October 19, 2005

Dear god,

I was juss goin thru "CB'S"blog...(author of 5 pointsomeone--an amazing book) n itsaid bout a contest held by the "hindustan times" 2 welcome the launch of his book...The contest is all bout writing wht u wud like to speak to god if ever he thought of blessing u wth his presence...now thts interesting isnt it...???(the best entry gets his new book as the prize)
Tht set me thinkin wht i wud actually SPEAK to god ,had i been given this chance...well god wud sure hav a sore ear at the end of the conversation...cos i hav a lot to speak n whr he is concerned ,DEFINITELY...:)
Thinkin again, i wud rather mail him a letter...cos :
1) I feel im better off speakin to someone thru mails than face to face...heehee
2) I love to be the only one speakin most in the conversation..lol..n the amount of questions i hav to ask, thr wud probably be no time to wait for the answers in between..so pls god ..pls pls tk the time n mail me bak..i knowu r busy n i may be one of ur "less fav" mortals ..:(..but please..
(heyyy y am i pleading soo much...it says here tht god has chosen to speak to me....so kool...)
3) I knowu being very busy wont listen attentively thru the whole "1-sided conversation"(like most ppl who speak to me, whostart off listenin wth rapt attention wthout batting a eyelid and end up glancin at their watches,fiddling wth their cell phones or yawning)
So thr, wth all the reasons cited,let me proceed,
It wud probably start this way...here goes:

Dear god,
I ,pri,am utterly thrilled because uhav decided to speak to me..
It feels great to be the "chosen one"..esp whn u were juss bout to feel miserable cos u happen to be the chosen one for all "sad" things most of the time...But this has juss proved me wrong..cos i know tht u not onlyhav been listenin to all my cribbings but hav also decided to get bak to me...(the wait was long though..but its ok..the thought being listened byu is worth the wait.:) )
So wthout wasting much of ur time,iwud like to ask u things i always wanted to...Mebe u hav heard this a thousand times before(if uve been listenin to my prayers)Butjuss incase u were ignorin me (for reasons ill'l never know or understand) or mite hav been too busy,thn lemme ask u yet again...
Almost everythingi wanttoasku revolves around one word god, n tht word is "WHY"...ok lets tk things one at a time...the rapidfire starts...
WHY do u make ppl fall in love whn u know tht its "not to be"...??..
WHY do u get feelings involved whn u know they wont be reciprocated??
WHY do u giv ppl hope tht everythin will be fine whn actually nothin turns out tht way...
WHY cant u make everyone get wht they want...(ok ok ..as long as its nothin got to do wth terrorism n harming othrs)
Why are babies dying 10 seconds after they r born--(ths one i cud never understand--wht kind of justice istht?..why are they given thechance to seea whole new life in the first place if its juss gotta be for 10secods??)
Why are ppl born wth handicaps n deformities wth no fault of
their own..??
WHY r the same ppl always given the biggest dreams (rightfully) but yet the horrid feelin tht they mite never get to lead a normal life..??
WHY does the world call thm "special" or "children of god" n make thm feel different n hows thtu dont donethin bout it..if they r urfav ,is the way u treat ppl u like...??
WHY do u do things wch make ppl feel in the end tht they shud hav seen it comin...??
WHY dontu make sure they realise it whn they HAV to...??
WHY are ppl born wth ailments they cant even dream of curing??
WHY are the poor given big dreams wch they rnt able to fulfill cos they dont hav the means to n the rich ,the fate tht they mite never be fulfilled inspite ofhavin the means to??
WHY do millions of ppl die everyday (in planecrashes, earthquakes) wth absolutely no fault of theirs??

I know tht u must be havin a very good answer to all of this..n im also aware thtu may choose not to giv itto me..:)
I know tht inspite of these "why's" ...we still say tht "life is beautiful" n the credit goes to none else but u..so HATS OFF...!
cos u r the one who hasent only put obstacles thr but alsoseen to it tht we hav the courage to face thm...
Mebe these trials we hav togo thru make life interesting...
Mebe its the heartbreaks we encounter tht teach us to make the right choices...
Mebe its the troubles wch teach us to tk life wth a smile...

but yet..god ..i wish u wud resort to better ways to make us stronger ,cos not everyone has a threshhold wch can be gauged..
Wht if u got fooled by someones fake smiles n be led into thinkin tht she/he could tk more...think bout it...:)

on tht note...
i remain,
urs always (cribbing, fuming, ranting ,demanding,assuming)
pri (ur fav "chosen one")

PS: make sure u never leave me alone...n yaadont ever leave my side..i want to know tht u r listenin everytime i speak tou..n heyy do reply once in a while if u rnt toobusy..:)


Pri said...

hey..thanks for thinkin im worth it..:)..but i havent submitted it n hav no real plans to...tk care...

criTics_anonYmous said...

Cant believe it.. all dis big talk 4 a book.. amazin..!

Ashish Gupta said...

arre kitta bore mara hai god ko..
Oh my Gawdddd! {100% pun intended!}
agli baar se select nahi karenge tumko baat karne ke liye :P

point no. 2 - just my type - would love to talk to you - but then who would listen to whom :P =))

Anonymous said...

If every 'Why' had an answer, i guess we would never have had needed a GOD. But still He made us better enough to ask a 'Why' and even better enough to answer it in our own sweet lil humanly way.