August 18, 2009


someone somewhere is dreaming of spending an entire lifetime with you at the exact same moment you are hoping to spend your entire life with some other someone else...
someone somewhere is tracing your face in the stars at the exact same moment you are trying to sketch a life pattern with some other someone else in them...
someone somewhere is sad because you are sad at the exact same moment you are feeling helpless because some other someone else is sad about something you cant do anything about...
someone somewhere is hoping all your dreams come true at the exact same moment you are hoping the same for some other someone else...
someone somewhere is praying for your happiness the exact same moment you are praying for the happiness of some other someone else...
someone somewhere is still hanging onto the small hope that things might just turn all right at the exact same moment you smile hoping for a happy ending with some other someone else...
someone somewhere thinks you will never understand how much it hurts when some other someone else is breaking your heart every passing moment...

its a small world and we are all human...someone is bound to develop feelings for someone who inturn (as purely luck may have it) may or may not share the same.

such is life..its got everything in store for you..just that its never exactly the way you want it!!


aarti said...

ya thats life.but i think the person who loves u is far more special more than the person whom u love.
life does not give us everything we want but sometimes it gives us something far better

Ru. said...

great post Pri...
such is life!
duniya jisse kahte hai jadoo ka khilona hai; miljaye toh mitti hai, khojaye toh sona hai!!

sri said...

such is always life, u got to read paulo's brida to understand love better. Someone better is out there, not because I am telling this or its a make up line, Someone is truely out there for each if we choose to believe, have unwavering faith and risk our love for that person, I second what aarti said . Life doesnot give us everything we want but something far better!

Ankur said...

i told ya but u dont believe me... believe ur self then.. u dont sound like doing good to me atleast... and i would love to be wrong here though my instinct says am not!!

Love is overrated... ask me! :)


Anil Sawan said...

ironic but sad, aint it?

Charmed One! said...

Yup thats how life sometimes is.. you never actually get what you want.. n wen you get it.. you realise its not wat you want..
totally ironic..

Pri said...

@ aarti
///life does not give us everything we want but sometimes it gives us something far better///
dil ko behlane ke liye ghalib,
yeh khayal bhi accha hain! :)

@ rupa
very true!
most often we realise the value of something only after we lose it.

"chaahe Jo Tumhe Poore Dil Se
Milta Hai Woh Mushkil Se
Aisa Jo Koi Kahin Hai
Bas Vahi Sabse Hasin Hai
Us Haath Ko Tum Thaam Lo
Woh Meherbaan Kal Ho Na Ho"

@ srivats
frankly, paulo coehlo has this habit of creating this whole big world of make-believe
and i dont blame him..he is a writer afterall and its job to keep alive the magic through his words..
but real life is different!
i agree there is a someone waiting for everyone..just that its not the someone who we are waiting for..
life has this way of trying to teach us to take whats its giving, console ourselves that its for the best and move on...
and the ones who dont learn are labelled "stuck-up"
and thats what the real side of life is all about :)
brida speaks about having a hundred soulmates and that someone u think about being ur soulmate and the tradition of the moon and sun and bull crap methods to recognise also speaks about all the stuff paulo coehlo books are usually about (universe conspiring et al)..but frankly speaking, i think its all just a convenient but anything-but-real explanation for us to feel better.
P.S: no offence intended, neither to paulo coehlo nor to his fans :)

Pri said...

@ ankur
lol! cmon dude, cut me some slack here..
maybe u should'nt relate everything written here with my life :p
as for love being overrated, i wouldn't want to comment..everyone is free to have their own views about it

for me, its more like that pot of gold at the extreme end of the rainbow..just that im afraid of the fall the change in weather can bring about :)

@ sawan
yea thats life i guess--ironic AND sad! :)

@ charmed one
true and then again, sometimes u arnt even given a chance to find out.

Stupidosaur said...

Hmm love triangle eh?

Wait! Why do they call it love triangle?

A loves B, but B loves C.

Thats only 2 line segments. Its a love angle only.

To be a love triangle, it should be:

A loves B, B loves C, but C loves A.

Thats possible only if

A & B are normal people of opposite sex, and C is a gay of same sex as A.

A,B & C are gays of the same sex.

Sheesh! Love triangle! Some terms people come up with!

I guess I can blog about this now :)