July 29, 2007

dunno why!

a happy day today it seemed,
but a strange sadness passed her by,
and amidst all that chatter shared,
she cried today, dunno why...

a silent fear, a suppressed tear,
emerges within somewhere deep,
a feelin she thought of as long gone away,
creeps up again as she silently weeps...

afraid of it catchin up with her,
tryin to engulf her once again,
afraid once more of losing her mind,
a tear rolls down, she can still feel the pain...

"it shouldent matter" tell they to her,
"but it does" she hears the small voice say,
as she tries pushin those memories-good, bad alike,
life goes on---for her a price to pay!

runnin away from it , she tries,
searching endlessly for a place to hide,
scared she is, to walk tht self-forbidden lane,
yet somehow she always finds it by her side...

ignore it, she tries soo much,
the pains not hers, she's had her share,
yet, sometimes when it leaves her alone,
a void remains,makin her realise she cares...

Its funny , the mess she is in,
"hate", "disgust", "love" all rolled in one,
fleeing everytime it crosses her mind,
though she knows had it to catch up,she'd refuse to run!

once more, she's standing there,
given a difficult choice to make,
the pleasant present or the past long gone,
so why is she still hesitant, a decision to take?...

a happy day today it seemed,
a choice made ,atleast she tried!
and amidst all the celebration there,
dunno why again she cried!



Utopia said...

that was sweet :).

Sam said...

so lady.. it is depressing but then definitely soemthing which makes ne think a lil... and frankly there are times wen stuff affect u so much a few tears can do wonders.. sometimes it is necessary to cry as it is to smile!!

La vida Loca said...

that is sweet!
internship done yet? whats next?

Pri said...

@ utopia
thanku :)...
uve got a nice blog ...now tht i know of it,will be visiting more ...

@ sam
u r absolutely right there sam...
trying hard to strike a balance :)

@ la vida loca
heyy, long time! its gr8 to seee you...:)
well juss a few more days for internship to end..
as for "wht next?", i can but only say---
Apni marzi se kahan apne safar ke hum hain,
rookh hawaoin ka jidhar ka hain , udhar ke hum hain.


Ekta said...

well..guess we all go thru these phases where the past always catches up no matter how much we want to push it away..all i can say is that dont let it bring u down...keep smiling!

Princess said...

words are more sharp than knife...
wonderful poem......

Keshi said...

past is a big part of our present and future....but dun let the past deprive u of a happy present n future.


Pri said...

@ ashish
:-/ dunno wht to say?? lol!!

@ ekta
yess ekta.u r absolutely right there...

@ princess
the words came right from the heart.so got a few slashes on the way ...thanks neways :)

@ keshi
yes they say "the brightest future will be based on a forgotten past"
but i always believed tht the brightest future can be based only on a happy past...
do u really think lettin go of the past and moving on is soo easy,keshi?
sometimes no matter how fast u run, it manages to catch up and stand right beside u :)
sometimes no amount of time is ever enough!

Unknown said...

What to write i am puzzled,
just two lines;

shaque na kar meri khushque aakhonpar,
Yun bhi to aasun bahaye jate hain!

Pri said...

@ parag
real nice one!the whole essence of my composition captured by ur two lines. *smiles*

reading it,it dint seem like u were puzzled at all! :)
tk care!