

What size shoe do you wear?
i wont tell u...i have trust issues...find a pumpkin and two rats and change them into a chariot and horsemen, first! :-/

What is your favorite clothing brand?
i dont care too much about brands...i think its juvenile!

Water or 100% Juice?
that depends...juice as an energy drink...or else water is just fine!

T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, Cingular/AT&T, or Sprint/Nextel?

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
home is where the heart is :)

Would you rather be hot or cold?
'cool' would be just fine...thankyou!

Would you rather lose an arm or a leg?
now im definite that the person who wrote the questions to this tag is/was crazy :-/

Favorite place to eat?
well no favs as long as the place is hygienic and the company is good

Opera, Musical, Concert, Play, Performance, or Other?
havent been to an opera..even though ive heard its pretty boring...but then cant say, because sometimes i find boring, fun!!...yeah dint u know i am weird??

Most Memorable Past?
difficult to answer for a person who thrives on memories :)

Most embarrassing moment?
when i asked a special someone to write anything he wants in my personal diary and he wrote 'dont have anything to say'...i still turn red when i read it...

If you had to pick one car, which would it be?
tough!!...i like the entire 'hot wheels' collection ;)

Your favorite Disney Films?
shrek, madagascar, the incredibles, lion king, beauty and the beast, ratatouile...may more actually...im soo totally into this genre of animation cinema *blush*

Why did the chicken cross the road?
yea yea, smartass! :-/...to get to the other side *throws her hands in the air*

Do you support Paris?
well now that depends in what...i dont support a lotta things she does *rolling her eyes*
but then again, its her life..not mine!

Where is Waldo?
just stay calm...il'l get back to you as soon as i find him...i promise!

Favorite element?
tough call between 'mystery' and 'fun'...would say just the perfect combination...

What was your last thought?
it was 'hope nobody misinterprets my previous statement' :D

Firefox, Internet Explorer, Netscape, or other?
IE but i have downloaded firefox too just recently on the persuasion of a friend...

Who are you going to vote for in 2008?
NOONE!!im planning a picnic...civic sense bas ho gaya!is desh ka kuch hone wala nahi hain...ive given up!! lemme enjoy atleast :-/

Juice and crackers or milk and cookies?
juie and crackers...i HATE milk! (in the liquid form ofcourse)

Which is worse? A bad laugh or a bad cough?
answer this---wch is worse...a sad joke or a pathetic question-tag?? :-/

Are you a cat or a dog person?
im afraid of both...but i dont hate them...
just dont want to check if they like me or not :-/

Would you rather be blind or deaf?
ARGHH! this is getting weirder by the minute...
please help me find the person who created this tag...its boring to contemplate murder and not execute it *throws her hands in the air*

Define yourself in 3 words…
an oxymoron personified

Do you eat cold cereal at night?
u just dint consider that i might not be eating cereal at night did u?? *rolling eyes*

What is your favorite TV show?
i hardly watch TV now...
but it used to be 'F.R.I.E.N.D.S' 'will & grace' 'sex and the city' 'seinfeld' 'manzilen apni apni' 'sailaab' and a few others...no 1000+ episode 'ekta kapoor' sagas fro me please...

Do you shower every single day?
yes...but i admit on lazzy sundays, im literally pulled out of my bed and pushed into the shower by mom..sigh!

Boat or bus?
boat boat boat!!!

What would you do if Michael Jackson asked you out?
why would he ask me out??? im no kid!

What is your favorite food?
anything 'mom-made'
ohh but im not fussy...i wont complain if u cook for me...so feel free ;)

Do you read harry potter books?
yes i do..but im not a huge fan! *dont look soo surprised*

If you could have one super human power what would you choose?
ummm...the power to know what people actually think about me...though i know im better off not being able to read minds :)

Have you had a beer in the last week?
nope...i dont drink beer

Vitamin Water or Gatorade?

What do you do on fridays?
nothing special..i do pretty much what i'd do on another weekday...
ohh if the friday falls on a 13th, then i wear a scary mask and hang from a tree scaring ppl on the road...

Do you like bananas?
im okay with any fruit...why???.

Flip flops or sandals?
when im at home, flipflops...while outside,it could be sandals depending on the ocassion...

PHEW!!i did it.,...yayyyyy!!
but yes i do understand the effect of such tags on the sane mind and so i will spare u the torture...
anyone who is interested and has the time and the patience is free to take it up...would love to read u...so dont forget to leave me the tag link :)


June 07, 2008

im backk!!

heyyy guyss...im back!
had an amazing time...and singapore is an awesome place with soo much to see and soo much to shop ;)
i missed u all a lot even though i must admit i had a ball of a time there...but there were small things which kept remnding me of u people back here...

and that meant,even though my folks had promised to never take me on another trip if i took my life support system (lappy) along,i couldent help but resist access the internet on 3rd june just to see if someone remembered my birthday afterall...lol!!

thanks a lot for the wishes even though i got most of them belated...they still meant a lot to me :)
more updates to come later...
right now, a bit tired...woke up at 3.30 am today because had a sing-mumbai flight at 7.30...initially the plan was to stay a day over at mumbai and get back home tomorrow...but then the moment we landed the mumbai airport, we were greeted by friendly showers...
and this time more than the nostalgia, it was the mucky roads which did wonders to my mood (and definitely not in the same way)...
the drainage system in mumbai really sucks...and i was looking around for NDTV to capture some kodak momnts on the partially flooded street (since they dont have any other better thing to do *rolling eyes*)
so anyways, we decided to take the earliest flight back home ...wch unfortunately got delayed by 3 hours...so that meant another 3 hours away from my lifesupport system...i scare myself sometimes when i realise how addicted i am to all of you out here :-/

anyways, finally got home and the first thing to do is rushhhh to my blog :D
its a bit dissapointing though, that my blog rank has gone down from 7 to 19 within 6 days...is this because i havent updated...or ul'l dint miss me?? :(
anyways, will catch some sleep and get back to ur blogs soon enough...
i hope i havent missed anything interesting...

ohh and to my utter dissapointment and veens extreme satisfation, i think ive gained the 3.5 kgs that i lost in 15 days...
damn singaporian food---i loved it!! :-/