July 10, 2011

romancing with the moon...

I steal a glance,
he peeps at me,
and both of us light up with glee...
ohh how easy it can sometimes be,
romancing with the moon...

a tired soul,
a weary mind,
a better friend i couldn't find...
so unique and one of its kind,
is my romance with the moon...

counting hours,
until its night,
the world watches a lovers plight...
but nothing ever could feel so right
as romancing with the moon...

the soothing calmness,
the tranquil skies,
a million dreams in twinkling eyes,
all shared with no surprise,
while romancing with the moon...

no love affair,
has a trust so fine,
he knows im his and i know he is mine...
despite a million odds in line,
is my romance with the moon

an unspoken promise,
that we always keep,
to meet before we go to sleep...
as fate takes a boundless leap,
while romancing with the moon...

dancing in the rain,
singing with the stars,
makes me forget life's painful scars...
and im swept away in a world that's ours,
while romancing with the moon...


Writers note---
We as humans, all feel the need of solitude sometimes---the need to stay away from the crowd...the need to spend time alone..the need to protect ourselves from the hurt which we fear would eventually stem, from all things transient.
this piece is written in one such a frame of mind.

'Romancing with the moon' is symbolic of believing in the small gleam of hope which is capable of lighting up the darkest of nights..the tiny glitter of permanency which promises to never leave our side---the connection with our selves, the rendezvous with our soul..the whisper of our heartbeats...the conversations with our inner voice.

Even though the metaphorical ‘moon' is light years away from us, he still manages to evoke in us a guarantee that there is someone who will always be willing to listen to our side of the story, the one link capable of bridging the distance between soulmates separated over space and time---‘OUR CONSCIENCE’!!

This work of mine has been published in 'THE VIEWSPAPER' an online paper for the youth...to view the poem, click here :) :)


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

It could be sung, it's musical. It's lovely, it's beautiful.

And thank you for that Writers note, or else I'd have asked you how can I romance with the moon and stars when it's raining. :)

Blasphemous Aesthete

Sri Valli said...

Beautiful :)
wrote in a nice and rhythmic way :)

Adreamygal said...

Would agree to Blasphemous Aesthete, if not for the writer's note, the beauty of the poem would have deserved half the share of its praise .. Re-reading your poem again ( after the note ) left me spellbound as I was nodding my head after every line ... your affair with words are quiet lovely ! Cheers ! :)

Ritika said...

It was beautiful. Could feel the rhythm.
Moon is surely there for us, in our solitary times.

Nicely composed :)

Someone is Special said...

I love the romance pri... Suberp..

Someone is Special

Pri said...

@ blasphemous aesthete
thanks for all those lovely compliments.
ohh and you cannot let the dark clouds shouldn't come in the way and stop you---romancing with the 'moon' should be irrespective of the trials and tribulations that come in and out of life :)

Pri said...

@ velli
danke! :)

Pri said...

@ ms nobody
my affair with the words has turned into a life long commitment now---one true love which gets stronger by the day ;)

am glad my writers note had that effect on you..it was intentionally written at the end of the piece, so that the reader takes time and reads it all over again, this time to see it through my eyes..
and last but not the least, thanks so much for the lovely comment :)

Pri said...

@ ritika
thanks girl..and yes, the 'moon' is always around---whether in solitary or otherwise.
its just that we sometimes ignore him :)

Pri said...

@ someone is special
thankyou..i guess this romance has a long way to go!! ;)

BlueMist said...

Love the moon. Not in a romantic way but yet.
Beautiful play of words there :-)

Unknown said...

Poetry is its own rhythm,and this one sure is a poem.

Really good.

piyusa das said...

Great style and content. In solitude only we are what we are , in other times we are behind a mask.

Pri said...

@ bluemist
thankyou dear...and i hope you didn't miss out on the small interpretation at the end of the piece :)

btw, welcome to my 'nostalgic moments'!!!

Pri said...

@ rahulamigo
danke! :)

Pri said...

@ piyush
thanks piyush.
what matters more, is not cheating the 'conscience'...afterall at the end of the day, you got to be able to meet the eyes of the one in the looking glass! :)

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of a quote by Soren Kierkegaard - "A poet is an unhappy being whose heart is torn by secret sufferings, but whose lips are so strangely formed that when the sighs and the cries escape them, they sound like beautiful music... and then people crowd about the poet and say to him: "Sing for us soon again;" that is as much as to say, 'May new sufferings torment your soul.'"

Pri said...

@ the lover
"...but may your lips be formed as before; for the cries would only frighten us, but the music is delicious."

cheers to kierkegaard!!! :)

Rahul said...

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Kelliecjye said...

@ someone is special thankyou..i guess this romance has a long way to go!! ;)