August 29, 2009


is FACEBOOK slowly but surely trying to replace BLOGGER??
have i become lazier??
or is it that writing something in one vague looking line makes me happier than giving a clearer picture through a long post?
or could it be the sinking feeling that probably my FB profile nowadays attracts more comments than my posts out here *goes into sulk mode*

please dont mind me..its just one of those "nobody loves me" days again. *snif.whimper*
please carry on with whatever u were blog is not good enough i know..u got better and more important things to do than listen to my stories :(

*waits some more*
*holds her breath and waits a lil longer*

in case u havent noticed you heartless insensitive idiot, that was EBM i was trying up there and YOU are not even reacting?? DAMN YOU!!

*counts 1 to 10 and breathes in deep to regain composure*

ok so i was saying...
im afraid if i get addicted to facebook and one-liner-status-msgs there, il'l grow old before the book is out as it would take me ages to gather the required motivation to complete it :(
*looks around all dejected waiting for the optimist in her to wake up*

hmmmmmmmmm....hang on just a minute!!(i think lazybones 'opti' is up already..yayy!) could it be a sign that i should probably publish a book of quotes instead---inspired by my very own cryptic facebook profile??
would you read it? wouldya? wouldya? *rubbing palms with glee*

P.S: just FYI its a blue saturday and you are allowed to lie to make me happy

August 26, 2009

lets face it

why are we blaming the poor heart all the time?

wrong emotions--we start blaming it for being illogical!
vulnerabilities--we start blaming it for being oversensitive!
falling in love---we start taking pride or blaming it again!

they say---
the heart skips
the heart jumps
the heart glows
the heart fears
the heart rebels
the heart dreams
the heart breaks

they say----
the heart is stubborn
the heart is kind
the heart is brave
the heart is blind
the heart is sweet

they say----
the heart understands the language of love
the heart understands no logic

they say----
"listen to your heart"
"your heart will give u all the answers"
"the heart is always right"
"your heart knows best"

just when exactly are we going to accept the fact that the 'heart' is only a goddamn organ with no relation to love, logic, sentiments and emotions or the lack of it??!

August 25, 2009

ohh 'A.E Housman' i bow to thee, in the name of poetry...

Along the field as we came by
A year ago, my love and I,
The aspen over stile and stone
Was talking to itself alone.
'Oh who are these that kiss and pass?
A country lover and his lass;
Two lovers looking to be wed;
And time shall put them both to bed,
But she shall lie with earth above,
And he beside another love.'

And sure enough beneath the tree
There walks another love with me,
And overhead the aspen heaves
Its rainy-sounding silver leaves;
And I spell nothing in their stir,
But now perhaps they speak to her,
And plain for her to understand
They talk about a time at hand
When I shall sleep with clover clad,
And she beside another lad


August 21, 2009

The countdown is finally going to end..
just one more day to go and HE will be here.

so here's wishing everyone a very very happy ganesh chaturthi :)


August 20, 2009

is a blog-update-notification that urgent really???

I can understand that some people are really super enthusiastic about blogging and comments..but just what exactly do u mean by texting me at around 3 o'clock in the morning just to inform about a new blogpost update!!

and to think this isn't the first time..its no longer funny how this person somehow manages to msg me only in the wee hours of the morning just to inform about his updated blog.
i reckon its because he posts only after midnight due to lack of time during the day but do i really have to be the first person to know about it???? and if so, please for heaven's sake tell me WHYYYYY??
well actually speaking, as discussed with a few other bloggers on a former similar ocassion, it was brought to notice that he belongs to that dangerous species of bloggers who shoot out notifications to almost everyone they know according to their convenience..and if thats so, im sure im not the only one getting mad in a 'i-wish-i-could-cut-him-into-tiny-pieces' kinda fashion at him at 3am in the morning *rolling eyes*

frankly, i have nothing against this species..but only as long as they restrict their tactics to general orkut and facebook and gtalk advertisement.
but calling up or texting to inform is just soo not done..its freaky actually! :-/

i mean you dont think his blog is going to turn into a pumkin if he waited till morning, do u? [im quite enjoying this thought actually..i know, i am wicked like that.heehee!]

sidenote: this post is written in a really irritated frame of mind since i was rudely jolted out of my slumber by 3 consecutive msg beeps saying "hi u awake?" followed by "BLOG UPDATED" followed by "please rush" (yea right! u wish)
to top it, i just could'nt get back to sleep and had to spend the rest of the night staring at the ceiling, uncomfortably tossing and turning ocassionally (when the ceiling fan got too boring and scary to stare at) only to be greeted by a splitting stubborn headache in the morning..

its no wonder that i havent visited the forementioned blog and if i get any more of those 3am-post-update-notifications, i swear im NEVER going there again!!

August 18, 2009


someone somewhere is dreaming of spending an entire lifetime with you at the exact same moment you are hoping to spend your entire life with some other someone else...
someone somewhere is tracing your face in the stars at the exact same moment you are trying to sketch a life pattern with some other someone else in them...
someone somewhere is sad because you are sad at the exact same moment you are feeling helpless because some other someone else is sad about something you cant do anything about...
someone somewhere is hoping all your dreams come true at the exact same moment you are hoping the same for some other someone else...
someone somewhere is praying for your happiness the exact same moment you are praying for the happiness of some other someone else...
someone somewhere is still hanging onto the small hope that things might just turn all right at the exact same moment you smile hoping for a happy ending with some other someone else...
someone somewhere thinks you will never understand how much it hurts when some other someone else is breaking your heart every passing moment...

its a small world and we are all human...someone is bound to develop feelings for someone who inturn (as purely luck may have it) may or may not share the same.

such is life..its got everything in store for you..just that its never exactly the way you want it!!

August 16, 2009

tomorrow never comes

everytime she spoke to him,
a little more of her soul she bared...
and everytime he spoke to her,
he wondered if he really cared...

today shattered he sits and weeps,
defeated by an evil stroke of fate...
she lies there lifeless still in love,
he has realised he cares but a bit too late!!

August 14, 2009

15th august 2009

no matter how much we crib about the prevailing conditions in our country,
no matter how much we complain about the lacking government, corrupt politicians and slow progress,
no matter how far we stray away to different countries across different continents, the truth remains that our heart still belongs to INDIA and we are hell proud of it.

there is an undying confidence that the prevailing condition will improve and we will see better times..
there is a faith that we will succeed in fighting the inustice and united, we can and will emerge as a strong power for the world to see..a winner just like it had been on the 15th august 1947---a victory we will keep renewing every coming year.
there is a connection which attaches us to the place, the people back home..a connection so strong that it can easily topple over all the luxuries of life in a foreign land with the heartwarming music of just one desi ghazal bringing misty memories and a strong urge to just leave everything behind and head home.

yes that is what india is to us---amidst all the frustration, the poverty, the struggle to survive, the bomb attacks, the fears, the insecurities, the terror created by religious fanatics, there is still this one belief which over rules all these and gives us the courage to stand tall and fight against all the odds--the belief that INDIA is HOME.

here's wishing all indians not only in INDIA but world wide over, a very happy independence day.


August 11, 2009

confirmed yet confused!

there comes a point when you find you have had enough of everything...of love..of friendship...of emotions..and the drama that life brings along.....
you dont care what would hurt anymore because uve been through all the bullshit and after having tolerated it for more than what you thought u could, you realise that you just cant take it any longer...and all you need is a moment to realise this.
however the tough part is how long after does this 'moment' arrive?

Neverthless, sooner or later--it does!
and that so-called moment my friends, is when you actually start living for YOURSELF!

im afraid im somewhere very very close but the problem is i really dont know whether to be happy or sad about it.

August 06, 2009

the "I" tag...

Adi, once again has tagged me with this here goes:

1. I am listening to...Farida khanums 'aaj jaane ki zid na karo'

2. I talk...quite a lot!

3. I love...walking on the thin line between fiction and reality and so i write!

4. My best friends....are those who i know are always there for me, no matter what i say or do!

5. Love is...strange!????!!!!

6. Somewhere, someone is thinking...that i still care as much as i once did when the truth is i really dont!

7. I'll always...have nostalgic moments

8. The last time I really cried was because...of something which really hurt my feelings

9. My cell low on battery most of the time

10. When I wake up in the morning...i usually feel i was better off sleeping

11. Before I go to bed...i think about the day that has passed and make a new decision for the one that is coming

12. Right now I am thinking about....stories which can have neither a beginning nor an end

13. Babies are...tiny happy people who poop all the time but are oblivious of what bigger mess lies ahead in life

14. I old chapter of comfortable memories

15. Today I...wonder how the 'book' will end!

16. Tomorrow I will be...remembered and missed for what i am today!

17. I really want to be...just a little teeny weeny bit more realistic, strong headed and practical when it comes to certain things!

18. I can...but i wont! *yawn*

19. I cant stand anyone who is...dual-faced to the extent of being manipulative just as much as i hate liars!

20. I tag...whoever wants to take up this tag! (i know tags are a pain to no compulsions)

August 04, 2009

and the song of the moment is...

"dil ne hum se jo kahaa, hum ne waisaa hee kiyaa,
phir kabheee fursat se sochenge, buraa thaa yaa bhalaa..

zindagi khwaab hain, khwaab mein,
jhooth kya, aur bhalaa sach hain kya..
sab sach hain"

: naaaawww im not drunk..just a little senti! :-/

August 01, 2009

its complicated

A recent meetup with four close friends had us talking about social networking sites after around three hours of talking about everything else we could possibly think of.
after dissecting them piece by piece, talking about the various pro's and cons, the interference of ppl u dont really want interfering, the stupid quizzes we keep taking to kill time and the random crappy stranger requests i decided to raise the hottest topic and current obsession of everyone who joins these sites--the curiosity factor particularly about the relationship status.

while one friend admitted that facebook is now only restricted to curiosity element, another pointed out that the update about relationship status in these networks are never to be trusted..hmm..interesting!
the discussion further delved into the reasons for his controversial comment.and what followed was a huge animated discussion about the in-depth analysis of the human psyche which went something like this---

in a relationship status update on a social networking site,
what does "single" actually mean?
R: "ohh it means the person could be single" (please note here the usage of the words 'could be')

ME: "well, there are so many people out there who are committed and yet update their status as single.its mostly because of the insecurity in the relationship"

S: "it could also be the poor guy/girl is contemplating a breakup u know--benefit of doubt"

T: "i dont see anything wrong in that..why does he have to declare to the world that he/she is single..its none of their business"

what does "committed" actually mean?
R: "ohh it means that the person could or could not be committed" (yeah u guessed right.R is a lawyer and believes in sitting on the fence even if it means he gets a sore ass in the bargain.he is also the most skeptical human on this part of the globe).

ME: "ohh i think il'l agree with does'nt say much..maybe the person is actually in a relationship or maybe he wants everyone in the whole wide world to believe he is in one"

S: "maybe the guy really wants to be in one and the person he is interested in, doesn't really believe u know..just to prove a point or something" (ok insert a full volume laugh track here with S being the only person with a serious expression making us all doubt the reason behind his recent status change)

T: "it could also be possible that this guy or girl has gone through a recent breakup and wants to show his ex that he has already moved on.huh? huh?"

what does "married" mean?
R: after a long pause "means he/she is married"

ME: "means he/she is married..period!"

S: "it means 'buddy im married!'"

T: "it means married and brave enough to accept the fault"

(phew! ok atleast we have an unopposed vote on the honesty of this option)

what does "open relationship" mean?
R: "it means that there are no strings attached.u live your life your way and i will live mine and dont expect fidelity, monogamy or the stuff relationships are actually supposed to be made of from opinion--all good until one of them falls in love with the other--the other to whom it still is an open relationship..
that is when, my friend an open relationship becomes a CLOSED one!"

ME: "i wont judge anyone going for this.but personally i dont believe in open relationships.i think its just an excuse to have your share of fun--be commitment free and guilt free too!"

S: "wait! we are missing the point..why update it as a relationship status?and can a person have more than one open-relationship at the same time??" (goes into a dream like state while we leave him behind and carry on the conversation)

T: "well i dunno what to say..atleast they are being honest about both parties are in the know! its their choice after all.its better than being cheated on isnt i?" (we had to agree that was a valid point)

and now last but not the least *drumrolls in the background*
what does "complicated relationship" mean?
R: "it means that the guy or girl is the most honest person in the world..all relationships at some point are complicated.and thats easy to believe.."

ME: "and not to forget if he is contemplating a breakup, it will get complicated in a while again justified! and the last option, if he wants to prove a point to his sweetheart who does not believe him enough, then its soo TOTALLY there!!"

S: "yeah, besides if he is single, that means he/she either has not found the right person or doesn't want to which again makes it kinda complicated."

T: "ohh and just in case he is married, its still easier..its definitely complicated after marriage!"

and just like that, four friends sitting in CCD one rainy afternoon, came to the perfect conclusion of the perfect relationship.
its kinda sad that they still stick to the universal more socially acceptable and comprehensible versions when it comes to their own profiles..
but deep down in their hearts they know that there is in reality, just one unanimous relationship status which sums them all---COMPLICATED!!