November 13, 2006

my listless mind meanders yet again...:)

I lie awake on my bed,
a million thoughts racing in my head,
The mornin sun, the crack of dawn,
and a pensive thought crosses my mind forlorn.
would u miss me whn im gone?
would u miss me whn im gone?

would i be missed for being a bore?
would i still bring a grin whn im around no more?
would u still think of those pleasant memories,
those lovely times, we'd hav fun galore?

would u miss the things i say?
would u miss me every single day?
would i be missed evening , noon and morn?
would u really miss me whn im gone?

or would i be juss another face,
in life's miserable neverending race,
would u remember me for the times we shared,
those words, those thoughts wch proved we cared...
and though soon again, a new world may be born,
would u still miss me whn im gone??

and yet il'l leave whn i finish someday,
not even me ,in it can hav a say.
At times i wish i could hold on longer,
but guess one needs to be a lot more stronger...

Its destined my friend, the futures not mine,
all i can hope is, ull be fine.
and think of me "sans" the memories sore,
Il'l miss u lots whn im around no more...



Vik said...

I would :)

Anonymous said...

It is the pang of separation that spreads throughout the world and gives birth to shapes innumerable in the infinite sky.

It is this sorrow of separation that gazes in silence all night from star to star and becomes lyric among rustling leaves in rainy darkness of July.

It is this overspreading pain that deepends into loves and desires, into sufferings and joys in human homes and this it is that ever melts and flows in songs through my poet's heart.

- Gitanjali, Rabindranath Tagore

Keshi said...

**Its destined my friend, the futures not mine,

true na...


Tapasya said...

and yet i'll leave whn i finish someday,
not even me ,in it can hav a say

Wow! What beautiful lines...

And, I would miss you and your blog!

Sree said...

would most certainly miss you and the sweet words dearest doc :-).

Anonymous said...

I already am :(

Anonymous said...

what crap is this? beautifully written yet crap!!
why the hell should u go away.
promise us u wont leave !
tum kahin nahi jaane wali samjhi?

Ekta said...

hmmm...looks like some one is in her peotic best...lovely poem!

Pri said...

thanks buddy...:)

wonderful lines poetry always born frm a hurting heart??? :(

hugs to u too gurl ! :)

thanks dear, i needed to hear tht :)
will miss u too...whn the inevitable has to happen :)
till thn hugzz

@ sush
thanks sush...
all i can say is my words n me are not half as sweet as u guys out here...
thanks for everything , for being my angels n not even realising it :)

lol!! ashish, dont miss me too much whn im around...or else u mite end up not missin me at all whn im not :D

@ magic_masala
heyyy ok ok...dont scream at me :-/
main khin nahi jaane wali and main nahi toh mera blog hi sahi, sada meri yaad dilata rahega...whtsay?? ;p
the memories of a mysterious life in a virtual world...
lol!!! ok ok i admit tht sounded a bit spooky! ;p

thanks ekts ...sometimes the mind vents out sentiments n the fingers type it as poetry ;p
tk care

Anonymous said...

I badly wanted this...I have not been doing well for quite somedays. This just sent a chill down my spine. I loved it...

And lemme tell you...You might be missed. But, should there ever be a separation?? a break off?? a parting?? Why isnt life without that?? Why would you want to think about being missed after parting?? Why wouldnt you argue that parting is not the solution??

Pri said...

@ vicky
sometimes u juss cant argue wth somethings buddy...u gotta accept thm wthout any questions, cos at times there are juss no answers ...
u tk care n lets hope things only get better :)...
n dont worry, ull be fine!we all hav our phases

aditi said...

Saw ur link from Tapasya's blog list...A really beautiful poem.....something which many would wonder but has been stated so lucidly here..great going!

Anonymous said...

bavlat ahey ... hi bai..

Pri said...

@ aditi
thanks for the compliment...:) n yeah welcome to the world of "nostalgic moments"

@ anonymous
hmph!! kunala bavlat mhantos??? :-/

criTics_anonYmous said...

fun galore? FUNN GALORE?

Fun? I let fun GALORE.. u would only BLOW it off..


Anonymous said...

hey priyanka
was jus browsin thru ya scraps.. lovely 1s.. jus loved dis poem..was so touchy.. u sent shrivels down my spine..gr8 work gal..