September 10, 2007


Sometimes silence can be quite expressive..
If u did not get wht i mean, try recollecting all those times in life whn all u had with u was silence and yet u felt understood...felt heard.
If u cant relate to this, thn all i got to say is u must be really lucky! :)
Sometimes these silent moments can speak volumes...and at times the situation is such tht all we are left to communicate with is this silence.
Yet it seems satisfying..cos somewhere we like to stay in the comfort tht nothing is being said..tht our thoughts arnt being read...and we r too afraid tht breaking the ice may juss break the bond...the bond wch is formed between two silent souls trying to gauge each others thoughts.
But juss as we begin to start seeking comfort amidst the silence, it suddenly starts becoming starts gettin deafening without a single word being exchanged.
Misinterpretations, misunderstandings surface up and we are left with this calm silence breaking loose and creating chaos in our heads and in our lives...
and thts whn we yearn for a spoken word...
a spoken word wch can confirm our interpretations...
a spoken word wch can break the melancholy of the silence wch has suddenly turned eerie and cold...
a spoken word wch can soothen out the chaos the once comforting silence has now transformed into.
and thts when we wonder wht exactly is more real..which exactly should we believe...the expressive silence or the deafening noise it has created?

Would we ever dare to disturb the "sounds of silence"???


The Furobiker said...

the best thing in the world.. sound of silence..
its so nice to b alone just with urself at times.. it gives such a peace of mind.. bliss

Anonymous said...

Amazing post pri
have been here often but not commented much.
simon and garfuncle have a depth and meaning in their song.and your subtle interpretation of it is so very true.

Keshi said...

silence can sometimes be the most deafening sound.


Blog Boy said...

" If one cant understand silence, how can he understand words.."

Nice post!!

Pri said...

@ abhishek
sometimes abhishek, juss sometimes!
at times it can be pretty discomforting...

@ the withch of portobello
thanks dear...:)
the song is one of my favs..:)and couldent help humming it while typing the had to put it up here

@ keshi
yess keshi...i know wht u mean.
its a weird thing---this silence..u juss gotta interpret it right and tht perhaps is the most difficult thing..a simple conversation is soo much easier sometimes :)

@ blog boy
hmm u talkin about a "positive silence" blogboy...there words are not needed to express wht u feel...
thrs somethin called a "negative silence" too wherein u keep longing for unspoken words wch are never uttered and wch would make all the difference if they are :)

Sam said...

silence is a powerful tool... it can convey a lot without a word being said.. so use it efficiently!! :)

annie said...

Priyanka thanks for visitn my blog gurl!

Silence is killing at times..Ask me and i can rant about it so much.Nicely written!

Anonymous said...

Very welll said. Silence at time is speaking millions of words. And this is the best thing to heal the anger and the pain.

Few silent moments with self can cast a magic spell on our internal being.

Meanwhile great blog. Blogrollin ya ? Wot say ?

pri said...

@ sam
hmm yes ...but thn again we do yearn for a spoken word sometimes isnt it?
thr are certain things one needs to say and hear no matter how comforting the silence...sometimes it juss gets eerie and confusing! :)

@ annie
i know exactly wht u mean annie...
ur blogs a nice place gurl.keep writing!

@ ashu
thanks for blogrolling me ashu...:)
yes .i agree, sometimes silence can tk the place of a million words...but thn whn u r done with the million words, u tend to miss the unspoken and hate the silence! :)

Sam said...

i agree pri.. many a times despite knowing it all.. you need to hear that spoken word... it's kinda comforting and reassuring!!