August 26, 2009

lets face it

why are we blaming the poor heart all the time?

wrong emotions--we start blaming it for being illogical!
vulnerabilities--we start blaming it for being oversensitive!
falling in love---we start taking pride or blaming it again!

they say---
the heart skips
the heart jumps
the heart glows
the heart fears
the heart rebels
the heart dreams
the heart breaks

they say----
the heart is stubborn
the heart is kind
the heart is brave
the heart is blind
the heart is sweet

they say----
the heart understands the language of love
the heart understands no logic

they say----
"listen to your heart"
"your heart will give u all the answers"
"the heart is always right"
"your heart knows best"

just when exactly are we going to accept the fact that the 'heart' is only a goddamn organ with no relation to love, logic, sentiments and emotions or the lack of it??!


Varun said...

thus speaketh the doctor!

waise i wonder why heart and hurt sound so similar ;-)

Naina said...

you have taken my mind and placed it on the right track..thank you!!

sri said...

haha angry on someone ? :)

Anonymous said...

what a post!

very thoughtful.

nidhi said...

the only privileged organ which is remembered the most......lucky!!!

Suree said...

then there should be some organ which is responsible for all those actions u mentioned...

whats that :P

Pri said...

@ varun
and ther's another one..sigh!
the only time the 'heart' can be hurt is when its having some pathological defect

@ rane
you are most welcome..i think im getting mine on the right track too *grin*

@ srivats
why?? do i seem angry? :p

@ leo
this is something which everyone knows yet dosn't want to accept..
we like blaming the heart dont we? :)

@ nidhi
unfortunately yes!
its getting famous without having to put any effort at all :p

@ suree
well if u do really want to relate emotions and sentiments to an organ, then it should be the "BRAIN"
its just that it prefers to stay quiet and points towards the heartt probably because its smart enough to understand that the one who gets the credit gets the blame too..

Anil P said...

Suppose, it is. Then? :-)

Pri said...

@ anil p
then we should stop blaming it or giving it undue credit for things it is not in the least responsible for! :)

abhishek said...

uhmm, we understand heart is just a organ...heart doesn't! :P