July 29, 2007

dunno why!

a happy day today it seemed,
but a strange sadness passed her by,
and amidst all that chatter shared,
she cried today, dunno why...

a silent fear, a suppressed tear,
emerges within somewhere deep,
a feelin she thought of as long gone away,
creeps up again as she silently weeps...

afraid of it catchin up with her,
tryin to engulf her once again,
afraid once more of losing her mind,
a tear rolls down, she can still feel the pain...

"it shouldent matter" tell they to her,
"but it does" she hears the small voice say,
as she tries pushin those memories-good, bad alike,
life goes on---for her a price to pay!

runnin away from it , she tries,
searching endlessly for a place to hide,
scared she is, to walk tht self-forbidden lane,
yet somehow she always finds it by her side...

ignore it, she tries soo much,
the pains not hers, she's had her share,
yet, sometimes when it leaves her alone,
a void remains,makin her realise she cares...

Its funny , the mess she is in,
"hate", "disgust", "love" all rolled in one,
fleeing everytime it crosses her mind,
though she knows had it to catch up,she'd refuse to run!

once more, she's standing there,
given a difficult choice to make,
the pleasant present or the past long gone,
so why is she still hesitant, a decision to take?...

a happy day today it seemed,
a choice made ,atleast she tried!
and amidst all the celebration there,
dunno why again she cried!


July 23, 2007


ok ok! at the cost of writing this post wayyy later than the assigned deadline of 8 hrs,i hereby crown "anand" and "alohomora" as the RULERS of the universe! sigh!! kids i tell u! :p

ok as per the tag,
Tag Rules

1) Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves.

2) People who are tagged, write a blog post about their own 8 random things, and post these rules.

3) At the end of your post you need to tag 8 people and include their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment and tell them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

4) If you fail to do this within eight hours, you will have to acknowledge the tagger as the King of the Universe :-/

so here i go!

1)im totally addicted to the NET...be it orkut, mail or random browsing...im usually there!trying to stay away but its almost become a "u can run but u cant hide" scenario...strangely enough, even when im not around, i take solace in the fact tht i appear to be by leaving my laptop on almost all the time...i know its weird but thn most things about me are neways!

2)i have this weird habit of deleting stuff when im upset or angry...i juss go on a deleting spree...kinda like wanting to believe tht it never existed...so much as i realise , i wud never be able to wipe off certain memories, it seems like i never stop trying!probably making them all the more stronger in the attempt!

3)ok one small confession here...i gorge on a lotta sweets when im down...whoever said "chocolate was a stress food" was hell right n when im feelin blue, i sooo very much think its my duty to prove him :-/
well thts not the only reason though ...cryptic??? yess i know!
neways so next time u guys see me pampering my sweet tooth, ull know wht to assume! dont get anywhere near me, i might juss burst out crying.lol!!

4)A fact bout the person i am---I often come across as a very friendly person thanks to my incessant chatter but tht dosent neccesarily mean i consider everyone a pal!
well hav kinda gotten into many an arguements due to this.and i do regret it sometimes too.the fear of being misinterpreted gets to me many a times and then i act kinda paranoid!

5)I tend to yap a lot whn thrs sumthin on my mind and especially if tht something is affecting my mood...and then sometimes cant help being a mean scrooge...this habit of mine will catch u completely unawares at first, u wont notice it much during the conversation too n thn WHAM!! juss whn u think the conversation is goin great, i tend to get irked by the slightest of things and u wont even know the reason for the BLAST! untill its over...sigh!i know my friends reading this must be nodding in agreement! sheesh! ok guys, i admit!!sorry :(

6)I am often very impulsive at the cost of looking like a fool sometimes...
however much i hate regretting things in life, the truth is i do have my share of regrets...often try to see them in a positive light n like to believe those desicions (however impulsive) were/will turn out,for the best.but the truth is life has this uncanny way of confusing us.and just when we think we have got things sorted out, it makes us realise how messed up we are...

7)speakin of random facts,though this may sound cliched to the sane mind (ofcourse)I feel utterly bored and useless when my friends discuss "whose wife eloped with the newspaper boy" (they still do tht dont they??)scenes from ekta kapoors latest soap ...NEVER manage to keep track of those soaps (blame it on my hectic schedule and satisfied existance with my laptop)...would prefer a movie anyday.

8) and last but not the least,speaking of movies, can NEVER and have NEVER entered a movie hall without my own popcorn tub...and yess am EXTREMELY possesive about it (juss like everything i love)and wouldent share it with anyone --even if thr was a person next to me choking n breathing his last and all it wud take to save him was one measely pop of a corn :p...lol!!call me mean! i dont care anymore...

there! jobs done..it wasent soo difficult was it? thought it would be cos was beginnin to feel i hardly know myself these days...
sometimes i feel im staring at a stranger in the lookin glass...ok ok lets not get into tht...maybe more about the "stranger" in another post.:)
well now to tag ppl, i guess by this time most of the blogworld must have alrady taken up this tag...
so as usual, i tag whoever wants to be tagged.

till we meet again!


surprised with the track ??..well.. thts me! ull never get to know whts playin on my mind unless i tell u...

July 08, 2007


One of the most beautiful songs ive ever heard...n its very true!
When you really love someone very much, you simply cant go on just being "FRIENDS"...
Its real ironic how love always starts off as friendship and thn comes a time whn the friendship ends ...sometimes is made to end :)

Have tried puttin the song clip here.
So here goes...
the lyrics are simply amazing!