July 15, 2011

bombay kiski jaan??

Blasts in my favorite city leave me shuddering with fear, yet again.
When will this terror end?

I was checking the goa-bombay airfare online, when i received a text from one of my friends in bombay "ask me if im safe" it said..
I was trying to comprehend the text when my sis came rushing from her room, asking me to switch on the tv.and there it was screaming headlines on almost all news channel.

My friend wasn't drunk texting me--there had been major blasts in bombay, once again!!

My first reaction was one of utter shock and disbelief.
It was just a few days ago that i was planning a trip to bombay and as hell had wanted it, i was about to leave around this very same time.
But apparently as a stronger force wouldn't have it, this was not to happen and my trip got rescheduled to the months end.
I was just recovering from the shock of the situation, when the headlines and gory explosion site-scenes caught my attention once again.

There had happened three blasts in total.
The first was planted at Khau Gali in south Mumbai's Zaveri Bazaar, the second happened at the Opera House, near Charni Road, and within a matter of minutes,the third device which was placed on an electric pole at a Kabutar Khana bus stand in the Dadar area, exploded.
The injured were being rushed in rickshaws and as per reports there were several who had to walk to the hospital with bleeding heads and gashing wounds despite being severely injured.

The police claimed to find a body with some circuits and hence conclude that this was some suicide bomber who was appointed to the task.

Everyone is speculating..some say that since the attack occured on the 13th, it has to be the 'Mujahideen' group that must be involved..while others say that this could be the work of any terrorist group who decided to seek revenge on Kasab's birthday.while some police authorities are still contemplating whether it could be some mafia game, like the blasts that happened way back in 1990.

My question however, is and has always been the same--when does this stop? or rather, is there any end to this?

How long before we step out of the house expecting to return back safe, and actually returning?
If the governament can pass smart ass comments like claiming to decipher a code for the attacks, then why in hell are they not taking any action against it?
Why isn't Kasab hanged yet?
Why the staunch need to follow the most ethical protocol when it comes to a death sentence of someone who is responsible for so many deaths and death-like-states?
Ofcourse the government would have answers..doesn't it always?
Its india afterall..we ask questions, we get answers!!
The issue however is that we ask questions only when there is an attack..and the actions promised are postponed indefinitely until ofcourse its time to promise again.

Are we the public, too lazy to react?
or has the "we are survivors" theory overwhelmed our duped conscience so much that we are now taking pride in this reactionless silence?

How many times has this happened in the past and how many times have we felt this surge of rage before?
and then what happened?..the rage simmered down after a couple of days..everyone stopped talking about it..everyone celebrated the everlasting fighter spirit of bombay.
ohh cmon, arn't we getting bored of this now?!!

One cheap remark i heard someone make today was "arreee...why so much reaction? it is nowhere like the 26/11 terrorist attack"
What in hell is that supposed to mean?
why dont you go and say that to the parents of that recently married 26 year old who went to work in the morning, and never returned?
why dont you go and compare the tragedies with that mourning wife who lost her husband in the blast? those parents who lost their son? those families who got their near and dear ones injured?
Yea they would be able to describe the exact intensity of the blast, not you who is conveniently sitting within the comforts of your home and flipping news channels and comparing situations.

So now that we have all seen, heard and lamented about the 13th july 2011 blasts, tell me---how many of those hugs offered to random strangers as a campaigne to fight terrorism, helped?..how many of those candles lighted, raised even a flicker of sympathy in those who planted the bombs?
What happened to those pages we 'liked' on facebook? those badges we pinned against out display pics? those movies which left us teary eyed? or for that matter, even these posts we wrote and continue to write on our blogs?

Its disgusting really--how bombay which was supposed to be the 'city of dreams' has turned into a 'haven of nightmares'.

and we, the 'brave' survivors (who were lucky or perhaps lazy enough to have decided to stay at home) still have no choice but to shove it in the dark recesses of our short term memory, make a sad face and use the most overrated and unfortunately still the most overused line in the world, "what can we do? life moves on, no?"

Are we just waiting--in silence, in fear, in dread...waiting for the next time?


Anonymous said...

1. Attack.
2. News Coverage.
3. Debate.
4. Blame Game.
5. False Promises.
6. Candle March.
7. Forgotten.
8. Back to 1.

Pri said...

@ the lover
that is exactly the sad state of affairs in our country!

Varsha Uke Nagpal said...

So what is your suggestion?

Pri said...

@ varsha

on our part
even though we speak about integrity, the truth is that we are still not a secular country..there are fundamentalists all around spreading wrong teachings in the name of religion
we as citizens should inculcate knowledge about secularity beginning from home and realise that the end to terrorism lies only in standing united irrespective of religion, cast and creed.
not only that, there are also those anti social elements that are violating human rights, all in the pursuit of power (bombay is not unaware of such connections)---these are the real culprit.
we as citizens should be more socially aware about our rights and see to it that the govt does not refuse us those.(if only , there were more more great men like anna hazare and less like baba ramdev)

on the part of the govt
the main cause of terrorism in our country is poverty, unemployment and increasing frustration amongst the youth due to these.
---Adequate opportunities to the youth because they if they are misguided the future of the entire nation will collapse.
---proper and unbiased education.
----By running various jobs/training institutions by the government and providing oppurtunities to the youth of the nation.
----Also, there should be effective implementation of laws and vigilence at areas of high risk terror alert.
----strict laws against corruption and all illegal actions.
---there is lack of good coordination between our defence system and the govt..this should be improved upon.
---cases are forever pending and justice is delayed in the court of law.
---improve the education system and hence the belief system so that our youth is not misleaded by anti social people. (no terror attack would have happened had there been no fundamentalists in our own country)
---last but not the least, the govt of india should seek help from world bodies like the UNO to handle the issue of terrorism.
---stringent and prompt action should be taken against long pending cases--the delay of which only encourages more such attacks, as it reflects our weakness and vulnerability.

Im aware that all these actions are easier said than done..but i also know that for a country of such humongous magnitude, these are not impossible!!
I also know that, the 'govt' and the 'aam junta' together is capable of planning much much better and can come up with a million better ways to put a stop to this..however what we lack is that extra bit of determination.

we all discuss, criticize, debate, plan, vent and argue.

if only we tried that much.

Pri said...

welcome to my blog, btw :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Public has an amnesic memory, and the ones who forget that whether its a blast or any violent act, it is terrorism, why make a hulla boo about it? They haven't learnt what pain for a comrade is.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Anish said...


Varsha Uke Nagpal said...

Do you think with unbiased education, employment for all, being secular,court cases getting decided on time and all the idealistic things you desire..terrorism will get eliminated? I don't think it is such a simple issue. Terrorism is something different and does not stem from dissatisfied citizens.Secondly what makes you think Anna Hazare is great and Baba Ramdev is not? Thanks for welcoming me to your blog.

Pri said...

@ varsha
what are your suggestions then?
(afterall, we should make this a two way discussion rather than a question answer session, shouldn't we?)

Pri said...

@ blasphemous aesthete
yea its a amnesic memory alright..and one which is rather anaesthetised too.

its high time the 'mango' junta woke up

Pri said...

@ lost!
often times, its easy to miss the obvious...and i guess unfortunately, that is exactly what we are doing!

whether we fail to see it or we just dont want to see it is another issue altogether.

Meera Sundararajan said...

PRI I am completely with you in what you say. While I am shocked at the way in which these blasts are putting eveyrone's life in jeopardy what is more shocking to me is the way in which we seem to have taken it in our stride. I dont find people talking about it the way they did with 26/11. I wonder if it requires some media people to tell us what is a "hit" in terms of a terror attack and what is a " flop" ..! But nothing beats the spirit of the Mumbaikar who is up and running after a couple of days -survival is their spirit!

Unknown said...

Errr...just a question to everyone. I The answers may differ.In the sentence "... we all discuss, criticize, debate, plan,vent and argue.if only we tried that much."
who does this "we" refer to.Us, the people of India, or the ones sitting in Parliament?

Pri said...

@ tapas
hope that is a rhetorical question tapas..because if its not, then perhaps you have missed the whole point!!

Pri said...

@ meera
true...but more than their undying spirit, the truth is that its life itself which compels them to move on..
mumbai cannot afford the luxury of staying stuck up over a crisis for too long--its probably this which is partly responsible for the 'amnesic memory' which people are forced to have..
as for their courage to face life as it comes and still not lose hope in fear of crisis/terror is commendable.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Pri said...

@ tapas
knowing where all that was coming from, it was only fair that you vented out here and i was happy you were doing that---bottling up all those pent up feelings would only lead to suffocation.
however, its sad that you changed your mind and deleted your comments..but i guess you must be having your reasons for that too.

Richa said...

You asked the right question.

When does all this end?

I hope someone finds an answer soon.

anyone out-of-the-blue comes into our cities and plants bombs killing our people and breaking our hearts....leaving us feeling like rats..who are always living in fear.

When will all this end? and how?