February 03, 2014

Book Review: 'Done with men' By Shuchi Kalra

 Title: Done With Men

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

"I'm soo done with men," is a statement I am sure every young or not so young member of the female species has, at one point of time or the other in her life, uttered in exasperation.
Well, Shuchi Kalra's debut novel revolves around the extraordinary journey of one such ordinary female and works on basically the same premise---therapy to a broken heart.
As our jilted protagonist Kairavi decides to go on a sojourn to Goa to rid herself of the aftereffects of a bitter heartbreak, she swears to herself and to the Universe that she will never again fall in love with another man.
End Result: the stereotyped Alcohol Ashram that Goan beaches are apparently viewed as by tourists, beckon her to have a wild drunken night, that includes not just booze but also (as she discovers later) an outrageous tattoo and an equally experimental 'break an leg arm' gay encounter that ensues in getting inked with a 'Done with Men' inscription on her wrist.
But its Goa....and good things keep happening. During the brief hospital stint, she meets the fascinating doctor Vivian Dmello, an alpha male, a rare mix of unique sentimentality and Adonis masculinity. To add to that, Dr Vivian also happens to fall madly in love with Kairavi, whose heart is constantly torn by the confusion between the decision she has made and the tempting offer of what lies ahead.
The story is fast paced and entertaining. It is a light and frothy read. Its non-lengthy perky quality renders it the status of a quick read. The interest level is sustained  by contrasting characters like Kairavi's best friend and room mate, Baani, and her 'boring' boyfriend, who are a little too level headed and balanced for Kairavi's gregarious and fun loving (yet insecure--the chink in her armour) personality, and needless to mention glimpses from previous relationships she has been in. The only grouse I had with the plot was how quick paced the whole 'falling in love again' was for a person who is just out of a relationship and had sworn off men. But then again, maybe its just the skeptic in me talking.

As the new crush or love is viewed with pink tinted glasses, the vacation seems to take on an almost perfect course. Yes, 'almost' perfect as things are not always as rosy as they seem. Just when Kairavi feels things are turning too good to be true, she is in for a couple of surprises---visits from the ex, the return of the lesbian, and the gorgeous threat to her budding love affair with Dr Dmello make her wonder what the stars have planned for her.

Does Kairavi find the true love of her life or is it that whatever happens in Goa should stay in Goa?
Heart break is a tough affair to handle and does she really need to have her heart broken yet again to validate the tattoo she had got done in drunken revelry.
Or will she go walking into the sunset (considering Goa is a beach et al).?
Well. that my lovelies, you'd have to find out for yourself. This modern day story is available in ebook version by Indireads and comes with an entertainment guaranteed offer. So for all you heart broken lasses out there, this one will definitely get you smiling.

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Personal rating: 3 out of 5

About the author: Writer, editor and blogger based in India. She has been writing since 005 and has freelanced in magazines like Femina.in, Good Housekeeping, Home Review, Dogs &Pups, Parent & Child, Women's Era, and Times 'N' Style amongst many others. She also writes a monthly travel column for Investors India.
Shuchi is the owner of Pixie Dust Writing Studio and the Indian Freelance Writers Blog. Her short stories have been a part of anthologies such as Love Across Borders. Done with men is her debut novel.
First an optometrist at one of India's leading eye hospitals, she is now a full time writer leading a happily nomadic life with her fauji husband and livewire toddler.

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