October 10, 2009


you ask me why i am like this...

sometimes practical
sometimes naive
sometimes unrealistic
sometimes real
sometimes stubborn
sometimes impulsive
sometimes thoughtful
sometimes selfish
sometimes unconditional
sometimes nervous
sometimes completely sorted
sometimes vibrant
sometimes absolutely depressing
sometimss hopelessly romantic
sometimes a cupid killer
sometimes brutally agnostic
sometimes a firm believer
sometimes in love with life
sometimes its biggest enemy
sometimes a strong feminist
sometimes a vulenerable lass
sometimes very strongminded
sometimes ultraemotional
sometimes thriving on hope
sometimes letting go a bit too fast
sometimes an enigma
sometimes a completely clear picture
sometimes a hundred alter ego's
sometimes just one me!

there is a brief pause in conversation disturbed by a stillness in the air...
you think im silent because ive taken it as a compliment---a multifaceted personality
but i say nothing because you have questioned my existence---a confused identity!!


rahul said...

tu kabse confused hone lagi?
i remember u told me once that we are as confused as we allow ourselves to be
aaj wohi baat kehne ki baari meri hai swthrt :)

Blog Boy said...

confusion comes when there is a doubt!!!!
Be clear so no confusion....

sri said...

//confusion comes when there is a doubt!!!!
Be clear so no confusion....//

LOL Repeat!!

Sometimes ur poems are hard to understand and this is one of them :)

May be its beyond my comphrehension :)