July 16, 2011

cryptic thoughts #31

You are living in your world of assumptions---the one you keep building brick by brick...floor by floor, ignoring and paying no heed to the walls of incomplete stories and half shared secrets that have always been enveloping it.

Someday this world you are building is bound to crumble and these walls of concrete realities will close in on you, making you smile for having missed the obvious, in the never ending pursuit to straighten out the creases in the details, all your life...

Hopefully that day, realisation will dawn on how some cracks always showed and how you who were too engrossed living in your world of assumptions, always ignored them...

Hopefully that day, you would stop and actually see things from a different perspective rather than complaining that no one saw it from yours...

till then, enjoy the view!!!


Anish said...

we all live !
in a bubble
of presumptions

life always has an uncanny knack of knocking!
lets let it!
presumptions come to life
they evolve , like us
may be they grow bigger
but they r mine!

Anil Sawan said...

the cowards that we are, its easier for us to live within our perception than to open ourselves to the world! heina? :P

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Alas when the walls fall on us, the smile would be quite helpless.
But then, there is always recovery, right? So
People leaving all the time,
Inside, a perfectly straight line,
Don't you wanna curve away,
it's such a perfect day


Do I remember reading the last line before?

Blasphemous Aesthete

Pri said...

@ lost
perhaps one of the reason we hold them so dear and never let them go---our presumptions, is because they are created by us...
we all presume..we all judge..and we all understand..
but i feel sorry for the man (or woman) who doesn't let go of his presumptions even after understanding---he can never grow..he can never learn!!

Pri said...

@ sawan
its easy...we only have to try.
but some of us are so afraid to break this shell of presumptions that they have self made, that they keep building up a picture according to their convenience and keep claiming tht its true all their life.
they sometimes seem to 'understand' but its only temporary---unlike the rigid image they already have in their biased mind.

Pri said...

@ blasphemous aesthete

///Do I remember reading the last line before?///
when? what? when?

laddu said...

wow.. last time when i had read something equally complicated and confusing i flunked in it and had to appear for it's back paper.. :P:P

i would rather skip the entire post and would keep in mind the last line.. guess that is what u r trying to say :):)