August 11, 2009

confirmed yet confused!

there comes a point when you find you have had enough of everything...of love..of friendship...of emotions..and the drama that life brings along.....
you dont care what would hurt anymore because uve been through all the bullshit and after having tolerated it for more than what you thought u could, you realise that you just cant take it any longer...and all you need is a moment to realise this.
however the tough part is how long after does this 'moment' arrive?

Neverthless, sooner or later--it does!
and that so-called moment my friends, is when you actually start living for YOURSELF!

im afraid im somewhere very very close but the problem is i really dont know whether to be happy or sad about it.


Arv said...

its a phase... just enjoy it for it will change again soon :)

sri said...

What is enough of everything is very relative, and may be you need all the hurt so u can understand better, love better and be better - doesnot mean u are not one though :) but even gold and diamond needs some cleansing to shine through :) All the best U are already there, the fact that u are talkinga nd writin about it. Start living, for urself and for the benefit of others , there is just too much going around in this world and we need more people to spread smiles :)

Naina said...

just like Arv said.. strange as it is.. nothing but nothing stays permanent in this thing called 'life'..

Nidz said...

Cheer up gal. Hugss...

Abhishek Behera said...

such a bereft post! trust me someone will come and you will once again say: I live for him/her. Mark my words.

Anonymous said...

be happy no matter what ever happens

Pri said...

@ arv
i really dont know whether to thank you for that prediction or kill you for!!
being emotionally numb could be bad but it could be just as good as well :)

@ srivats
yea ur right..we need more people who can share some smiles..kindly direct them this way if u meet them ;)
on a more serious note, i understand perfectly what ur saying..thanks :)

@ rane
and thats exactly what i dont know whether to be happy or sad about..sigh!

@ nidzii
thanks trying to :)

Pri said...

@ abhishek sim
that sounds kinda scary..i dont think i want that..
but neverthless i know u mean well :)

@ chriz
thanks pal..will try to!
seeing you after quite a happy already :)

the gang said...

The Furobiker said...

be happy enjoy life

Pri said...

@ the gang
zara zara si baat pe???? really? :)

@ abhishek khanna
wah!! what a great statement..and sucha profound one :p
tumhari originality ka jawab nahi!!!

Rakesh said...

aisa hona hi chaiye nahi to life m maja nahi will be boring yaar...hai na...enjoy every moment:)...