July 25, 2006

post "dissapearance act" :)

Back after a while...
A lot of things hav been keepin me busy n away the last soo many days...the most important being my exams goin on...
but a lot of things hav been happenin n i'd almost completely given up on bloggin...
yeah sure, somewhr deep within me i knew i wud be back n tht it wasent the end :)...but dint know whn...
Firstly im real sorry to all u guys who mailed, msged commented while i was away...thr r times in life whn u dont hav enough words to say wht u r goin thru or mebe u juss cannot say everythin is goin great :) n life the past few days has been soo hectic n busy tht i'd even stopped breathing for a while...*grin*
But pri is back...i missed u all , probably much morethan i was missed out here...
hope to catch up wth all u ppl n yeps am aware tht i hav to catch up on a lotta posts...i guess a lot of things hav happened while i was away...
exams were alrite...n now im havin my "pre-internship" break...internship's gonna start soon...keepin my fingers crossed n hopin for the best ahead...
Its a real relief to be free frm examtensions ...n im sure all of u hav gone thru this phase n know wht i mean...*grin*
but now wth a lotta time on my hands these days,am tryin to sort out my life---wch is juss being too stubborn at the moment...sigh!!
Hopefully pri isnt forgotten around here :)
assure to keep "nostalgic moments" posted...



Anirudh 'Lallan' Choudhry said...

whoo...so nice dat u r back..wll i am sure...ur exams were gud..n u gonna get a gud result...was missin ya...nice 2 c u r back...keep bloggin !

Pareshaan said...


Anonymous said...

great to see you back pri!!!!
good luck with the inernship and all and keep posting!!!!

Pri said...

@ anirudh
thanks pal...missed ull too...n yep im bak in the blogworld :)will visit u soon

@ pareshaan
er...well...u guess...heehee
;p ok ok juss kiddin, naam ke badle naam ,lookin fwd to know who "pareshaan" really is ;p

@ chandni
heyy thanks chandni...heard u back in india...*sings "yeh jo des hain mera , swades hain mera, mujhe hain pukara"*...r u here for good btw?
its cool to see u here...i was beginni to feel neglected :)

Ekta said...

hey girl!!!
welcome back...we missed u all these days!!!
Glad to see ur back in action and dont disappear again!!

Anand said...

glad to see ur back...finally!!!!!!!!
How were the exams...and now u better write loads of posts to make up for all the absence!

Apy said...

Dont wrry.. u ll get the best ahead.... keep the faith..

Keshi said...

WOW WB Pri! Missed ya alot. Thought u were gone for good. But Im glad u came bakk.


Pri said...

@ ekta
missed u too...n yep , rest assured wont dissapear like tht again :)hope to catch u sometime on YM...leave me ur id if u hav one on yahoo :)im online 24/7 these days, havin holidays

@ anand
hey superman ;p, glad to see u too...juss replied to "superwoman" :)...exams were good...keepin my fingers crossed n waitin for results now
as for bloggin, hav a lot of catchin up to do...cya soon

@ apy
thanks apy...im never tired of hearin tht :D, thanks for the optimism pal ,we all need it rite? guess thts wht keeps us goin...

@ keshi
thanks keshi ...missed u a lot too , hugzzz :)
gone for good??? nahh!! wont leave like tht...thts not pri...hum bin bataye bich raaste kisi ko chodke nahi jaate :) (unless ofcourse i dont know im gonna leave myself , but tht can be excused rite ;p)
so next time i do a dissapearin act wthout ne prior notice tht im goin away forever, pls dont giv up on me :)
*smiles n hugs*

Anand said...

hey pri,
We dont use yahoo..but gmail accts..u can surely write to us on gmail IDs...its
anand (dot)mukati@gmail.com

Looking forward to hearing from u

Keshi said...

na I cant give up easily on ppl who have touched me in some special ways...and u r one of them.


Pri said...

@ anand
hey anand...will surely speak to/mail u n ekta sometime...am lookin fwd to it too :)
thanks for droppin by ur gmail id's ...mine is "notalgicmoments@gmail.com"

@ keshi
*blush* thanks keshi...i know i can count on u :)