May 04, 2010


simple emotions
knotted thoughts
constant search for a pattern
no clue of a start or end
and then a strange anxiety...

attempts to loosen up
the void which keeps deepening
unbearably heavy hearts
that sinking feeling
and then a profound confusion...

choices to make
slow death everyday
or one devastating final slash
serious introspection
and then an impending numbness...

painful decisions
stagnant shores
an approaching tempest
burning bridges
and then a lifelong memory...

updated as an afterthought---memories need not always be nice...


rahul said...

mmmm these fragmnts made a lot of sense :(

rahul said...

yeh update part kab likha??? :o

MangoMan said...

the last four(+1 free) have been some of the most profoundly impacting ones i've read recently!

straight to my notepad!