September 17, 2006

"angel"---me??? :)

Its amazing sometimes how a small thing can hav such a major impact on ur life...
Sometimes, life changes wth a fraction of a second n even before u know it ,u r a different person a drastically changed life, very different frm the one before the "fraction of tht second"...:)
It never ceased to amaze me how ppl change soo much, how they can make sucha important decisions within a matter of minutes...
would they regret it later?
would they feel they never really wanted it?
would they think of it as a bad deal?
Most ppl who know me would know tht i think with my "heart" most of the times...n maybe thts the reason tht ive succumbed to a lotta bad deals in life...maybe made some wrong desicions too...but never really thought of it as wrong, cos i for one dont like to regret things i'd cherished (once upon a time)...
Besides i always believe tht in life thr r no wrong desicions...they r juss desicions, whethr they r wrong or right is purely subjective...its juss something u think is best for urself n for the others involved in any given situation or where does the question of it being a bad or wrong decision come??
People who dont know me too well think tht i usually listen to my mind...:)
i wish!!!...but thn again,sometimes mebe thts the best thing to do... oops ,sorry--thts me digressing!
So we were speakin bout how a small thing can change lives...
Someone sent me a e-card yest wch said "thanks for being my angel"...well tht did bring about a strange sorta satisfaction, the kind u experience whn someone thinks of u as a important part of life...weirder still i had absolutely no idea how i'd helped this person n why i was being called his "angel" n tht confused me all the more...:(
Later in the evening, i did manage to catch "mr X" online and ask hiim about it...n thn it struck me tht here was a friend who i'd not been speakin 2 for a long time now...he had moved to anothr town n we had drifted contact, no mails n juss a few offliners once in a while...we spoke about old times and only thn i realised how a small thing said can make such a significance in a persons life...
Whn i asked him bout the angel bit, he reminded me of how i had helped him out whn he was goin thru a bad phase...n tht he could never thank me enough for it :)
More than him being happy, i was happy...was happy tht atleast i'd been of help to someone , someone who valued the lil assurance id given in sucha a big way :)
In life, we all hav such "angels" in the form of friends, who keep helping us spread our wings , helpin us learn to fly, helpin us to be angels for someone else...
N tht set me thinkin,
sometimes we become angels n we dont even know it :)



Tejas said...

Nice. Can sense that angelic smile on your face:) Yeah. It does feel good to make someone feel good. A simple "Main hoon na" is enough to win you friends for life.

Sree said...

that is soo soo true.. just being there makes a whole lot of differenc.

Keshi said...

everyone is an angel in disguise to someone else. Pri ur not a surprise...cos u r a lovely person anyways...hugggggz!

Sorry for scaring ya thru my last post lol! Hope my current post doesnt scare u even more :):) check it out!


Ashish Gupta said...

nahi re.. its never a minutes' decision. we keep on subtly evaluating things/ppl and remembering incidents of how they have made us felt, how we've been treated by people & life (rem our talk?!?!) - all this is data acquisition :P

The thing that comes in a minute is not the process but just a perception-change ... an opinion... a philosophy...

Oh boy! It took me <30 min to decide on my soulmate..... though after 2 years of knowing her! hehe :D

PS: only those regreat later, who do not do their homework (of data acquisition) well enough to be able to make sound decisions ;)

PPS: I did my homework well enuf in case you might be wondering :P

Vik said...

"i for one dont like to regret things i'd cherished (once upon a time)..." - this exactly matches my thinking too. But sometimes I think that this is nothing but a way to console urself when things go wrong..

there are angels for us.. n we are angels to some.. but most often the goodwill is not reciprocated. In the race of life we never value ones who value us, and r not valued by those whom we value..

La vida Loca said...

not surprising at all..
and you know what?You are a doc and you will touch many,many lives knowingly or unknowingly,as simple as a comment or saving a life....just accept the kudos...many,many yet to come :)

Anonymous said...

u are truly a angel pri.its been years since we first met and i can really say ive not come across a sweeter person than u.but this angel does get short fused at tmes, but angels have that much right na? ;D

Pri said...

@ tejas
very true tejas! a simple "im thr for u " can work wonders..but as long as u really mean it...othrwise the same thing can cause a lotta hurt someday...

@ sush
u said it! :)

@ keshi
thanks keshi for the compliment n the hug ...:D n sumthin makes me feel u no less of an angel urself ...
as for the post u were speakin about,hmm looks like someone is fishing for compliments ;p...

@ ashish
maybe u r right ashish, mebe its all data acquisition...
but thn how come sometimes we end up making the wrong desicions...faulty data acquisition eh?? :-!

Pri said...

@ introvert
***there are angels for us.. n we are angels to some.. but most often the goodwill is not reciprocated***
hmmm, i agree sometimes it does happen...but i guess tht shudent stop us frm doin good to someone , mebe we are yet to meet our angels...mebe its not time yet!mebe we dont need tht much help yet...n whn we do , im sure our goodwill will be reciprocated :)

*** in the race of life we never value ones who value us, and r not valued by those whom we value.. ***
yes, i do feel the very same thing sometimes :)
but thn juss cos someone dosent value us enough , dosent mean we shudent value the person at all rite? i mean yes, we do tend to shirk , simmer down,get hurt or even drift away but thn in the race of life, the one who values the ppl who value him ,wins...
As for ppl who juss dont care, let go!!! its best tht way :)

@ la vida loca
thanks pal!...its a lot of responsibility too :)

@ magic_masala
thts very sweet of u ...thanku :D
n yess sir! am working on my short temper if u dint do u think im tolerating ur nonsense these!!! improving aint i??;p
thanks for being there for me too :)

Ashish Gupta said...

yups sometimes faulty data or sometime wrong data analysis...

and rarely data tampering, data-sabotage too ;-)
{loved Omkara/Othello}!

Anonymous said...

hummm..i asked this angel something, im still waiting for the answer :)

sweet post and it dint surprise me.tht is exactly u.being an angel and not even knowing it:)

heyy hope magic_masala did'nt mean "hell angel" ;P (pulling ur!!)

Vik said...

wow! these days I've started getting some nice and well thought out replies to my comments..

Anonymous said...

no no, not sometimes...

we all are angels and we dont know it :)

Twisted DNA said...

Isn't that a nice card. I think the important lesson here is that, expressing what you feel for another perosn is such a wonderful thing, for the other person. It will come around to you at some point too. So I make it a point to let people I love know how I feel about them whenever I get a chance.

Shiv said...

very nice post there right from the heart!!

Pri said...

@ ashish
hmm...i agree :)
life wud be soo perfect if such faulty data analysis dint occur atall eh?

@ d
lol... d...very funny!!thanks for the compliment :)
as for the "hell angel" confusion :-/, well im equally confused too...magic_masala dint really mention tht rite??;p

*psst!! magic_masala ---am fishing here * ;p

@ chandni

Pri said...

@ twisted dna
hmm true! but tht dosent always hav a plesant outcome isnt it?
juss wonderin,wch is better??... to put our feelings across n risk lookin like a fool (n spoiling it all sometimes)or live wth the regret tht we never could express ourselves?...:-/
tough one isnt it???

@ shiv
thanks shiv, its great to see u after sucha a long time...hows u doin?:)