August 04, 2009

and the song of the moment is...

"dil ne hum se jo kahaa, hum ne waisaa hee kiyaa,
phir kabheee fursat se sochenge, buraa thaa yaa bhalaa..

zindagi khwaab hain, khwaab mein,
jhooth kya, aur bhalaa sach hain kya..
sab sach hain"

: naaaawww im not drunk..just a little senti! :-/


Arv said...

blame the afternoon weather :P

paramveer said...

good choice...n i hv never listened this song a it seems to be......:P

Nidz said...

our senti Pri.. nice song lyrics BTW.
i dont think i have heard this song. wud se the link sometime.
Keep posting

Anonymous said...

its my favorite song

Pri said...

@ arv
well its a lovely weather..and its a lovely song im not complaining! :)

@ paramveer
u havent?? im surprised!
i guess we people are too distracted by the modern jingbang to listen to those soulful melodies of yesteryears :)

@ nidzi
ohh u should listen to it then.i think ur gonna like it :)

@ anonymous