August 28, 2008

super bad timing!!

my phone is following murphys law since the last coupla days....
just when i need to be heard the most, my voice isnt reaching the person on the other end and neither are my messages :(

damn u 'idea'!!
damn u 'nokia'!!
damn u for making me feel soo helpless! :(

August 23, 2008

"life as a music album" --tag...

I was tagged by 'phoenix' ages ago...
im sure he must have been convinced that i have forgotten all about it...but it comes :)

Rules of the tag : Various situations are given. You have to come up with a song( or set of songs) that aptly describe the particular situation in your life.

Your Life: apni marzi se kahan apne safar ke hum hain by jagjit singh

Opening credits: que sera sera....(the original english version)

Waking up : jame raho--from 'Taare Zameen Par' (the 'ishaan avasthi' bit of the song :D)

Average day:aazmale from 'taxi-no 911'

First date :yeh safar bahot hain kathin magar ;p (lol!)from '1942 a love story'

Falling in love :--tumse milke from the movie 'parinda'
--baawra mann from 'hazaron khwaishen aisi'
--the reason by 'hoobastank'...

Love scene:kabhi na sukoon aaya kabhi na karaar aaya from 'koi aap sa',
lag ja gale ke phir from the movie 'woh kaun thi'

Fight scene:sailaru---from the movie 'josh' :D

Breaking up:kabhi alvida na kehna
fairytale gone bad---sunrise avenue

Getting back together: ranjish hi sahi--mehdi hasan
zameen se humein aasmaan per..uthake gira toh na doge...?

Secret love :jab saamne tum aa jate ho by asha bhosale & jagjit singh...
aaoge jab tum o saajna---from the movie 'jab we met'

Life's okay :zindagi khwab hain..khwab mein sach hain kya

Mental breakdown : comfortably numb

Driving : yeh dil...diwana..diwana hain yeh dil (from 'pardes')

Learning a lesson : kaise kaise log humare ji ko jalane aa jate hain--by mehdi hasan

Deep thought : badi nazuk hain yeh manzil..mohabbat ka safar hain
tujhse naraaz nahi zindagi----lata mangeshkar

Flashback :aaj jaane ki zid na karo

Happy dance : pappu cant dance saala

Partying: get this party started----pink
pretty woman
lazy lamhe--from 'thoda pyaar thoda magic'

Regretting : shaam se ankh mein nami si hain
zindagi ke safar mein guzar jaate hain jo makam...

Long night alone: abhi nahi aana--sona mohapatra

Death scene : aate hain chale jaate hain... from 'yaadgaar'
kahin door jab din dhal jaye---from the movie 'anand'

Closing credits :zindagi ka safar hain yeh kaisa safar---kishore kumar

it was wonderful recollecting and humming all these songs :)
now for the tagging bit---so here i go:
aneri masi
and anyone else who wants to take it up is more than welcome to do so (just make sure u leave me a link so that i come visiting) :)

August 22, 2008

being 'pri'......... below, im trying out one way to analyse what happened to me this past week...

B----busy..thats what ive been...and that explains why i havent been blog visiting sincere apologies folks :(

C----chill...thats what i need to do right now...

D----dreams...ive almost had them every single night this week...pretty weird in which i was falling from the top floor of a building...another in which i was run down by a car...yet another in which im throwing a party and a dinosaur comes over with a huge gift for me and im not in the least surprised or afraid--asif ive been meeting dinosaurs all my life (err i think i was thinking about stupidosaur that day or maybe im just trying to find a logical explanation...sigh!)...there was still another which i cant clearly remember but it had something to do with ketchup and cabbages (i swear! i dunno where that came from :-/)

E----entertainment....i need some form of entertainment around boreeed *yawn*

F----fever...the price i paid for getting drenched in the rain :-/

G----"GOK" (god only knows) usual reply when asked about my future plans :p

H----helpless...when i realised that someone has still not forgiven me for hurting his feelings (almost deliberately-for reasons known ONLY to me)...i can only hope i will be understood someday... again am accused of having issues with that and the sad part is i cant deny it...

J----jello...with butterscotch icecream (a combination which has suddenly crossed my mind right now and now im tempted) :-/

K----kalamari aka squid...gorged on it at 'mickeys' (a small shack at colva) which apparently serves the best 'fried kalamari' out my personal opinion, even the best restaurants fall short in comparisn as far as this preparation goes...

L----lazzyyy...thats what this weekend is going to be like...and yea, i know theres nothing new in that :-/

M----marriage...suddenly everyone seems to be interested in when im planning to tie the knot...from long lost friends to fellow bloggers to relatives who have just discovered me in their family tree to colleagues at work...
apparently 'marriage' seems to be the hot topic of the season :-/

N----not so comfortably numb...thats what ive realised ive grown into...

O----oblivious...i wish i was as oblivious to somethings as i seem to be...

P----"phoonk"...yea yea...i watched it...some people never learn...cant believe the guy actually thought it would scare people...hmpf!! "ram gopal verma ki phoonk" (nikal gayi) :-/

Q----quizzical...'A' accused me of always having a quizzical look on my face...i think she wanted to say 'cynical'...sigh!

R----rocky...thats what life seems at the moment...

S----solitude...hope to get some over the lazzy weekend...

T----tired...of waiting...of wishing...of going on...

U----ubiquitous...i learnt that thats what people who dont complain are expected to be...u remain silent(against the injustice) and ur just taken for granted!!

V----vulnerability...almost always comes with a huge price to pay as a package deal...

W----waiting...i am????...for what??...i dunno...

X----xerox...i wish all good memories came in xerox that when the original one (in the mind) starts fading, u still have the exact same one in print saved somewhere :)

Y----y=why...knowing me, lets not even get down to elaborating this one :p

Z----zigzag...they say life is a some point u come right where u started...but there are times like these when i feel my life is more of a zigzag pattern--i might never get to be at the same point again...and especially the points which i would soo much like to revisit :(

anyways enough exhausted..i cant believe i typed the whole weeks 'A-Z' analysis out here....
but it was nice speaking out my thoughts...

helloooooo!! u awake?????

August 17, 2008

a game of chess...

double leap it can but only once,
for its just a pawn and there are many of its kind,
regrets none nor takes pride at its death,
the game continues with the others aligned...

the rook but can go only straight,
from all the twisted routes away,
it stands proud with head up high,
safe sheltered by the pawns at bay...

then there is the bishop standing tall,
moving diagonal to challenge the opponents mind,
you get a little upset when its slayed,
yet happy if an equal kill u find...

the knight is but a different sort,
and so in twos and halves it goes,
can help u despite its limited steps,
a smart player to use it knows...

the queen is the most important one,
she can walk about as she pleases...
save her for the final steps,
and note the amount of power she seizes...

the king is but a loner wretch,
who can only walk one step at a time,
no better than a pawn is he,
couldent save his own self for a dime...

life too is like a game of chess,
and all of us have our positions assigned...
each with our own flaws and limits,
with HIM as the player--the master mind!!.............

August 12, 2008

just a hypothetical situation....

If u had just 10 minutes to live and u were allowed to speak to just one person, who would it be and what would you say???

August 10, 2008

the story we churned...

here is the story we collectively concocted some time back in storytime2
sorry for the delay in putting it up but this time it was quite a challenge since it was stopped abruptly as noone came up with the ending on par with the deadline...
so keeping up with the rules, i get to concoct my own ending to the story (chapter 12 is my idea)...i had warned you *muhahaha*
so here goes ppl...enjoy the nonsense!!


jhanvi smiled at the reflection in the mirror---'perfect' she thought...

But very next moment it cracked and to her astonishment something cam out of that....she had assumed if ever, anything came out of her mirror, it would be her conscience
But it was the sweepstakes lucky darw coupon the mirror manufacturers had put inside the mirror about 7 long years ago as a part of their marketing campaign, hoping that people would buy and deliberately break their mirrors and then buy and break some more, just to try and win the grand prize!
But far from the thought of winning any lottery was her mind which was racing quite fast anticipating the meeting with HIM later at noon and she was proud of the fact that her slender sexy figure and pristine beauty would win HIM over!
just in the passing, she glanced at the lottery coupon, which...surprise surprise...was saying eactly what was on her mind..

She could not believe her eyes!!
She wondered if someone was playing a prank....She read the scratched coupon once again, 'You won Candle nite dinner with Mr. Aaoo Kapoor'

She read the fineprint....Since Mr. Aaoo Kapur is ugly beyond description, as you might have noticed, we have deliberately arranged for a Candle 'nite'' dinner instead of a candle-light dinner, which has the speciality that none of the candles will be lit.
She immediately called her best friend who knew Mr. Aaoo Kapoor's secretary.
But the best friend was out of earshot.

She panicked and decided that she would feign fever. For that, she stuck an onion into her armpit.She actually got the fever, fell asleep and started getting hallucinatory dreams where her school chemistry teacher was asking her oral exam questions about negative and positive ions and she was continuously answering 'cation, 'anion' but it turned out the answer inside her teacher's mind was onion!

Fearing deadly punishment jhanvi rushed out of the class only to find herself chased by a 'stupid' looking dinosaur that seemed hell bent on scotching any sort of sanity that might exist in jhanvi's world.

The Dino Had a 3d web 2.0 Glaze Mirror reflection inside its eye... and jhanvi was soon Mesmerized into those electromagnetic Eyes of dino deep inside.....Jhanvi Smiled at the reflection.. Perfect she thought.... this time... the Eye ( Mirror Refelecting Effect ) isnt cracking anymore to get some kapoors out... instead shes pulled inside the Dinos Eye... and now shes travelling inside the retina... she could feel the Quantum Flames ignited in there.. Jhanvi Thought that this is her last Hours of life ... and got nostalgic to know how her life had been treating her... Jhanvi goes Nostalgic

she thought for a moment, "what the hell had happened to me?"
It was then she saw him coming...He looked as ugly as ever.

She was looking at her own Reflection........ but the reflected image had Aura of Male Gender... she was horrified to see her reflection as a male "as ugly as ever".... the reflection was Jhanv(i)ar... the new herself was nicknamed jhanvar...this is how Jhanvi meets Her own Ugly side Jhanvar

She gave out a loud scream and woke up from her dream to find her astounded mother by her side.........................
Jhanvi was relieved to know that all this was a dream... she got up... kissed her mother... and headed towards kitchen .. she Opened the fridge had some water... sat on the dinning table... and shooked her head for all that was a dream....

Jhanvi then laughed at herself... went to the bathroom she was searching for mouthwash.... while doing so... she noticed herself in the mirror... and then tweaking her tongue out..Jhanvi Smiled at the reflection.. Perfect she thought.... this time... she kept teasing her reflection in the mirror by uttering " Jhanv(i)ar Jhanvar...

She kept saying it... and her voice echoed... Jhanvi jhanvi... The shrilled resonance had her hair raised... and she found that the reflection in the mirror was actually ecohing ... Jhanvar jhanvar.... while she was saying jhanvi jhanvi......

She quelled that voices. It was an act of supreme meditation. But she hadn't forgotten about that date yet and didn't want it to be turning ugly like her dream.
She got heart attack and died.And after two decade she born in zimbabwe.Again she could not bear the inflation and got heart attack but survived.
but then she came to read nostalgic moments
and suffered another heart attack!
she couldnt survive this time

but she had to....she had to survive...for rahul..................

..Rahul her best friend who had run away with Aditi....

While Reading Nostalgic Moments..... She had a spin in her Mind.... the mind went into reverse actions as if flicker was Flicked from last page to the first page....all the events were flashing her mind in reverse direction
1) surviving heart Attack while reading Nostalgic Moments
2) Being Born In Zimbabwe in a Black Masai Inhabitant
3) Watching her dead body after having a heart attack
4) watching herself in bathroom mirror with voices over
5) Getting up from a dream
In The Dream...
a) Watching her own ugly self with an opposite gender Reflection Nicknamed Jhanvar
b) Inside the Dinos Retina enjoying the horriified Quantum Flames
c) Coming Out of Dinos Retina Watching Dinos Reflecting Eye
d) Fearing deadly punishment jhanvi rushing out of the class
e) Chemistry Teachers Oral Exam
f) Onions Anion Cation
g) Having Fever
h) Calling Best Friend ( Aaoo Kapoors Secretary)Candle nite Dinner
i) Winning Note on a Scratched Coupun
j) cracking of Mirror
k) Beliving that conscience would Come out of her Mirror
l) Jhanvi Smiled at the reflection.. Perfect she thought.... this time
M) Left Withdrawing Support Loksabha decided to be on Floor Nuclear deal takes centre Stage With Mayawati As a Probabale
The Mind kept Spinning in revrse Gear....In The Dream...

Suddenly Jhanvi realised that the stars (read: all the above star commentors above, who have made a big discontinuous mess of a story)had messed with her life horribly and she felt this intense break break free from this break free of this life the stars were fact, to break free from web 2.0 she went for the last resort and said,"Parle-G 'Shakti'man, help!!!!!!"
But no one came .. she screamed one more time ..

....and lo and behold...there stood rahul in a brand new 'shaktimaan' avtaar carrying Aditi, Jhanvi sweet little cat
(Backdrop playing Kabhi kabhi Aditi Zindagi ..)

suddenly the sky is covered with dark clouds....and a bolt of lightening flashes across the sky asif dividing it into two the clock in the livingroom strikes 12...........................
There, lo and behold, outside at her front door are 12 VERY handsome young men waiting for her.
But it did not matter cos the door was locked, as she and rahul were now vacationing in Honolulu, where rahul had instantly transported her to, with one 'shaktiman swrirl'

Jhani Is PREGNANT :O ..... While on Vacation at honolulu the news breaks... rahul looses trust as he knows he cant be the one for whom shes got pregnant ... so like millions Of Radiance Bursting out of the Sun.... he asks Jhanvi

" Bol Is Bacchey Ka Baap Kaun Hain"

Jhaanvi proclaims that she does not know and suspects that it was an alien that impregnated her while she was asleep.
Jhanvi... Instead Shouts Back at rahul..screams at him for the first time in the life.... and asks her what is all this going... she says she isnt aware even of... who the mother of child thats forming inside her...

Rahul is terrorised by jhanvis reaction... and he readily remembers what the respected member of parliament "Govinda" had said in his film.... " IT HAPPENS ONLY IN INDIA".....

remembering this... he remembers that he needs to watch DD Live as the Debate is going on in the parliament... he tells jhanvi... that its crucial time.. for her and him to know... who exactly the mom and dad are of the child from whom jhanvi is pregnant and they both decide to track them on DD Live parliament debate... they know Parent to the child must be from These Member of parliament... and they get tuned to Loksabha Floor where Rahul Gandhi was speaking of how Important the Nuclear(Nucleas) is to vidharba....
But jhanvi is very patriotic, so she says "Isme mere parliament ko beechmein mat lao", just like in a heated argument or fight, some people say "Isme mere baapko beechmein mat la, mere se baat kar"

(Actually she said this because of the sheer boringness of bringing the parliament in this whole story)

Jhanvi Reacts to this... and questions

Kya Fark hain mujhmein aur Desh ki parliament
Parliament ko bar bar Vote of confidence prove karna padta hain.. Aur mujhey apni vafadari
Parliament Mein shor hota hain.... aur mujhmein Log Bore hotey hain
Parliament bar bar Marti neta key haath sey.... aur mein heart attck sey
Parliament mein iski topi uskey sar... aur mujhmein uska baccha merey ghar

Rahul... tum hi kaho mein kya karooon.... rahul tumharey papa ney desh ko italian maa di hain..... tum desh ko Zimbabwe ki Dulhaan do... Rahulll Mujhsey Shadi karogey ???????

rahul is shocked...whatever happened to his shy friend jhanvi---he wonders....
is it really her??
and then was it love that they shared or was it just friendship----rahul dosent know how to react......

Since Rahul has no idea how to react ... so he sings a song.....
u: main to aarti utaaruun re santoshi maata ki - 2
jaya jaya santoshi maata jaya jaya maan - 2
with few juniour artist acrobat-ing and running around.behind rahul and jhanvi.. and virtual jhanvi in various western outfit ( @ of 1 dress per minute and per location) some times in kashmir... sometimes in goa... sometimes in Iraq... and finally in Somalia... where rahul flaunts, flirts and fusses around with jhanvi...... while rahul was dreaming all this... ..

There Enteres suddenly 'Aditi' (introduced earlier as jhanvis cat) meow is all it takes for jhanvi to realise what a fool shes been....she has been in love with someone who had walked away with the only emotional support she had...the one being that was with her since her birth...the gift her grandmother had given her mom on her dying bed...her mewing friend---aditi!
realisation dawns over jhanvi as she goes to rahul and slaps him hard on the face...

the sound of the slap resonates in rahuls ears and before he can come back to his senses, jhanvi walks away with aditi trotting beside her....never to look back again......
(****the song 'kabhi kabhi aditi' plays softly in the background****)

THE END!! ;)


hii everyone.....

i did not give u ppl enough time to miss me i guess ;)
but i did miss being around like crazy....yeah yeah..i know! its just been 8 days...but 192 hours is a hell lotta time...sigh!
i was afraid i would go into withdrawal :p

anyways now that im back into action *drumrolls in the background*, let the fun begin!!

have a great weekend!! :)

August 02, 2008

i wont be blogging for a while......
sorry for breaking out the news soo abruptly.....

cant say much as of now...
but i hope to be back as soon as possible...