May 30, 2010

last night...

Last night, i was standing looking out of my balcony window, staring at the dim lit skies hoping for some star out there to miss a step and come tumbling down, just to humour me.....when all of a sudden, a gentle breeze blew across my face.
there was something in the air which made me let my hair loose--asif like a reflex felt like a long time since i'd done that..stood there in solitude with my mind devoid of all thoughts...of all fears..of all the worries that haunted me.

the breeze had a musical quality to its voice which sounded almost hurt...hurt that i had been ignoring it all this while..
the silence of the night spoke to me---a conversation between two friends which had long been pending just because i was always busy...busy searching for falling stars to wish on..
busy thinking of you...
busy worrying of the what-if's, the hows, the why's and the why not's...

last night i had a long conversation with the night...there was noone there..even the moon decided to leave us alone, not wanting to disturb two friends catching up after ages...
the wind whispered something in my ears..but i was too happy to even notice..probably it was complimenting me.

and then it rained!!
the moon laughed..the stars giggled...attention seeking behaviour, i thought!
but this time, i allowed it to rain on me.i locked myself out in the balcony and stood motionless and still allowing the tiny drops of rain fall on my it started pouring harder, i stood there totally drenched--as if unaware of all around, lost in the magic of a million tiny raindrops all over me.
i was blank--my mind like a clean felt great..and that was all that mattered.

last night, i slept with the windows open.
the moon sung a beautiful lullaby, the rain added the music and the stars watched over me as i slipped in the land of dreams
and in between all that, a lot of pent up questions got answered.

For the first time in my life, it actually felt like a new beginning.

last night, i was born again!!


ad said...

well then happy birthday pri.....
out in rain is an awesome feeling....must try often......

Deepak said...

very happy birthday........
we got a wonderful friend, thanks to the last night rain in ur balcony :-)

Abhi said...

super like!

Nidz said...

Awesome post PRI . Enjoyed reading. Felt so nice

Dreamcatcher said...

one word: speechless!

MangoMan said...

couldn't stop myseld from scribbling that i would like to reserve my comments!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful...Honest and true and I am touched that you shared the moment with us..Thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

ths blog has left me open mouthed in admiration.
ths is the kind of writing tht u knw will nt leave u evn after u finish reading it

santasizing...Fantasizing said...

really really nice blog you got there...:)im following:)

Lady Whispers said...

OMG u did peek into my head :)
Strange how two people experience and jolt down almost the same feelings at the same time :)
U expressed whatever i felt :)

Vik said...

A friend mentioned this particular post of yours, I clicked, and I realized this is a blog I've been to many many times before!!

This is The Introvert. I don't remember the exact reason of our stopping talking, but I remember the fault was mine. I'm sorry, Pri. It's very likely you wouldn't even remember me, but I know I'll feel a little lighter when I click the publish button of this comment.


Pri said...

@ jay
i agree..allowing yourself to get totally drenched in the rains totally rocks and the liberating feeling it brings along cannot be explained in words.
its awesome!

@ deepak
well i rediscovered the wonderful friend in myself too...someone i had almost given up on :)

@ abhi
thanks..its the magic of the monsoons i guess which managed to rejuvenate this tired spirit of mine.

Pri said...

@ nidz
you should try it out sometime girl..nothing can beat the feeling tht getting drenched in the rain brings!
but then again, a totally blank state of mind is mandatory for the mentioned effect...and unfortunately that happens very rarely :(

@ jitsy
thankyou maam :)

@ mangomanbunty
why so?? no reservations allowed when its celebration!

Pri said...

@ choco
i HAD TO share the feeling with people who i was sure, would cherish it as much as i was one of those few precious moments you want to capture on the canvas of time for ever..

i know it might feel like im making a big deal out of it..afterall its only the rains..but sometimes its the small things in life that are PRICELESS! :)

Pri said...

@ anonymous

@ santasizing fantasizing
im honoured :)

@ scribbling girl
lol..yeah..that is exactly what i felt when i read your post.and so left you the link to this.

i guess its raining magic all over! ;)

@ vik
frankly, i vaguely remember you...but then i guess its a good thing isn't it--since you say we 'stopped' talking.

but all said and done, i guess the reason wasn't that big enough since we both dont remember looks like a failing memory plays 'truce'

its nice of you to drop by and im glad you hit that publish button too :)

Komal Ali said...

Beautifully written :) Indeed, a refreshing post!
You've marvelous expression, girl! Keep writing :)

Pri said...

@ usman sheikh
thanks :)

@ komal ali
i guess its your first visit here isnt it?..nice to have to drop by :)

Karthik S said...

Beautiful post. Loved it.

Cheers :-)
Karthik S