July 21, 2011

time for some musical interaction----ANTAKSHARI-3!!!

We have always had a rocking time when we played antakshari on 'nostalgic moments'..I was just talking to my friends about it the other day and reminiscing about those times when it was a super duper success here and here
So on popular demand, we present before you "ANTAKSHARI-3" as promised eons ago.

the rules are as follows, for those who are still not aware---

'online antakshari' is just a simple game wherein you start with a song and the next person takes it from the last letter of the last word of that song and types (because unfortunately the virtual world has its limitations) another song...

lets try not to repeat any of the songs because repetition kinda spoils the fun..and make sure we dont murder any lyrics around here.we dont want those lyricists turning in their graves ;)
ohh and typing more than just two lines of the song is mandatory.
if by chance two people comment in at the same time with two different songs for the same letter, then the one who's comment appeared first will be considered.
anyone and everyone is invited to participate any number of times.so please feel free to spread the word around, because like we all know--when it comes to antakshari, the more the merrier!

so here we go, i will start with the opening song in the comment section..so take it from there and sing along..

cheers to life and our love for music...

YENJOYYYYYY!!! :) :) :)

July 20, 2011

cryptic thoughts #32

How do you catch up with the past to let it know that you are moving towards the future when you are rather sure it has moved on already, and is perhaps a lot ahead of you?
Is it the respect you once had, that is making you feel obliged for all those memories which will perhaps never leave your side, even as you walk towards a new future?
or is it a deep sense of responsibility urging you to complete a story half finished?

You feel you cant move ahead without taking along that piece of your soul which you left behind...
and then again, in the pursuit of retrieving what is left behind, are you totally convinced that the past wont suck you back in its endless abyss?

Feeling stuck between everything and nothing as a strange kinda 'dead-weight inertia tugs at me, refusing to let go.

Is silence the only option or is it just an easy way out?

July 19, 2011

a slice of ZNMD!!!

Besides the awesome "toh zinda ho tum" piece of poetry in the movie, there were other magical moments which stole my heart..
The friendship was amazing..the chemistry, sizzling...the adventure, totally mindblowing...and the cast of the movie couldn't have been better.
All in all, a must watch..totally 'paisa vasool' movie which makes you walk out of the movie hall with a smile on your face.

Farhan Akhtar's future seems super bright..he couldnt have fit the role any more perfectly.After 'ZNMD', ive become a fan of not just his voice but his 'acting' skills too.
But what takes the cake is the super sensational poetry by Javed Akhtar, which pulls at your heart strings and just refuses to let go.
So much was its charm that i couldn't help but youtube and hear it all over again :)

...apne hone pe mujhko yakeen aa gaya...

...humne dil ko yeh samajhaya, dil aakhir tu kyu rota hai...duniya mei yunhi hota hai...

...jiska pata tumko bhi hai...jiski khabar mujhko bhi hai..duniya se bhi chhupta nahi, yeh jaane kaisa raaz hai...

Those who havent watched it yet, please do yourselves a favour and go for it.
'Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara' rocks!!!

July 16, 2011

cryptic thoughts #31

You are living in your world of assumptions---the one you keep building brick by brick...floor by floor, ignoring and paying no heed to the walls of incomplete stories and half shared secrets that have always been enveloping it.

Someday this world you are building is bound to crumble and these walls of concrete realities will close in on you, making you smile for having missed the obvious, in the never ending pursuit to straighten out the creases in the details, all your life...

Hopefully that day, realisation will dawn on how some cracks always showed and how you who were too engrossed living in your world of assumptions, always ignored them...

Hopefully that day, you would stop and actually see things from a different perspective rather than complaining that no one saw it from yours...

till then, enjoy the view!!!

July 15, 2011

bombay kiski jaan??

Blasts in my favorite city leave me shuddering with fear, yet again.
When will this terror end?

I was checking the goa-bombay airfare online, when i received a text from one of my friends in bombay "ask me if im safe" it said..
I was trying to comprehend the text when my sis came rushing from her room, asking me to switch on the tv.and there it was screaming headlines on almost all news channel.

My friend wasn't drunk texting me--there had been major blasts in bombay, once again!!

My first reaction was one of utter shock and disbelief.
It was just a few days ago that i was planning a trip to bombay and as hell had wanted it, i was about to leave around this very same time.
But apparently as a stronger force wouldn't have it, this was not to happen and my trip got rescheduled to the months end.
I was just recovering from the shock of the situation, when the headlines and gory explosion site-scenes caught my attention once again.

There had happened three blasts in total.
The first was planted at Khau Gali in south Mumbai's Zaveri Bazaar, the second happened at the Opera House, near Charni Road, and within a matter of minutes,the third device which was placed on an electric pole at a Kabutar Khana bus stand in the Dadar area, exploded.
The injured were being rushed in rickshaws and as per reports there were several who had to walk to the hospital with bleeding heads and gashing wounds despite being severely injured.

The police claimed to find a body with some circuits and hence conclude that this was some suicide bomber who was appointed to the task.

Everyone is speculating..some say that since the attack occured on the 13th, it has to be the 'Mujahideen' group that must be involved..while others say that this could be the work of any terrorist group who decided to seek revenge on Kasab's birthday.while some police authorities are still contemplating whether it could be some mafia game, like the blasts that happened way back in 1990.

My question however, is and has always been the same--when does this stop? or rather, is there any end to this?

How long before we step out of the house expecting to return back safe, and actually returning?
If the governament can pass smart ass comments like claiming to decipher a code for the attacks, then why in hell are they not taking any action against it?
Why isn't Kasab hanged yet?
Why the staunch need to follow the most ethical protocol when it comes to a death sentence of someone who is responsible for so many deaths and death-like-states?
Ofcourse the government would have answers..doesn't it always?
Its india afterall..we ask questions, we get answers!!
The issue however is that we ask questions only when there is an attack..and the actions promised are postponed indefinitely until ofcourse its time to promise again.

Are we the public, too lazy to react?
or has the "we are survivors" theory overwhelmed our duped conscience so much that we are now taking pride in this reactionless silence?

How many times has this happened in the past and how many times have we felt this surge of rage before?
and then what happened?..the rage simmered down after a couple of days..everyone stopped talking about it..everyone celebrated the everlasting fighter spirit of bombay.
ohh cmon, arn't we getting bored of this now?!!

One cheap remark i heard someone make today was "arreee...why so much reaction? it is nowhere like the 26/11 terrorist attack"
What in hell is that supposed to mean?
why dont you go and say that to the parents of that recently married 26 year old who went to work in the morning, and never returned?
why dont you go and compare the tragedies with that mourning wife who lost her husband in the blast? those parents who lost their son? those families who got their near and dear ones injured?
Yea they would be able to describe the exact intensity of the blast, not you who is conveniently sitting within the comforts of your home and flipping news channels and comparing situations.

So now that we have all seen, heard and lamented about the 13th july 2011 blasts, tell me---how many of those hugs offered to random strangers as a campaigne to fight terrorism, helped?..how many of those candles lighted, raised even a flicker of sympathy in those who planted the bombs?
What happened to those pages we 'liked' on facebook? those badges we pinned against out display pics? those movies which left us teary eyed? or for that matter, even these posts we wrote and continue to write on our blogs?

Its disgusting really--how bombay which was supposed to be the 'city of dreams' has turned into a 'haven of nightmares'.

and we, the 'brave' survivors (who were lucky or perhaps lazy enough to have decided to stay at home) still have no choice but to shove it in the dark recesses of our short term memory, make a sad face and use the most overrated and unfortunately still the most overused line in the world, "what can we do? life moves on, no?"

Are we just waiting--in silence, in fear, in dread...waiting for the next time?

July 10, 2011

romancing with the moon...

I steal a glance,
he peeps at me,
and both of us light up with glee...
ohh how easy it can sometimes be,
romancing with the moon...

a tired soul,
a weary mind,
a better friend i couldn't find...
so unique and one of its kind,
is my romance with the moon...

counting hours,
until its night,
the world watches a lovers plight...
but nothing ever could feel so right
as romancing with the moon...

the soothing calmness,
the tranquil skies,
a million dreams in twinkling eyes,
all shared with no surprise,
while romancing with the moon...

no love affair,
has a trust so fine,
he knows im his and i know he is mine...
despite a million odds in line,
is my romance with the moon

an unspoken promise,
that we always keep,
to meet before we go to sleep...
as fate takes a boundless leap,
while romancing with the moon...

dancing in the rain,
singing with the stars,
makes me forget life's painful scars...
and im swept away in a world that's ours,
while romancing with the moon...


Writers note---
We as humans, all feel the need of solitude sometimes---the need to stay away from the crowd...the need to spend time alone..the need to protect ourselves from the hurt which we fear would eventually stem, from all things transient.
this piece is written in one such a frame of mind.

'Romancing with the moon' is symbolic of believing in the small gleam of hope which is capable of lighting up the darkest of nights..the tiny glitter of permanency which promises to never leave our side---the connection with our selves, the rendezvous with our soul..the whisper of our heartbeats...the conversations with our inner voice.

Even though the metaphorical ‘moon' is light years away from us, he still manages to evoke in us a guarantee that there is someone who will always be willing to listen to our side of the story, the one link capable of bridging the distance between soulmates separated over space and time---‘OUR CONSCIENCE’!!

This work of mine has been published in 'THE VIEWSPAPER' an online paper for the youth...to view the poem, click here :) :)

July 09, 2011

sheeshe ki gudia...

sheeshe ki gudia aaj toot hi gayi...
naaz tha apne khwabon per,
ashaon per armaano per,
ankhon ki masoomiyat per,
ladakhpan ki masroofiyat per,
dil ki komal sarsarahat per,
khamosh pyaar ki aahat per,
khudai per insaniyat per,
dhadkanon ke ruhaniyat per,
izhaar ke nazuk ikraar per
do dilon ke sacche pyaar per,
aakhir mohabbat usse rooth hi gayi...
sheesh ki gudia aaj toot hi gayi..

sheeshe ki gudia aaj toot hi gayi...
apne kho gaye ek ajnabi khel mein,
chaahat bikhar gayi rishton ki 'sale' mein,
alladpan badal gaya ek karhwe ehsaas mein,
ankhein nam hui kashmakash ke gehre raaz mein,
deewani banke haari na-mukammal preet mein,
vishwas raha na uska jeevan na miit mein,
aakhir sapno ki duniya usse chhoot hi gayi...
sheeshe ki gudia aaj toot hi gayi...

The above piece is something i had penned down quite a while ago (in a weird frame of mind, im assuming..hmmm!)
I found it while cleaning my desk today and so decided to post it.

July 08, 2011


would you allow me to paint your secret?
go visit one of your private most thoughts and stay there long enough to find my inspiration?
and then when im inspired enough, would you still not change your mind?
i might grow old by then..not be as zestful anymore..my hands might tremble from weakness and age..and while i decide which colour to paint with, would you have the same patience and let me stay?

would you allow me to paint your secret?
the one that i am yet not aware of?
the one which you have been hiding from the world behind that curtain of anonymity?
the one you flinch when approached to uncover?
would you share that secret with me and wait long enough to see the masterpiece formed once the colours set?

would you allow me to paint your secret?
would you trust me enough to let me enter into the dark recesses of your mind and peep at whats going on, in there?
would you share every single detail of your life with me---the ones i do not know of and even the ones i need not know of?
and would you not hesitate even a little while doing so?

I know what it is to have your secrets painted..
I once let someone paint all of mine---only to realise that the masterpiece which i expected to stay sacrosanct turned out to be nothing but a careless splay of colours splashed over the wall for all to see and mock at.
The colours were all wrong and so was the artist whom i had trusted them with.
and that is when i decided to paint my own masterpiece--because then was that i learned the true strength of human emotions..and how a small crack in trust can make even the strongest of relations crumble to pieces.

but had i to not share my secret, had i to keep my thoughts to myself, i would never have learned---
what happiness meant--the happiness that comes from confiding in someone...
what hurt meant---the hurt the heart feels when that someone lets you down...
what confidence meant---the confidence to stay firm & listen to your conscience...
what strength meant--the strength in letting go & moving on or atleast trying to...

Betrayal of trust is not your misfortune (which we often tend to feel)..but rather, it is the misfortune of the ones who let your trust down---for they would realise the value of trust someday, a little too late.

I do not intend to scare you...neither am i holding a 'trust me at your own risk' placard.
Im just keeping the cards before you---noone knows what tomorrow may look like.Its futile to make promises because life has an uncanny way of making or breaking them as and how it wants to.
Whether the future would hold the guilt of trusting someone blindly or the fortune of claiming a bond that we can be proud of all through our lives---only time can tell.

and so i ask you to think once again..take your time.
Are you really ready to take that risk?

would you still allow me to paint your secret?

July 07, 2011

tip tip tip tip baarish...

Its raining elephants & giraffe's here. :-|

It was just a few days ago when i was praying for the rains.Almost all my facebook status messages revolved around how hot and stuffy it was getting and how the parched earth desperately needed some friendly showers for life to feel human again.

I guess it was more because of my utter frustration and incessant rants that the weather man up there decide to oblige and grant me the favour. (people who know me would know how irritatingly persuasive i can get)

so, yes its raining...and yes, im sulking again :(

Why you ask?? cmonnn...i am aware of the 'jab woh deta hai, toh chhappar phaad ke deta hai' philosphy et al, but this is ridiculous----its been pouring like there's no tomorrow!!! :-|

Murky roads, mornings which could very well pass off as nights in a clockless world, unwanted memories which somehow seep back into life like the raindrops through a leaking roof, roadside swimming contests while on the way to work and back, cold nights, fungus covered walls, frizzy hair days, getting caught while dozing during work hours, cases of malaria & typhoid & if not that, atleast sinusitis.....you get the drift dont you?
To top it all, i now renalise why there are maximum suicide cases reported in seattle---the gloomy weather is the culprit.

Much to my disgust, i am repeatedly reminded of the famous "dekho baarish ho rahi, its raining..its raining..its raining..." & the equally annoying line following it.
eyuccckkk!! my mind plays mean tricks on me at times :-|

Thinking of it, i am a little scared...how can i desperately want & hope for something one day and hate it with equal intensity on the next??
Ive always been a sucker for the rains..the hopeless romantic right from my teenage years (when the hormones kicked in) who thrived on corny bollywood flicks & romantic day dreams with a very thin line of difference in between.

As the years went and the juvenile rush of hormones stabilised, so did the idea of romance.but my love for the rains remained intact..err atleast until a few days ago..or so i thought.

so what happened now?
Have i grown old & cynical..turned jaded & bitter? is it time to buy a cat yet?? :-|

or is this nature's crazy way of giving me a 'sign'----a 'sign' to reconsider?

a 'tip' to tell me that i need to confirm that today's priorities are still the same as yesterday's?

7th july 2011---pri surprises herself, yet again...

July 06, 2011

cryptic thoughts #30

Sometimes when you are faced with too many choices, its only wise to choose none and wait to see which of them would still choose to choose you...

sometimes, destiny ought to be given a chance to express itself!!!