March 15, 2006

HOPE!! shud we???

A weary traveller stranded in the storm,
an innocent teen, waitin to go to prom,
a dying man, wishing for longer he could live,
an angry lover, waiting for her beloved to forgive.

Somebody waiting for somethin to be said,
somebody waiting, for their silence to be read,
somebody wishing they could juss go away,
and yet somebody hoping,for longer to stay.

Hopes so pure, hopes so naive,
hopes are wht keeps us alive.
Blind eyes hopin tht someday they'll see,
"sans hope", life wud be a misery.

But hopes sometimes make us go weak,
and its they wch make facin reality seem bleak..
but human as we are, we continue to dream,
no matter how futile the case may seem.

But if it wasent for hopes, life wud be such a bore
and the world, no matter how beautiful, wud still seem sore,
and life wud lose all its charm , all its cream..
afterall nothin really happens, unless first a DREAM...:)


P.S: this poem was composed by me a long time bak whn i was officially a "dreamer" remember postin it on my prev blog "reality sucks"..(lol!! the name itself juss goes to prove tht i was livin in a utopian world bak thn)...
well some ppl claim tht i still do...sigh! wonder wht they wud hav said if they knew me bak!! ( a conversation wth a friend brought bak this memory n i actually went bak n fished it out...phew!)
but wht scares me sometimes is the thought tht maybe the "dreamer" in pri is still not dead yet...sheesh!!

cheers ppl
dream on (its good once in a while)
but make sure u dont get soo lost tht u dont hav ur reality to lean back on :)


born_in_the_woods said...

afterall nothin really happens, unless first a DREAM...


PNA said...

well y when i was a dreamer...........
u could still continue to be a dreamer and write beautiful poetry .....

nice bit
about the hope and dreams
ya without them what is existence!!

and everybody waiting for the other to act and move .......
well i wonder that we would all go less pressures and tensions if we did the move first!!!!


Ashish Gupta said...

reminds me of a line from this song, "this reality is just a fked up dream" *rolling eyes*

came from ekta's blog! yeah they do comb wigs :P

Ashish Gupta said...

heyy no way! not at all confused. In fact had someone told me (as a guy, of course!) to come up with a dream guy list for girls, I would have come up with a more demanding one than this!


I can very well understand it; feel there is a righteous need for IT. Just that I find her list, quite low standard ;) Want to give her lots more :">

Pri said...

@ born_in_the_woods

thanks :)...more of my poetry will be comin up on "nostalgic moments"...yeh to sirf shuruwat hain...heehahaha ;p

@ ash

hmm point noted ash, but sometimes dont u think tht very first move of ours might snap us outof our dreams...
but thn again, r we doin full justice to reality whn we dream...i agree tht hopes keep us goin ...movin on in life...but thn sometimes dreams can get u rather stuck up on one thing as well...dont u think??
to tht , all i can say is --read the last line of my post :)but thts rather difficult to do whn u r a dreamer n thts y i said "i was one"...n whn reality struck me ,kinda promised myself not to tread dream territory again n juss go with the flow ...afterall we cant go on livin a dream can we??
p.s: here im not speakin bout things we ca strive towards attainin..if u read my poem, ull see tht all the "hopes" r pined up on sumthin wch we can only "hope" on gettin...not work towards achievin :)

Pri said...

@ ashish

thanks to both ekta (courtesy who's blog , u reached "nostalgic moments") and u ...:) *smiles*
lol!! as for the combin wigs comment (wth reference to ekta's post) how do u know..heehee ;p *juss curious*
nice song btw...:)

lol!!as for the reply u gav to my comment on ur "dream guy" post..., it did get me thinkin for a while...was wonderin how it landed up here..:)
but neways as for tht, im really surprised tht guys like u still exist who think its "low standard"...muss say ur "miss rite" will be rather lucky if u practice wht u preach ...heehee ;p

Princess said...

Its hope and belief that runs the life and the world. Dreams lead us towards our destiny.

Nice and beautiful verses

Ashish Gupta said...

//"the thought tht maybe the "dreamer" in pri is still not dead "

THAT thot actually makes me happy!

thanks for dropping by pri.
I replied!

My dad used one for some years, hence know it pretty well!

Anonymous said...

Are hopes same as dreams? I disagree, we usually hope for things which are achievable, while dreams know no boundaries. So we must hope to keep going, dream-well they are not a bad thing in themsleves as long as we know, they are just that-dreams.

Coming to your poem- not a bad effort. Infact preety good one. But you need to change some words-''cream of life''? , and ''somebody hoping for longer to stay'' That does not gel with the rest of the poem.

Nice lines-

''Somebody waiting for somethin to be said,
somebody waiting, for their silence to be read''

btw, you dont compose a poem, you write one..
''Devil with the horns''

Reshma Bachwani said...

somebody waiting, for their silence to be read...i like that expression - very visual.

as for hope - i remember reading somewhere - never deprive someone of hope - perhaps thats all they might have!

Anonymous said...

On second, fourth and fith thoughts...

''Somebody waiting for somethin to be said,
somebody waiting, for their silence to be read''

Because, the first line said said, in the second heard might be a better choice.
Devil with horns

Anonymous said...


Thank much for honorin nostalig moments by your presence...hehehhe, its so much fun to read your comments and I learn so much from them, I will make the chanes in the poem and revert back to you....
and aage se poetry likhne se pahle will ask ye to edit it...

Tank you once more....

Anonymous said...


You are preety smart, and you are picking up your lessons preety fast...I am sure day you will write well..with my guidance

best wishes

Keshi said...

We can only hope...:)

Beautiful Pri! It's the Hope that keep us going...the hope of a better tomorrow even if today looks terrible...the hope of a better hour's the Hope that keep us alive...

yes we all have been given the privilege to dream...dun discard it...even if some dreams dun come true, it's so beautiful to dream...


Pri said...

@ aizwakcha

hii...welcome to "nostalgic moments"...glad u liked the poem.
Its true tht hopes to some extent run our lives ...but dreams leadin us to our destiny??huh?...wht bout those tht dont come true thn? unfulfilled dreams or shattered ones simply mean tht they werent destined to be...wht thn?? why dream eh? :)

@ ashish...
thanks for the reply on ur blog glad the misunderstandin has been sorted out...:)n im flattered to be linked to ur blogroll ...
tk care

@ the devil wth horns aka genius (sigh!)
guess u couldent even wait for me to reply n as usual thought u wud kow whti had to say n posted it on my!!(wth reference to ur forged comment signed as pri...*exasperated look*)
wht more can i say...?? ne guesses for tht too??!! ;p

Pri said...

@ reshma

thanks reshma...glad u liked it :)
n as for tht sayin "never deprive someone oftheir hope...".hmm...true! i guess...but wht if fate itself makes u giv up on ur hopes...n thn again, havent u heard tht one --"livin in hell is much better than livin in a false heaven" :)
shud we really keep clingin on to our hopes no matter how unrealistic n futile they actually are??
is livin in a dream fair?...
wont hope if shattered one "not so fine" day, lead to dissapointment...n thn wht...?? dou think one can still go on wth shattered hope n the guilt of livin in a illusion all this while...?? *gaping*

@ keshi
yup...i did feel the same...infact still do sometimes ...but thn am interrupted by a different stream of thoughts as well...n eventually i juss go off thinkin in tangents till im left wth nothin to think bout!!
see my reply to reshmas comment (above)...ull understand wht i mean..
wud love to know ur take on it...:)
its a open discussion...pls feel free to comment...:)
tk care...

luvwannabefree25 said...

Loved the poem... very nice.. JD

Anonymous said...

Really Cute dudette...Amazing piece of work...

At times of dismay and disappointment all one can and shud have is HOPE...coz that alone is the elixir of life and has the potent to bring in a new life on the dead, great essence on the dried flower and smiles on your and our faces...

BTW you have an excellent writing a little bit frequent...Just waiting for your next release...*smiles*

Ashish Gupta said...

//"misunderstandin has been sorted out.. "

D'oh #-o
You call that good a discussion as misunderstandin.. tchh tchh :P

PS: you dont have a tag board :(
PPS: mbbs or pg ? which field ?

Pri said...

@ luvwannabefree25

thanks for droppin by...glad u liked it :)
my poetry is juss a reflection of my moods...ul'l get to read a lot more of it *heehee*.(gulp!!thts in case u not too bored to visit "nostalgic moments" again ;p)

@ vicky
thanks a lot for tht *blush* flattered :D...n heyy u got some amazin lines on "hope" thr as well...:)
btw did u read my reply to "reshma's" comment...thts a topic for open discussion...:)er..well...n also sumthin wch self contradicts me frm pinnin up my hopes sometimes...*juss another of those "one of those days" thoughts ...* :)

@ ashish
ashish...u mean u actually wud like to hav such discussions///*amazed* i doubt if i wud want to...sigh!!:)..we cud stick to friendly exchange of ideas rather than brainstormin...:P

as for a taggie, i dont hav one yet...but point has been noted :)

Well as for wht im juss a coupla months away frm intership (mbbs) *smiles* :)

Anonymous said...

@ pri :

Oh Yeah! I read that...According to me...

There is a difference between dreaming and hoping...hoping is the next stage of dreaming...our dreams might turn out to be false...that is not going to bother us too much...but this is not the case with hoping wherein failure will lead to dispoinment again...

Even after that failure, "hoping" for the next thing to happen in favour of us, is The Real Crux of Life...Rather than being dispointd with our failures, it is better to Hope Hope and Hope for the forthcoming happenings to be favourable...One who does this, will never have to live in a False Heaven, when he has got a place in Heaven...

Before I round off, i will tell you a good quote...which i believe will give u a complete picture of what i wanna convey...Never ever forget this in your life...



Keshi said...

Interesting Pri...

**but wht if fate itself makes u giv up on ur hopes

it happens sometimes...and it's really unfortunate when that happens...hope seems too far-fetched then...

**dou think one can still go on wth shattered hope n the guilt of livin in a illusion all this while

sometimes living in shattered hopes makes u a new person...u only need time to heal. lots of time.
Living in an illusion saves lives sometimes...if u know wut I mean :) but it isnt certainly my cup of tea...if I cant be real to myself, I might as well be hopeless cos I just cant live in a lie!


Ashish Gupta said...

haha :)) still away from internship! I was wondering where you get all this time to blog - as I said never saw a doc blogging! yes now you can - hoping you would continue blogging with PG too!

thought you might be interested in girls stumbling upon pervertish links! hehehe ;)

I remember didi's intership time - PG preparation and day long postings in various dept. Had to press her legs at nite - she used to be ailed!
well I hope I dont sound scary *devilish grin*

PS: sure virtual brainstormings are NOT that productive. though I do love them face-to-face once in a while :D

Ekta said...

hey pri,
grt post babe..ur post reminded me of the song-I am a dreamer, I dream my life away!:-)
and hey nothing wrong with hoping...that just makes your outlook in life more positive...the world lives on hope girl!

So dream on!

Anonymous said...

cute!! :)

Reshma Bachwani said...

hi. though vicky there has already addressed your question...just putting in my thoughts

disappointment really comes when there is an expectation of something specific isnt it? well, there is a school of thought that says - one should try to move above expectation. hope is the grit to look at life and face it in a positive and brave manner - despite disappointment and sans expectation.

as for the guilt of illusion - i guess most people are guilty of living in illusion - the difference is that few realise it early enough.

'We live in a fantasy world, a world of illusion. The great task in life is to find reality'. Iris Murdoch

Pri said...

@ vicky
*smiles* at the "quote" :)
thanks for the optimistic point of view pal! :)

@ keshi

as for not being able to live in a lie,.. .ditto keshi :) keeps remindin us of the truth we will be tryin to avoid...
livin in the truth could hurt us...but livin in a illusion only in the end to find it vanish oe day could kill us :)

@ ashish
well i guess u r rite ashish, i guess once i get bak into the scurry of regular life, things mite be diff...but hope to keep pace wth all u guys n continue bloggin even thn...
heehee , tht comment of urs did make me feel a lil guilty for misusing my "prep leave" holidays...i ought to be studin for my final exams :( *surprised herself by calculatin how much time she is online* sigh!!

@ ekta
thanks ekta :)
hmm yaa i guess no matter how much i try to, cant really kill the "dreamer" in pri *sigh!*...juss tryin to stand rooted to reality while her mind continues to float in her dreams *smiles*

Pri said...

@ reshma
thanks for the explanation ,very nicely put...nobody cud hav put it better *impressed* :)...loved the last quoted line by murdoch...

Dewaker Basnet said...

BE autiful one!!!:)

Pri said...

@ dewaker basnet

thanks :)...happy u liked it...

Keshi said...

living in a lie would be like running ard a field of paper flowers...


Ashish Gupta said...

jao ja kar padhai karo *stern looks*


Pri said...

@ keshi
*smiles*...i agree

@ ashish
im scared...someones actually been stern with me n more cos im convinced its for the rite reason :(...sigh!!
*rushes off to find her books* ;p

thanks for the good luck wishes *smiles* (need thm always)