December 31, 2015

Here's to a lovely 2016

"We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called opportunity and its first chapter is New Year's Day."

― Edith Lovejoy Pierce

December 29, 2015

K for 'Kris Kringle & the miracle of Christmas'

I remember that childhood so long ago
When Christmas meant to me
More than just a public holiday,
When red stockings hung over the fireplace,
And couples kissed under mistletoes,
When trees were decked with handmade ornaments,
And faces gleamed with sublime smiles,
When the fragrance of baked cookies wafted in cozy kitchens,
And melting moments congealed into flavored memories;
Rose, cinnamon and caramel chocolate...

Yuletide bakes and a glass of milk
We'd keep aside for Santa Claus
Hoping to tempt him into staying longer
And score brownie points with him.
He needed the energy, we coveted the gifts,
'Twas going to be a long night
As sleepy children all over awaited him
The big fat guy with the snowy beard;
The one who laughed 'Ho Ho Ho'
And traveled all the way from the North Pole
On his reindeer sleigh
To celebrate the spirit of Christmas,
Just like us excited souls
Nibbling off the choco-chip cookies
Bit by bit
With a guilt free conscience;
'Santa could do with a diet'

I remember that childhood so long ago,
We'd meet the gingerbread man in books and dreams,
And greet Frosty and Rudolph in carols sung tone deaf.
When Mum would tuck us warm in bed,
But instead we'd stay awake and write letters
Praying for a surprise of our choice
We'd write to Father Christmas.

A sleepless night spent counting stars,
We'd hardly realize when we'd drop off to sleep.
Morning come and we'd rush to search
For presents from Father Christmas.
One in the stocking near the fireplace,
Another under the decked up tree,
The best one we'd always find last,
Besides the pillow on our ruffled beds.
Just like life,
Where surprises lie unnoticed,
Often in the most obvious places.
Wrapped in bright pink paper and satin ribbons,
We'd indulge the present and save the wrap
In the museum of our innocence
Like the glass of milk that Santa had forgotten to empty,
In fear that we might wake up,
Sowing a temporary doubt in our silly heads.
Perhaps Santa was lactose intolerant too,
Just like Daddy.

K for 'Kris Kringle & the miracle of Christmas' is the eleventh post in the 'A-Z Series' of posts, a chain of write-up's by me on topics starting with each alphabet of the English language. Read back and forth for the other posts, and please feel free to contribute your thoughts on the subject.

December 22, 2015

Film review: BajiRao Mastani

"Cheeteh Ki Chaal, Baaz Ki Nazar Aur Baaji Rao Ki Talvar Par Sandeh Nahi Karte , Kabhi Bhi Maat De Sakti Hai."

Hats off to Sanjay Leela Bhansali for recreating this magical journey through the stormy and passionate lives of Bajirao Peshwa, his wife, Kashi bai and his love, Mastani.

Ranveer Singh has truly outdone himself as an actor, taking care of all the nitty gritty (right upto the Marathi accent with which he speaks Hindi). His dedication to the role shines right through. Priyanka Chopra is equally stunning in her role of the wronged wife. With an excellent portrayal of the emotional turmoil that Kashi must have suffered, she has succeeded in earning great empathy and respect towards the character.
However, Mastani, aka Deepika, with her childlike innocence and unadulterated love for Bajirao, only adds to the moral dilemma the audience is facing. With her taciturn yet expressive performance, she slowly manages to make her way into your heart, thus blurring the line between what is fair and unfair.

The music is mellifluous, accompanied with meaningful lyrics (that is a rarity these days). A couple of songs that might seem a little out of sync with the time and place. But then again, some creative liberty is definitely allowed.

All in all, ‪#‎BajiRaoMastani‬ is a spectacular story with an amazing star cast (including the supporting actors).
Wonderful cinematography and dialogue. Emotion packed and gripping, the end is bound to break your heart.
Rest assured, you'd be talking about this story even after leaving the cinema hall.

I rate it 4 stars out of 5 

December 16, 2015

December 15, 2015

December 14, 2015

December 08, 2015

Finding hope 2015

Let me start by telling you a story, a story that happened not too long ago.

Once upon a time, Mother Nature decided to pay India a visit. India, her favorite place on planet Earth, India with its lush green fields, serene mountain ranges, well maintained lowlands , properly managed cities, a solid infrastructure capable of great progress, and most importantly, communal harmony and undisputed unity; this country had always prompted her to bless it in abundance.

However, times now were changing. She had been a silent witness to enough of atrocities occurring there. Farmers were committing suicide, grasslands were getting neglected, cement jungles were replacing wild forests, animals were getting stripped off their natural habitat, and as if this was not enough, there was dirty politics.
Mass lynching, unnecessary bans, religious divides, had been recently creating a political fervor throughout the country. India was getting polarized.  TV channels were being flooded with debates on intolerance. Social networks were getting choc-blocked with opinions both, for and against Award Wapasi. Ink was being used to stain faces instead of to write books. Abuses were being hurled abashedly. The past was being brought up to defend the present. There was mud slinging, blame games that involved celebrities, politicians, the general public, every one. No one was spared. Times had changed to being unsafe and sorry.
Mother Nature could not stand it anymore. She had been a silent witness for too long. It was time to take matters in her hand, she thought.
"How dare these mere mortals interfere with my laws," she fumed, her face burning with rage.

Frustrated by the petty outcry and bigoted mentality she saw hither thither, she now decided to put its citizens to test, she wanted to show them who is boss. The plan was simple. She'd pick up a city at random and express her wrath. That would show them what it meant to anger her. She'd rage and thunder at the injustice she had been made to suffer. She'd weep for the deplorable state they had pushed her favorite place into.
Pleased with her plan, she wasted no further time to bring it to fruition.
Now, she could have chosen any city. But on a whim, she started down south.

Sounds familiar, yes?
I am talking about the terrible deluge that has been flooding more than half of Chennai for over a fortnight now. I got  to first hear the news from a friend who lives there. My first reaction was to stifle a yawn. I, like the rest of the country was totally unaware of the situation, and had assumed that she was talking about winter showers. Not even in my wildest dreams could I have imagined then, that this news was to soon take the nation by storm (no pun intended).
It was only when the media covered the news that I realized the severity of the situation, and immediately messaged to check if she was alright.

Having been in Chennai for my post graduation studies, I share a close connection with the place. Ironically, I have experienced a huge spectrum of varied emotions--awkwardness, indifference, dislike, exasperation, frustration, attachment, before finally settling to love the city. I always say Chennai is an acquired taste.
In the short time I was there, I got acquainted to almost all the lanes and bylanes, learned to heckle with the Auto walas, grown to like Idli-Sambar and Kapi (extra strong), and found myself appreciating the authenticity of the people and their devotion towards their language. So, it was quite natural for me to feel sad when I read about Ashoknagar, Saidapet, Ekatuthangal, Kotturpuram being totally water logged. My heart literally sank.

December 2015 was a terrible time for Tamil Nadu. It was the first time in over a hundred years that Chennai was experiencing such a heavy rainfall (exceeding 300mm in a couple of days as compared to an usual monthly average of 390mm.).

Hospitals were getting water logged, homes were getting flooded, phone and other transmission networks had stopped working, animals and people were falling prey to water borne diseases, the list of atrocities was endless. The airport was closed. Railway services were brought to a halt. Power and telecom lines were snapped. While we were sitting blissfully unaware in our living room, watching our favorite sitcom over dinner, there was an entire city trying their best not to succumb to a natural disaster. People in safer areas were opening up their homes and hearts to strangers in need. Adults were carrying children on their shoulders to prevent them from drowning on streets. With neither network coverage nor way of communication, they had decided to face the storm together until help came in. Wedding halls, cinema theaters, restaurants and other public spaces were opened up to provide shelter, food, and whatever help they could offer.

Come December and news of #ChennaiFloods started leaking in. News coverage was finally being executed. Videos were being uploaded. Photos were being shared. People in the city were trying to reach us, and they had finally met with some success. As information started seeping in on Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp and other social media, prompt action was taken. While the rest of the country panicked and came up with ways to provide help, the Indian Army Rescue and Relief Fund distributed relief material. Indian Coast Guard dropped food packets and safe drinking water for stranded locals in the city. Medical teams were rendering essential medicine supplies. Banks were kept open on Sunday. Mobile ATM was allowed. The rescue efforts by NDRF was also accompanied with crowd funding by the general public. Help was being offered by celebrities. Stars like Dhanush, Siddharth, Rajnikanth, and Suriya who had families in Chennai tried to reach out and help in every possible way.

National measures were carried out in full swing. An aerial study was conducted by the Prime Minister to take stock of solution, and ex-gratia was offered to families who lost members to the deluge. Each one of us helped in our own way too. Every Facebook message, tweet, blog post counted. Every prayer made a difference. It seemed the fire of our intolerance was finally getting doused by the heavy incessant rains in Chennai. The water gushing into apartments was cleansing our souls of resentment. Nature had put us to test. We wouldn't back down. We were in this together.

Telephone companies did not charge phone calls for a week in the city. Power banks were being donated. Even 'The Hindu', a national newspaper, was not printed did not come in print for the first time in 127 years as an expression of support and solidarity for the flood victims.

We forgot our differences. Humanity became the only religion. People from various parts of the country were sending food packets and supplies to Chennai. Twitter was crowded with tweets from people offering help. Telephone numbers,contact addresses were being exchanged among random strangers without the fear of misuse. We were all fighting for a common cause, a bigger cause---flood relief. We were no longer South and North Indians. Previous complaints of alienation faced in Chennai were forgotten. What we remembered was the serenity of Marina Beach, the taste of Saravana Bhavan, the sanctity of the Kapaleeswarar Temple, and all the beautiful memories that Chennai helped us create.

Cut to present day: the freak rainfall is finally showing some sign of normalcy. After a tough ordeal that lasted for roughly a fortnight and took a toll of nearly 300 lives, Chennai is finally showing some signs of recovery. People are able to establish contact with their loved ones. Electricity and telecom lines have been restored. My friend tells me that the situation is improving, though some areas are still inaccessible. Airport and railway services have been resumed. Planners and city authorities are trying to analyze the problem areas and improve on the weak infrastructure. Things are slowly getting back to normal.

However, the #ChennaiFloods did teach us a thing or two about life. It taught us that no matter how bleak the situation, there is one thing we should never let go of until the end, hope.

The humanity shown by our society is proof that all is not as bad as it sometimes seems, that behind the facade of indifference and incorrigible apathy is a beating heart that still cares for our brethren, irrespective of caste, creed and religion.
I am aware that there can never be a bright side to a crisis like this. However, these tough times helped us realize the potential of technology (that helped prompt action at so many different levels), the fortitude of our fighting spirit, and the strength of our unity especially during adversity.

It's true, we are nothing in front of the forces of nature. But we can always stand for each other. At the end of the day, it is never our material possessions that count. What really matters is the support we can offer, the help we can provide and the lives we can improve.

Chennai floods 2015 proved no matter how dark the tunnel, there is always light...

We will survive!

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December 06, 2015

J for 'Jabberwocky 2015'

It was a humtry afterning.
She sat alone in solicrowd
thinking about him in virtuace,
feeling facelorn yet so proud...

Gurgleboosh and babblewhoosh,
the modern Jabberwocky spoke,
Prumping and crumping on its way,
all towards a craventurous stroke...

Waited online for long had she,
to pinssage and chalk if he was free,
Mayhaps jing and ding and ting a ling,
to call that charpper beast to tea.

Bulas! They stayed just colleagends,
Jabberwocky and Juglug craze,
qweet and froll, and zinger crawl,
they stunned each other pretzel praise...

Sweecory words and jollible sighs
brought in pikes and complises galore.
Jabberwocky and Juglug craze
started sexting more and more...

It was a humtry afterning.
They sat together in solicrowd,
the virtuace a shattered scream,
facelorn no more, just feeling proud...


J for 'Jabberwocky 2015' is the tenth post in the 'A-Z Series' of posts, a chain of write-up's by me on topics starting with each alphabet of the English language. Read back and forth for the other posts, and please feel free to contribute your thoughts on the subject. 

Writer's note: The original Jabberwocky is the greatest nonsense poem written by Lewis Carroll in his novel 'Through the looking glass' whose playful whimsical language has given several neologisms and nonsensical words.  
The above poem is just a humble attempt by yours truly inspired by the original masterpiece. 

Interpretation code: (Please do not search for too much sense, and treat it as exactly what it was intended to be, a modern day Jabberwocky! *wink*)

humptry= humid+sultry
afterning= afternoon+evening 
solicrowd= solitary+crowd
virtuace= virtual+space
facelorn= faceless+forlorn
craventurous= crazy+adventurous
pinssage= ping+message
chalk= chat+talk
mayhaps= maybe+perhaps
charpper= charming+dapper
Bulas= but+alas
colleagends= colleagues+friends
sweecory= sweet+chicory
complises= compliments+praises
scream= screen+dream (Kinda ironical, this one)

That's all for now, folks.
I hope you had as much fun reading as I had writing.  

Cheers! :)

December 03, 2015

Towards the light with Collegedunia...

I had just returned home from a hectic day at work. A hot water shower and a quick-fix dinner later, I was all ready to hit the bed when my cell phone started ringing.

"I need your help," said a desperate voice from the other side. "It's urgent."

It took me a moment to recognize the voice. It was my seventeen year old neighbor.
"Oh, Hi Shweta. Is everything alright?"

"No Di. It's not," she said. After a brief pause, she continued, "Can  I come over right now? I need to discuss something with you." The tension in her voice was so thick, I could cut it with a knife.

What did Shweta want to discuss with me, I wondered. I was aware that she had just answered her board exams. Shweta would often come to my house to chat. She had once told me I was the bigger sister she always wished she had. She'd often discuss things with me without any inhibition. We connected real well, and even I enjoyed talking with her. Being the only child, she would miss the unwanted advice an older sibling generally doles out for free. I, being the younger of two siblings could not possibly miss out on the opportunity to play 'Gyaan Guru'. She'd often start off sulking about her problems and end up laughing at her immaturity. It was just not in her nature to take anything too seriously.
However, this was the first time she was actually sounding so troubled. I knew couldn't refuse her request, and complied. Within minutes, she was standing at my door.

"Come on in, dear. What is the matter?"

Shweta was now pacing up and down the living room.
"I need your advice, Di. I don't know what I want in life," she cried, the panic in her voice rising.

"Just relax, will you?" I sighed. "And now tell me what's going on. Maybe we can find a solution," I prodded

"I am totally confused. I don't know where to go from here."

"Err...home?" I offered.

"This is no time for jokes," she frowned. "This is about my future, my career."

"Hmm...what about it?" I asked, a mixture of intrigue and relief wash over me..

Pat came the reply, "I don't have any. I have nothing planned, and I don't know where to start."

She flopped on the nearby sofa. Holding her head in her hands, she continued, "I never really gave it so much thought before. And now with my board exams done, I need to make a call soon."

"But you must be having something in mind," I asked. However, I was aware that Shweta was always a last-minute person.

"Does it matter, Di? How can I dream of the final destination when I have no road map? I always dreamt of joining a good Engineering college, studying hard and getting a good placement. You know, the good life. But now that it's time to choose, I am spoilt for choice. There are just too many options, and they all seem equally intimidating at the moment. I have spent the past week talking and exchanging notes with my colleagues and seniors. But they have only added to my dilemma. Besides, each one recommends a different college. Besides, I am totally clueless about the course, the fees, the colleges," she rattled off making me guess she had actually discussed all this several times before. Catching her breath, she continued, "To top it all, I am running out of time. Admissions are going to start next week. I need to come to a decision, and fast. But I just cannot make up my mind. I am feeling so totally lost right now"

Shweta was on the verge of crying. I wanted to help her, but it was not my place to make one of her life's most important choices for her. I wanted her to decide for herself. Of course, I would help her see her options, but the final decision would have to be hers.
As John Dewey rightly said, "Education is not preparation for life. Education is life itself."
A formal college education is of utmost importance in the life of every individual. It not just helps to hone their talent but also shapes their personality and determines their future.

Having crossed that road a long time back, I knew very little about the present day education scenario. Yes, there was a time when I was in Shweta's shoes, running around hither tither trying to gather information from all reliable sources possible. However, students back then did not have too much of a choice. With no easy access to the internet then, we had to depend mainly on recommendations made by seniors and gut instinct. Shweta, on the other hand, had a choice. Today's generation had the added advantage of internet power, which allowed all sort of required information to be available with a single click.

I'd heard quite a bit about, an extensive listing portal that provides information of more than 10,000 colleges in India. It was a well-known platform that was created in order to help students like Shweta to come up and select their preferred institution after being acquainted with all aspects of it. Not just that, it also provided a broader perspective to applicants by offering information about various entrance exams, college festivals, events etc.

I opened up my laptop and showed Shweta the homepage of collegedunia. She easily found her way and navigated through the available options there. I could see her forehead wrinkle up as she concentrated on the list of btech entrance exams in India.
I could see her choice leaning towards Engineering, as she further hovered the cursor over 'preparation for exams'. As she browsed through the details of study materials for upcoming engineering exams like JEE, BITSAT, COMEDK, IPUCET, I noticed the initial sense of foreboding on her face gradually disappear. It was gradually being replaced by a sense of awe towards Engineering. Engineering would be a wise choice, I thought. With extensive scope, there were a variety of avenues open to one after graduating in it.

Shweta looked up from the screen. "Wow, Di. This is so systematically charted. I wish I knew of this site earlier, I wouldn't have wasted so much time worrying myself sick," said Shweta.

"Well, it's not late yet," I reassured her. "I'd advice you to have a good look at the site. Get acquainted with the entrance exams, admissions, courses and everything else. It always helps to do your homework."
She nodded admiringly.

"There is a listing of all the university and colleges too," she squealed. "No more running around hunting for information. Thanks so much, Di. You are the best!"

She started typing furiously on her cell phone. I knew she was texting her friends telling them about this priceless discovery. As my eyes fell upon the open web page, I was convinced too. was the perfect guide for students seeking admission in colleges and universities, a reliable one-stop solution for all information regarding graduation and post-graduation courses.

I found a lot of helpful features on this site:
  1. Simple user friendly layout.
  2. Accessibility to complete and detailed information about institute, rating, fees, contact details and placement, from one place.
  3. Regular updates about entrance exams.
  4. Provision of a search bar to get filter and obtain streamlined results pertaining to courses in Engineering, Management, Arts, Science, Fashion Designing, Agriculture, Hotel Management, Law, Medical, Commerce etc.
  5. Courses are categorized into type, stream and location for reason of convenience.
  6. Login facility to get in touch with This would enable information to reach you directly in your mail. 
Shweta left soon after. It was heartening to see the relief on her face. It seemed like a weight had been lifted from her shoulders. Collegedunia had provided her with assurance that she so badly needed, assurance that she could rely on. She wouldn't feel lost anymore.
This incident made me think about a rather basic flaw in our education system. We just get one chance to make a career, and yet our entire life depends mainly on that one choice we make.  However, just like Shweta, a lot of students might not be in the perfect position to make the perfect choice. Impressionable minds might often get influenced by the decision of their parents or pressure from peers. Choosing the right institute, studying the apt course, and preparing well for the desired exam are imperative steps towards shaping a dream future. We cannot afford to allow inadequate or compromised self-evaluation get in the way.

In the wise words of Oprah Winfrey, "For every one who succeeds, it's because there's somebody to show you the way out. The light doesn't always necessarily have to be in your family, for me it was teachers and school."
Designed to cater to the educational and informational requirement of young minds, allows you to focus on what is most important...
your dreams!

December 01, 2015

I for 'Issued in public interest'

Around a fortnight ago, the famous Charlie 'Harper' Sheen (of 'Two and a half men' fame) shocked the world with a confession. He said he is a diagnosed HIV positive patient since the last four years.
 (See video below)

Now, there are a lot of things in the above video that Charlie Sheen has admitted to. Some are good, some are bad, and some are just terribly honest.
To sum up, the good part is his decision to confess his medical status. After all, honesty is always the best policy. However, the fact that this man has come out with a confession like that after four whole years of being detected, is a little worrisome. Charlie admitted to have been subjected to a lot of stress, blackmail and turmoil due to his medical condition, which apparently caused him to be drained not just emotionally but also financially.

When I first heard this bit of news on CNN, I was shell hocked. I had been quite a big fan of 'Two and a half men' in the past, and like so many others belonging to my generation, my loyalty towards the show remained only until it had Charlie Sheen starring in it. Not even Ashton Kutcher could recreate the magic of a deceased Charlie Harper (the lovable character played by Sheen). Charlie had left us with an irresistibly smart and charmingly sexy jingle composer who despite being flawed in his own ways, was loved by men and women the world over. So much was his fan following, that he was one of the highest paid actors on TV at the time, at $1.25 million per episode. This was until the actor had a public meltdown after a spat with the show's creator, after which 'Two and a half men' gradually lost its viewership. The show was getting just too painful with Charlie gone from it.

Come 2015, and Charlie made a comeback, but sadly not in the way we wanted him to. This cool guy was back with a startling confession. The grapevine spoke. Had the actor been taking his role a little too seriously? However, while we pointed fingers at the ironical resemblance between the reel and real 'Casanova' image he must have played, we were forgetting one important thing. We were forgetting to acknowledge and appreciate the fact that Charlie Sheen had shown great courage to come out in the open about something no body wants to talk about...HIV, the skeleton in his cupboard.

Every year, on December 1st, we as a world come together for a common cause. We spread awareness, we empathize, we support, we promise not to discriminate. However, as the calender moves forward, our resolve gets stuck in reverse gear. We humans are known for our short term memory. Add to that, procrastination and indifference unless something really shakes us up, unless something is really happening to us or our loved ones. Don't you think that needs to change?

Today, on World Aids Day, lets start by pledging to maintain our resolution to fight against HIV. This can be done by our conscious decision to target the virus not the victim.What is imperative is a constant sense of awareness about this dreaded condition. It is said that the road to safety has a lot of bill boards along the way. However, if we keep ignoring them, there are chances that we might lose direction. Isn't it better to pay attention and stay safe?

Some lesser known facts that we usually ignore:
  • People living with HIV on effective treatment can expect a normal life expectancy.
  • In the UK, only 0.3% people with HIV develop AIDS and even then they can recover and go back to their previous HIV positive status.
  • Patients on effective HIV treatment are non-infectious.
  • Kissing does not spread HIV. Ignorance does.
  • A HIV positive patient on treatment with antiretroviral drugs should still practice safe sex. Even though the drugs may lower the level of the virus in blood tests, research shows that the virus may be hidden in other parts of the body. Hence unprotected sex can cause the partner from contracting HIV too. 
  • Sometimes HIV positive patients can be asymptomatic for years. The only way to find out is by getting tested.
  • Unprotected oral sex or sex between two HIV positive individuals can cause them to be exposed to other potentially resistant HIV strains. 
  • AntiRetroviral Therapy (ART) is recommended for everyone infected with HIV. It is a life long treatment and can help HIV infected individuals lead a longer and healthier life.
However, the availability of AntiRetroViral drugs should not be the reason for flippancy from our side. These drugs are expensive and can produce serious side effects. Besides, drug resistant strains of HIV make treatment very difficult. Hence prevention is the only way to stay safe.

Having said that, if you slap yourself for every time you showed a biased attitude towards an HIV positive patient, you will be left with flushed cheeks. But that is the kind of discrimination HIV patients have to deal with in our society. We can put an end to this unjust treatment only by educating ourselves and our friends, and spreading more and more awareness. Lets begin with ourselves first.

We need to be aware that HIV affected individuals need our care and support. Be kind. Be mindful. Be considerate towards those affected, they are fighting a tough battle already, a battle filled with regret, guilt and shame. We may not be able to end their misery. We may not succeed to wipe off that one horrible memory they have been living with each day since they were diagnosed, that guilt they have been experiencing for perhaps having trusted the wrong people a little too much, or having taken life and health for granted. We may not make it any easier for them to face their own conscience. But we can always be understanding of their condition. Lets embrace and support them as fellow humans who weren't aware of the consequences a tiny act could hold. Lets join hands with them and fight this battle against AIDS by making safe choices, by getting ourselves tested, by learning from their mistakes.
A lot of people never come out in the open because of the stigma attached to the disease. It is disheartening when someone is reckless and irresponsible enough to hide their medical status from their partners, thus putting them at risk of contracting the virus too. But thinking about it, had society by and large not been so biased about HIV, had it not ostracized those affected, had it not condemned their mistake, secluded their families and brought them shame, fear and embarrassment, we would be having a lot more HIV affected people coming clean to their partners, and conversely, a lot less unsuspecting victims.

I end here with a takeaway message, one that we all are aware and yet needs to be reiterated. Please feel no shame to talk about HIV with your doctor. If you are unsure of your past WRT any mode of transmission, do get yourself tested. You'd be doing yourself and your future partner a favor. We are in this fight together. With adequate awareness, detection and treatment, we can make our generation an AIDS free generation.
Do not push HIV away in medicine cabinets and clandestine diaries. Talk about it like any other illness that needs to be eradicated.



I for 'Issued in public interest' is the ninth post in the 'A-Z Series' of posts, a chain of write-up's by me on topics starting with each alphabet of the English language. Read back and forth for the other posts, and please feel free to contribute your thoughts on the subject.