May 21, 2018


If they stop and ask you who you are
Give them no reply
Let them search you for your identity, you have none
Free souls do not belong to any religion
Caste, creed, gender- nothing matters
You fly beyond these boundaries
Demarcating triage and high-risk zones
If they stop and ask you who you are
Give them no reply
Show them the colour of your blood instead
Ask them if it's any different from theirs
Or from that shed at the battleground
Ask if they don't smile on seeing a loved one
Or hope to see their family safe every single day
Just like you do
Ask if they wouldn't light the world on fire
To avenge the rape of their daughter, the murder of their wife
Just like you would
If they stop and ask you who you are
Give them no reply
Not until they tame the demon in their eyes
Not until they destroy the bias in their soul

May 20, 2018

The dirty truth

There comes a time when the only way to start living is to tell a story. Some may call it redemption, some call it the truth. Whether fact or fiction, who is to say? Life, after all, is a complex amalgamation of what is and what we want it to be.

As children, we are taught to always speak the truth, that lying is a sin. Honesty is the best policy. He who lies has to face the burden of guilt and the wrath of goodness.
But today, when I think back, I wonder how much of that is actually true. What about the lies we tell ourselves, the fibs that our heart coerces our mind to believe? Defense mechanisms, coping methods; we all device those as we grow up, sometimes to save ourselves and sometimes to save the situation we are in.
God (again, a highly debatable belief system) save us, it seems like we are all heading straight to purgatory. Purgatory??! There goes another half-truth we keep trying to convince ourselves of in order to live according to the so called moral standards set by society, which in turn again are a farce.

Where does the buck stop really?