July 07, 2012

Just a "yellow" note...

It feels like ages since I visited this space. My regular haunt was getting neglected and although I am unable to cite one particular reason for my being out of the loop, I can quite surely say that I missed you all.
So today, when I opened up my dashboard to post in a draft, I was flabbergasted. It was the same uncanny feeling you experience when you leave behind a friend only to return after a while and find yourself staring into the eyes of a stranger.Yes, Blogger had changed its design. The look was different. The tools were unfamiliar. I was trapped in strange surroundings. I felt cheated.

However, much to my relief, this sense of betrayal lasted only for a while, until I figured that even though much had changed, all my posts were intact. So were my followers and side bar widgets.
Once I was out from the panic mode, everything seemed pretty much the same except for the fact that I would need to get acquainted to this idea of a new dashboard avtaar and a few nitty-gritty changes in settings.

Looking at the bright side, it was a new improved version.

Then what was it that made me panic?

That was when a totally unrelated thought got stuck in my head---Is the familiarity of the old so comforting that we fear to adapt to the vicissitude of the new???