September 11, 2021

Little things

Pic credit: Google Images 

Little things remind me now of who we used to be 

A quiet walk, an Autumn road, bare branches on a tree 

That spread wild across the sky, searching foolishly 

For a lover, friend, partner, who somehow lost the way 

For those perfect for each other, yet who could not stay 

Little things like these make me miss you every day 

The tree stands proud and tall, the season’s yet to change 

It refuses to share its misery, I think of that as strange 

How it hasn’t crumbled still for a love so out of range 

It makes me think of you and me and a little more of you 

How we gave up a bit too soon, a regret I’d come to rue 

Wondering if you think of ‘us’, as often as I do 

Little things like these make me miss you even today 

Long since we burned bridges, a heavy price to pay 

For constantly changing seasons and words we did not say

Maybe the tree in summer was once laden with flowers

Maybe it thrives on memories too, like we now do on ours

For love, at times, can be both, our weakness and our power 

The tree may be in bloom again in summer and in spring 

Decked with fragile blossoms and all the joy they bring 

Vibrant hope to butterflies fluttering gossamer wings 

Little things remind me now of who we used to be 

They offer strength to stand alone, show me possibility 

And now I think of me and you, but a little more of  me

©️ Priyanka Naik (aka 'Pri')

P.S: “This post is a part of ‘UMeU’ Poetry Blog Hop #UMeUBlogHop organized by Manas Mukul . The hop is brought to you by Soul Craft and You, Me & The Universe.”