July 08, 2011


would you allow me to paint your secret?
go visit one of your private most thoughts and stay there long enough to find my inspiration?
and then when im inspired enough, would you still not change your mind?
i might grow old by then..not be as zestful anymore..my hands might tremble from weakness and age..and while i decide which colour to paint with, would you have the same patience and let me stay?

would you allow me to paint your secret?
the one that i am yet not aware of?
the one which you have been hiding from the world behind that curtain of anonymity?
the one you flinch when approached to uncover?
would you share that secret with me and wait long enough to see the masterpiece formed once the colours set?

would you allow me to paint your secret?
would you trust me enough to let me enter into the dark recesses of your mind and peep at whats going on, in there?
would you share every single detail of your life with me---the ones i do not know of and even the ones i need not know of?
and would you not hesitate even a little while doing so?

I know what it is to have your secrets painted..
I once let someone paint all of mine---only to realise that the masterpiece which i expected to stay sacrosanct turned out to be nothing but a careless splay of colours splashed over the wall for all to see and mock at.
The colours were all wrong and so was the artist whom i had trusted them with.
and that is when i decided to paint my own masterpiece--because then was that i learned the true strength of human emotions..and how a small crack in trust can make even the strongest of relations crumble to pieces.

but had i to not share my secret, had i to keep my thoughts to myself, i would never have learned---
what happiness meant--the happiness that comes from confiding in someone...
what hurt meant---the hurt the heart feels when that someone lets you down...
what confidence meant---the confidence to stay firm & listen to your conscience...
what strength meant--the strength in letting go & moving on or atleast trying to...

Betrayal of trust is not your misfortune (which we often tend to feel)..but rather, it is the misfortune of the ones who let your trust down---for they would realise the value of trust someday, a little too late.

I do not intend to scare you...neither am i holding a 'trust me at your own risk' placard.
Im just keeping the cards before you---noone knows what tomorrow may look like.Its futile to make promises because life has an uncanny way of making or breaking them as and how it wants to.
Whether the future would hold the guilt of trusting someone blindly or the fortune of claiming a bond that we can be proud of all through our lives---only time can tell.

and so i ask you to think once again..take your time.
Are you really ready to take that risk?

would you still allow me to paint your secret?


niki said...

lovely writing.i see depth & meaning in every line.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Umm... not today. But maybe tomorrow, when I have the courage to stay put and watch you paint :D

Nice post Pri :)

Blasphemous Aesthete

Anonymous said...

This is an amazing piece of art. You paint masterpieces with your words. I would love for you to paint my secrets. :)

Antonio said...

This is an amazing piece of art. You paint masterpieces with your words. I would love for you to paint my secrets. :)