May 30, 2010

last night...

Last night, i was standing looking out of my balcony window, staring at the dim lit skies hoping for some star out there to miss a step and come tumbling down, just to humour me.....when all of a sudden, a gentle breeze blew across my face.
there was something in the air which made me let my hair loose--asif like a reflex felt like a long time since i'd done that..stood there in solitude with my mind devoid of all thoughts...of all fears..of all the worries that haunted me.

the breeze had a musical quality to its voice which sounded almost hurt...hurt that i had been ignoring it all this while..
the silence of the night spoke to me---a conversation between two friends which had long been pending just because i was always busy...busy searching for falling stars to wish on..
busy thinking of you...
busy worrying of the what-if's, the hows, the why's and the why not's...

last night i had a long conversation with the night...there was noone there..even the moon decided to leave us alone, not wanting to disturb two friends catching up after ages...
the wind whispered something in my ears..but i was too happy to even notice..probably it was complimenting me.

and then it rained!!
the moon laughed..the stars giggled...attention seeking behaviour, i thought!
but this time, i allowed it to rain on me.i locked myself out in the balcony and stood motionless and still allowing the tiny drops of rain fall on my it started pouring harder, i stood there totally drenched--as if unaware of all around, lost in the magic of a million tiny raindrops all over me.
i was blank--my mind like a clean felt great..and that was all that mattered.

last night, i slept with the windows open.
the moon sung a beautiful lullaby, the rain added the music and the stars watched over me as i slipped in the land of dreams
and in between all that, a lot of pent up questions got answered.

For the first time in my life, it actually felt like a new beginning.

last night, i was born again!!

May 28, 2010


how do you react when you overhear the most cold hearted person you have ever known, speak about 'love' as if he knows everything there is to know of the emotion?

double standards or a deep unshared secret?

May 26, 2010

of scary beginnings with happy endings...

it is hideous to look at...
unkempt, crude and miserable,
lying unnoticed and uncared for,
you ignore it at first,
of what good could it turn out to be,
this wretched looking thing,
moments of illogical contemplation,
and you find yourself picking it up,
only because its about time you took notice...

and then the story begins...
you soak it in the foam lather of your thoughts,
cleanse it with the scrub of your interest,
powder it with the sparkle of your lavender dreams,
spray it with the intoxicating fragrance of your soul,
lace it with frills and fancy of your imagination,
all until you have seen nothing like it,
exquisite and beautiful--it has become...

its time for the story to end...
and you have fallen in love with it,
not for its mere appearance,
but for what all it has gone through--just for you...

and perhaps, that is what they call a perfect ending!!

have you ever experienced it--the slow metamorphosis of reality into a dream??

May 25, 2010

cryptic thoughts #8

sometimes all you have to do to create a masterpiece, is close your eyes and splash colours on an empty canvas....

what a strange solace it brings--this freedom of the soul!!

May 24, 2010

my mirror lied to me...

i stood before the looking glass,
all polished, clean and bright...
and thought i'd stay a lil longer,
since there was noone else in sight...

it had been long i hadn't noticed,
and admired the beauty there,
the big black curls of hair left loose,
my skin so smooth and fair...

the innocence of my bright doe eyes,
the straight bridge of my nose...
in the perfect curve of my lips i saw,
the freshness of a rose...

my dressing sense was perfect,
my aura divine...
i couldn't help but beam with joy,
at the slim beauty so fine...

oozing with self-confidence,
gazing longer with utter glee,
i wanted to stay and gloat,
about this pristine beauty in me...

i lost track of all around,
of people, time and sense,
looked at all else with frozen eyes,
as i swelled with pride immense.

and as the clock went ticking by,
i foccussed more on the image there,
my big black curls looked sucha mess,
and it seemed i was losing hair!!

my skin stopped looking bright and soft,
i noticed acne here and there...
my eyes tired and my nose too big,
no freshness of red roses anywhere..

bewildered by what i'd seen,
unaware that i was running late...
i gazed longer to notice more,
how this mirror ruined my fate.

i no longer was slender and slim,
i looked short and ugly and fat...
my eyes began to brim with tears,
how on earth could i look like that??!!

my dressing sense seemed ghastly now,
the aura was nowhere in sight,
afraid to collapse right then and there,
i gathered all my trampled might..

sense of people, place and time was back,
nervous, i smiled and stumbled...
the overconfident me was gone,
the ego in my eyes had humbled...

and lo!! it dawned on me--the truth,
i'd gazed too long to see...
and bored to death with my shallow pride,
my mirror had lied to me!!

:) ~~ :) ~~ :) ~~ :) ~~ :) ~~ :) ~~ :) ~~ :)

sidenote--i have written this piece as a dedication to that little narcissist in all of us who tends to becomes so self obsessed at times, that we tend to belittle and ignore everything else around us...until we realise that beauty is only skin deep and that the superficiality we take so much pride in could be just an illusion which with time, will eventually disappear..

May 22, 2010

the 'three' tag

3 names you are known by:
--priyanka (for colleagues and acquaintances)
--pri (for friends and fellow bloggers)
--priyu (for family)

3 things that scare me:
---extremes of emotions because of all the vulnerability and hurt they usually bring along as a package deal.
---the beginning of the end or even the mere thought of it.
---ceiling fans in speedy motion..if i gaze at them for too long *embarassed*

3 things which make me smile:
--selective memories
--gurgling babies
--shooting stars

3 things I love:
umm this is difficult..will try and limit myself to just three..
--strong endings
--amicable easy flowing conversations with friends (not to be confused with senseless banter--which bores me after a while)

3 things I hate:
--being taken for granted
--uncomfortable silence
--interference from people who dont matter to me

3 things I don't understand:
--the why's of life...
--the but's of life...
--the how's of life...

3 things I'm doing right now:
--filling up this tag
--waiting (go figure!)
--listening to presleys "always on my mind" playing in the background.

3 things I can't do:
---commit or even agree to commit to something of which im not 100% sure
--forget or forgive completely (a small part of it still remains in me somewhere)
--go against my ethics (includes both--professional and moral)

3 things I think you should listen to:
--music (be open to all kinds..every piece has something to say and im not talking about just the lyrics here)
--me, attentively..because you might miss something very important and you wont even know it..
--your inner voice

3 shows I watched as a kid:
--small wonder
--the jungle book

3 things I want in a relationship
(in no particular order)

3 physical things about the opposite sex that appeal to me:
--a good height
--a great smile
--a decent sense of dressing

3 fav fictitious characters
there are so many..but since im supposed to mention just three--
--Edward Cullen from the 'twilight' series (for his protective and unconditional love)
--Rick Blaine from 'casablanca' (for his cynical yet charismatic personality and rigteousness)
--Hassan from 'the kite runner' (for his strong loyalty and affection towards his best friend)

3 of my favorite Hobbies
(yea..i know..but its okay to be boring sometimes!)

3 beverages I drink regularly:

3 things I like about myself:
--the art of being able to lace the most serious of moments in humour (i dont know how far i succeed in it..but atleast everybody's laughing)
--i believe in being totally frank while expressing my opinion about anything or anyone..double standards can never be my cup of tea and i think that is something to be proud of.
---i like the fact that writing makes me happy from within and that it is one of the things i can always count on.

3 things I hate about myself:
--my heart and mind are always at war and somehow i make sure neither of the two wins..
--i am very very impulsive and short fused at times...
--i become easily susceptible to hurt when it comes to someone i think the world of..

3 things I am wearing right now:
--a tea shirt and pj's
--a hairclip which i wouldn't be caught dead wearing outside the house (hideous is the word!)
--flip flops on my feet

2 truths and a lie (in random order):
---i do not believe in love
---chocolate has never been a stress buster to me
---i was born in the month of june

3 people I want to tag
(hope you guys will take this one up)


May 21, 2010

cryptic thoughts #7

there are two types of dreams---
those which have the strength to keep you forever awake thinking about them...
and those which have the power to make you look forward to sleeping forever if it means you are going to see them again...

May 20, 2010

so what does the phone say about you??

writers note--all categories in this post are inspired by real life people/conversations and any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely intentional.

I hereby categorise people into five clear groups on the basis of how they sound while conversing on sure everyone can relate to please do not accuse me of being judgemental..

1) wet blankets----these are ultra cynical souls who can encourage normal people into attempting suicide..
no amount of enthusiasm on the part of the other person can manage to get the least bit of pep in their voice..
they sound 'dead' and if you dont wrap up the conversation fast, you might end up sounding just like them..
this category of people should be avoided:
---when in a good mood
---before going out to a party, social gathering, get-together
---after coming from a party, social gathering, get-together
---in extremes of depressive phases (they can only make matters worse)

more than half the times, this category of people can manage to disgust or depress you even before they answer the call..
im sure you must be having at least one person in your life that you can relate the above mentioned know, the kind who never answers the phone when you have to tell someone the greatest news in the world...and when if they do eventually answer it, they will just make sure that it no more feels like good news??
yeah..thats the kind im talking about..sigh!

2) the perky peps---as opposed to the above category, this group manages to pep up your spirits with that little happy ring in their voice, make you smile because you can actually feel they are smiling on hearing them and needless to mention never let their mood affect the flow of the conversation..
they are the type who despite of getting irked during the conversation, will never say 'bye' on a bitter note..
such people are always a pleasure to speak to..

3) the karma chameleons----now this is a sect of people who's every phone call depends on how the previous phone conversation with you has short, they never forget!
they decice your 'karma' and accordingly change colours tones.
and the worst part is you are caught absolutely unaware with no frigging clue on why they are sounding so pleased or so pissed...
just blame it on the 'karma'!!

4) the monosyllabic maestros
this sect of people are ardent followers of ronan keating and think that they say it best when they say nothing at all..
personally, im not someone for whom silent conversations whenever that happens, i focus on other noises in the background.and dont blame me if i get curious about the yelling, the gaali galosh or sweet nothings being whispered by someone in your extended family or by your neighbour on the 3rd floor or for something i am not supposed to be hearing...its not my fault!
often times these monosyllabic maestros are misunderstood as being arrogant and impolite when all that is to be blamed might be poor communication skills.
frankly, such people should restrict themselves to attending only job interviews and business calls, because they clearly cannot help anyone else with their 'yes' and 'no'.

5) and last but not the least, the one-sided conversationalist-----this category, as the name suggests include people who can never face the risk of being lonely or alone..
they can talk and talk and talk without actually bothering if the person at the other end is sleeping, comatose or dead (not that they would do much anyways)
people belonging to this category can get along very well with 'monosyllabic maestros' because neither party is actually interested in what the other has to say..and needless to mention, both wind up having a very satisfied and mentally undisturbing conversation..

but if you want to say something or speak you mind, then these people are clearly not going to be the choice to call.chances are they might completely ignore what you have to say and start off beating their own trumpet which wont stop unless you slam the phone down in anguish (for all you know, they are most likely not even going to notice that) because your brain is already exploding with all kinda muttered rubbish and you have forgetten what you wanted to say in the first place too.
members of this species have a tendency of repeating things which they have mentioned on previous occasions since they hardly bother to keep in mind what they are saying..

most of the times they do not even expect you to remember..which may be considered as a blessing to some.


and with that, we come to an abrupt halt, because i have finished playing category-category..thankyou! *drumrolls in the background*

okay!!!!???!!!..soooooooo what are you waiting for??
you can get back to work...that's all for now!

tsk tsk!!
i mean like seriously, dont you guys have anything better to do??!!!!

May 17, 2010

life in conversation...

Its surprising how much of myself i discover during conversations with you.
random incessant conversations over cups of coffee..
those endless ventouts and sulk sessions..
discussions about the daily details of mundane life..
sometimes casual pings online when wanting to think aloud...

they bring about a change in me..a type of realisation...and the best part is these are never planned.
just a random topic of silly banter sometimes leads to hours of introspection and pondering, when im alone..
sometimes i wonder how it must be to be in your it must be to live the way you live your it must have been growing up like that, in a different environment..different place..different family..
and then i wonder if that is the reason why you think the way you do..
why is our perspective so different?

but frankly, i love listening to your perspective just as much as i love speaking about mine...i like to listen to your opinion, your interpretation, your way of looking at life.
and even though i know that i would never really choose to have your life, it still makes me ponder and want to see the world through your eyes--may it be just for a while--just enough to realise why life has shaped our personalities so different..neither good nor bad..just different.

and then again, its these small differences between you and me that make me realise my stand...make me concrete my opinion..make me love me for what i am and frankly, sometimes make me be thankful too, probably for what im not!

ahh humour?? hasn't that always been the common link?
it always helps lighten up the mood..the crazy sense of pathetic jokes filling the air with an overlying mist which always manages to get comfortable enough to hide the discomfort, brought about by differences in opinion.
and then frivolous crazy talk giving flight to unimaginable ideas--sometimes rented from the past, sometimes borrowed from the present and sometimes stolen from the near future, almost always living up to the expectation of astonishing each other with a wide spectra of diversity.
and that is probably why the differences do not cast a negative shadow..because at the end of the day we agree to disagree! (with no expectation whatsoever, of ever being able to agree to agree)

its not every time that our views differ though..and its not everyday that we have differences in perspective.
sometimes these small differences also make me realise what i need to change about myself..they help me grow as a me respect change..teach me to accept diversity without being judgemental or biased about it.

conversations have always shown me different patterns in the caleidoscope of life.
some patterns made me fall in love with them..some made me look at them with contempt...some pleasantly surprised me while some became the reason of betrayal.
some showed me the good in people while some exposed me to the bad and the ugly side in them.some left me with lessons to learn from and some with regrets to ponder upon..some gifted me with precious memories to cherish while there were some which scratched old wounds and made them bleed.

strings of words thrown together in an environment of familiarity--that is all they delicate and yet so powerful--these conversations!

funny is the human mind isn't it?
how it manages to catch some snippet in a random banter between two known strangers leading totally opposite lives and yet make each relate to it in a way so different that neither would ever be able to realise how it is going to affect their life ahead, will always remain a mystery to me!

and yet, if it wasn't for these honest no-pretense conversations, each day would have been nothing but a series of dreary events with everybody knowing of only one monotonous view-point to see it with...

and i wonder...what a waste it would be, this life sans conversation!!

May 16, 2010

cryptic thought #6

sometimes the journey begins to feel more beautiful than the destination itself......but only until you find out that the trip is about to end and that the destination never really existed!

ever been lost without a road map??

May 13, 2010


when the sun in the sky ceases to shine...
when a circle transforms itself into a line...

when all the oceans in the world run dry...
when worms and rodents learn to fly...

when the colours of the rainbow change to grey...
when the chills of december feel like the heat of may...

when leaves begin to wither and flowers dont bloom...
when the world loses all hope and awaits impending doom...

when the moon turns blue and the stars fade away...
when the clock turns backward with each coming day...

when all hope dies and practicality begins to reign...
when every human mind turns insane...

when emotions finally begin to make sense...
and love starts to agree with logic intense...

when the world is made to come to an end...
and noone can call noone a friend....

perhaps that is when, i will stop missing you!!

P.S: yea, i can be quite a kid sometimes..especially when it comes to combining imagination and rhyme.

May 11, 2010


i came across this rather accidently while surfing the net...

"This is for the broken hearted.
I know how you feel. Empty, betrayed, and no happiness whatsoever. You don't want to laugh, because you know it's not going to help, but you don't want to cry, because it will just make you feel worse. You feel like your heart is falling apart, but not only that, but you know soon your life is going to feel like it's falling apart too.
You don't think it will ever end, and no matter what this person has done to you, it feels impossible to stop loving them. And everyone wonders why if they have hurt you so much, then why do you still love them. That's the confusing part, you don't know why, you just do, and the people who hurt you the most, and normally the ones you love the most.
And then, after a few weeks, you finally feel a sense of relief, like you're getting happy again, but you know inside that you're just going into denial. And after a few more weeks, you're back to where you were an empty soul and teary eyes.
You thought you got over them, but really, you just stopped showing it. And you can't help but to show it again. It leaves deep scars on your heart that are there forever. And no one understands how you feel, and how deep you are hurt, no matter who they are, because it hasn't happened to them And even if it has, every broken heart is different.
They don't know the true pain you feel and carry each and everyday now, so you learn that basically you are alone with all this. And the feeling starts to overwhelm you, and suddenly you just break down, right there, because you know you've had enough, the tears just instantly start flowing, and you're to the point where you don't care who see's. Because you've spent so many nights lying awake in bed, and so many days being haunted by the scars and fear of rejection.
And in the midst of all these tears, you know that its not helping anyone, and it's not going to bring them back, if you ever even had them in the first place. After about a million tears have been cried, you finally pull yourself back together and keep going. Your throat starts to clench and your eyes burn with the tears you are trying to hold back. Everyone says, "It will be okay…” But you know it won't.
And that’s the truth, it won’t.
And you look back on all of the hurt you had from this, and you realize that people are horrible. You're still hurt, but you've learned to hide it so that everyone thinks you are okay.
So now every time you see this person, you know you still love them, and you feel a slight tingle in your heart yearning for them to love you, screaming out, but for some reason they don't hear it.

And then you sit back and wonder how one person could have caused all of this..."

..and that really makes me wonder if it is really better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all...

May 09, 2010

the 'im-bored-with-nothing-better-to-do' tag!!

1. What is your current obsession?

nostalgia (but i know that needs to change and soon!)

2. What are you wearing today?
clothes! (not that i wear leaves otherwise..but then, ask a stupid question and get a stupid answer)

3. What’s for dinner?
if its a choice i get to make, then italian!

4. What’s the last thing you bought?
a beautiful pair of crystal earings, im soo dying to wear

5. What are you listening to right now?
Harry belafonte's jamaica farewell

6. What do you think about the person who tagged you?
noone tagged me..i tagged my self.
and do you think its fair to ask a narcissist a question like that? would you be able to take it??

7. If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be?
home is where the heart resides..and i leave it to you to figure where mine actually is...

8. What are your must-have pieces for summer?
ice cold water 24/7
comfortable cottonwear
face wash

9. If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?
the north pole..the summer is really killing me

10. Which language do you want to learn?
i would love to learn any language i dont know.

11. What’s your favourite quote?
(you cant possible limit this answer to just one..i could write a whole new blog on my favorite quotes)

Hearts will never be practical until they are made unbreakable---from 'the wizard of oz'

And ever has it been known that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.---'Kahlil Gibran'

That’s the difference between me and the rest of the world! Happiness isn’t good enough for me! I demand euphoria!----'calvin'

True love stories never have endings--~'Richard Bach'

You really shouldn't say 'I love you' unless you mean it. But if you mean it, you should say it a lot. People forget----'author unknown'

(mmm...maybe i should have a separate blog for my fav quotes..the list is endless)

12. Who do you want to meet right now?
on second thoughts, NOBODY!! (yea i know that wasn't the original answer i'd posted..but in my defence i, firstly have every right to edit and update my thoughts..and secondly its my blog, my wish..sue me! *batting eyelashes*]

13. What is your favourite colour?
depends a lot on
my mood
the frame of mind im in
the climate outside
time of the month
what is i think is in vogue
the person who is asking the question
whether i want him or her to know my fav colour or not (not that the world depended on it..but just for kicks)
and the list of factors is endless....
yea i am complicated like that!

14. What is your favourite piece of clothing in your own closet?
for now, its a dark maroon top which im so in love with that i haven't yet found an occasion good enough to wear at.

15. What is your dream job?
my dream job keeps dont ask!
P.S--dream job shouldn't be confused with career.

16. What’s your favourite magazine?
i am not that much into 'india today' now and then more of the bulky novels type of reader.yea, im boring like that!

17. If you had $100 now, what would you spend it on?
technically, the question should be 'who'..and the answer would me 'myself' [cmon!! dont tell me you hadn't guessed that)

18. What do you consider a fashion faux pas?
---skin tight jeans which look as if they are going to burst at the seams (this one especially on guys is a major turnoff)
---wearing a lot of shiny accessories. (i mean what exactly are you trying to do here? give 'bappi lahiri' a run for his jewellery money??)
---large shoulder pads (i think they are absolutely unacceptable in this era)

19. Who according to you is the most over-rated style icon?
sonam kapoor (heard she was rated as the most stylish bollywood babe)

20. What kind of haircut do you prefer?
not figured that one yet.
hmm...i once had an haircut which everyone so absolutely adored..but now my stupid hairstylist has forgotten all about how it looked like and stupid me was too happy to take pics when i had now that i cant have it back, even after attempting to explain it to her a thousand times and over, i am playing confused and trying real hard to believe that it never existed..sniff.sob!

21. What are you going to do after this?
plan the day and then go ahead and do something entirely different from what is planned...sigh!

22. Who is your favourite sport star?
sports?? whats that? my grades in P.E at school have always been a very a touchy issue..doesn't that tell you something about me? :-/
[you ought to appreciate my honesty my friend, instead of grinning like that..hmpf!]

23. What are three cosmetic/makeup/perfume products that you can't live without?
i can live without quite low-maintainence like that!

24. What inspires you?
life!! [i know the answer is pretty pathetic, but learn to deal with it..ok?]

25. Give us three styling tips that always work for you?
---its okay to dress as casual as you feel like even when people around you are making a big hullabaloo out of it.
---stay away from dark red lipstick, red or black nail paint and any type of eye shadow if you cant handle it.
---never ask for styling tips..they never help..learn from your own mistakes!

well, coming back to the question, i do not really know what you mean by work.they do just fine for me i guess..and frankly my dear, i dont give a damn! *in pure Rhett Butler ishtyle*

26. What do you do when you “have nothing to wear” (even though your closet’s packed)?
i sulk for a while..then i find an ultra old and totally worn out number and go and stand pitifully in front of family until someone decides to take me shopping.
P.S: i hateee shopping alone!

27. Coffee or tea?
for a while, it was coffee, but now its back to tea!

28. What do you do when you are feeling low or terribly depressed?
listen to music which usually makes me feel more low and depressed (because i have this weird thing about listening to real depressing stuff when im low) and then i shut it off and go to sleep.

29. What is your nickname?
we do not disclose our nicknames like that..we could but then we would have to kill you.

30. Which other blogs do you love visiting?
i visit random blogs and IMO, that is the easiest way to come across amazing blogs without being bound by the obligation of having to visit and moresoever comment on them regularly--because then that would simply mean you would have to be nice and say nice things without actually meaning them and if that doesn't happen then it simply means that you either get hate emails for not having visited them or "is everything okay with you?" or "hope you are alive" typa pings in your inbox which ultimately result in them sending you the link to their blog just to make sure you havent forgotten your way there...
and that is EXACTLY why we refrain from answering this question!

31. Favorite Dessert/Sweet?
baked alaska
mississipi mud pie
in no particular order...sigh!

32. Favorite Season?
it was the monsoons..but im no longer sure

33. If I come to your house now, what would u cook for me?
if i really love you and value your health, i would suggest we eat out.or else i would try cooking and leave you to find out for yourself.

34. What is the right way to avoid people who purposefully hurt you?
there is no right or wrong way in this.
if it happens once, let the person could be wrong and it could be unintentional..because its okay to give second chances to people who matter.
but if things dont change, then you cant keep offering chances..even life doesn't do that.
that is when the 'ignore' button needs to be switched on.

35. What are you afraid of the most?
the what-if's in life...

May 04, 2010


simple emotions
knotted thoughts
constant search for a pattern
no clue of a start or end
and then a strange anxiety...

attempts to loosen up
the void which keeps deepening
unbearably heavy hearts
that sinking feeling
and then a profound confusion...

choices to make
slow death everyday
or one devastating final slash
serious introspection
and then an impending numbness...

painful decisions
stagnant shores
an approaching tempest
burning bridges
and then a lifelong memory...

updated as an afterthought---memories need not always be nice...

May 03, 2010

the notebook called life

Life is a notebook handed over to us the day we are born..
we are allowed to record our moments..
we are allowed to turn the pages as fast or as slow as we want to..
we are allowed to pour out our heart on the empty white sheets.
we are allowed to sketch our dreams in all their myriad colours.

sometimes, it also permits us to staple together those pages we do not ever want to read again...
but human as we are, we tend to go back at allows even that-we can carefully remove the staples to have a quick peep once in a while..this does include the risk of tearing the edges a little, but if we are careful enough, we can prevent the damage.
afterall that is how we introspect don't we---by removing the staples??!!

life is a notebook and what we write in it is for us to decide...
but one thing is pre-decided---we arnt allowed to write in pencil..because words in pencil fade away..scribbles in pencil can be rubbed off when wanted.
but life--it only allows us to write in dark ink.
we can never really wipe off what we have once written.nor can we expect it to fade..
yes, we can ignore it if we want but its right there..its almost always a 'you can run but u cant hide' scenario!
ripping off pages is also futile because eventually that will only end up loosening the binding which will cause all the pages to scatter.

life is a notebook and our job is to make notes along the way...
notes which will guide us in writing the subsequent pages..
words which will bring back memories as we flip the pages open...
some chapters we manage to close yet not complete..
some scribbles which are too incomprehensible for anyone to read..
some poetry which the eye is not able to understand yet the heart is able to recite..
some experiences which we wouldn't trade for even a thousand brand new books...
yes there would be moments of hurt, pain, let down expectations, unfulfilled dreams, pent up hatred, which definitely would bring a tear to the eye.
but as we turn the pages we would realise, how those experiences made us we emerged a winner against we welcomed happiness even after we thought we never could..and most importantly how we learnt to dream all over again.
and afterall what is life without a few challenges and what is success without a few failures? of what use is a notebook if we werent allowed to write in it?? the sheer magic of life is in its does not allow u to have any clue today, what tomorrows page would be like---tear stained, joy filled, stapled, enthusiastic or blank!!

life is a note book, one which is very private and which only the owner is supposed to read and write into..but as we fill in the pages with details of our mundane life, we sometimes come across that special someone who we can trust enough to hand over the book..someone who we know will treasure it more than we do...someone we can put our whole life at stake for..someone who teaches us the true meaning of love and trust..and that is the time we start writing through someone else's words..
we dream through someone else's dreams...
we see through someone else's eyes...
we live another life in addition to our own...
that is when we stop writing and that thing called 'love' takes over filling in all the details by itself.

life is a notebook--one which will destroy itself when it comes to the last page.
but the pages written by love will still remain, flying free knowing no bounds, speaking of the bond that is immortal thus bringing about a strange sorta satisfaction...
a satisfaction that we made it even through the end!!..