August 14, 2009

15th august 2009

no matter how much we crib about the prevailing conditions in our country,
no matter how much we complain about the lacking government, corrupt politicians and slow progress,
no matter how far we stray away to different countries across different continents, the truth remains that our heart still belongs to INDIA and we are hell proud of it.

there is an undying confidence that the prevailing condition will improve and we will see better times..
there is a faith that we will succeed in fighting the inustice and united, we can and will emerge as a strong power for the world to see..a winner just like it had been on the 15th august 1947---a victory we will keep renewing every coming year.
there is a connection which attaches us to the place, the people back home..a connection so strong that it can easily topple over all the luxuries of life in a foreign land with the heartwarming music of just one desi ghazal bringing misty memories and a strong urge to just leave everything behind and head home.

yes that is what india is to us---amidst all the frustration, the poverty, the struggle to survive, the bomb attacks, the fears, the insecurities, the terror created by religious fanatics, there is still this one belief which over rules all these and gives us the courage to stand tall and fight against all the odds--the belief that INDIA is HOME.

here's wishing all indians not only in INDIA but world wide over, a very happy independence day.



Naina said...

wow girl.. this one made me feel so so so proud :)

Jai hind..and happy Independence day..


Priya Joyce said...

happy Independence day dear :)

Aditi said...

Beautiful :) ...Yes we complain about this n that evrey now n then but in the end We love our country.
And thats all that matters ! :)
JAi hind.

Blog Boy said...

Happy independence day to you too.

sri said...

Yes I am proud to be Indian and I hope things would change for betterment :) Great post, very inspiring!

WritingsForLife said...

Happy Independence Day! :-)