January 05, 2007

Today i actually realised the meaning of "laughing on the past"...
I was speakin to a friend bout an old blog of mine...was too bored to fish out a particular post n so gave him the link instead....n tht was whn i actually checked on "reality sucks" wch was dead n buried a long long time ago...
Was casually browsing through my posts of yester yrs whn some of thm really managed to get me smiling n even laughing...tht set me wonderin if it wud be the same with "nostalgic moments" someday...
I found some posts rather silly, some were plain foolish and some were the " Gawd!! how could i write this" kinda posts...all in all i realised one thing---ive grown up...finally!!
"Reality sucks" was life through the eyes of a naive fool who was juss outta her teens but who still hadent left her world of dreams...i guess comin to terms with reality was a lot more tougher thn :)
Some posts really made me awe at their stupidity, their dumbness n yet again thr were some wch impressed me wth their innocence..
"REALITY SUCKS"brought back a lot of old memories...teenage vulerabilities, a stupid "il'l never let him know" crush, a "rebel without a reason" attitude, crazy friendships, lotsa fun times together---a record of everythin :)
Needless to say thr were some memories, some moments which need not be brought back...because they r always thr.They need no remindin ...perhaps because they r never forgotten...they r juss engraved in ur heart, etched in ur memory...so tht they never leave u .n for all the rest thr was "reality sucks".
and to think i'd almost deleted this blog...but thanks to a friend back thn, who helped me get it all back and alive...n now, thanks to this other friend tht i got bout reading it after sucha long time :)
I've heard of memories wch bring a tear to the eye ...n ive heard of those wch bring a smile to the lips...
but today it was a moment wch brought a tear to my eye and a grin to my face at exactly the same time.

Strange is nostalgia! Stranger is LIFE!!
sigh! guess i still need to grow up (probably till i dont find things strange anymore)


Anonymous said...

// "and to think i'd almost deleted this blog...but thanks to a friend back thn "

'thank you' is one thing which shud never be made to wait, if its a genuine feeling.
but more than that is the fact that some ppl sometimes need only appreciation for who they are - no acclaims, no accolades - nothing but only a heartfelt talk!

PS: imho reality is lovely! "welcome to the real world!" packs so much punch!

Pri said...

@ anonymous
i couldent agree more..n tht too wth anonymous identity :)...
makes me want to associate these lucid thoughts with a name...


Anonymous said...

very well said..but hey looking back the post whether funny or silly were a representation of u and a phase in ur life...so guess its all about memories!

Anonymous said...

I look at every post and say "sheesh, how'd I write this!" But, I still post it 'cuz, this seems to be onw way to "make" memories, and some save up as nostalgic moments. :)

Happy New Year pal!

Vik said...

Pri.. at her best!at her nostalgic best! Well said.

Anonymous said...

hi dear,

True, many things we do now become silly when we get back to the memories. Good, that you've got ur memories saved as blogposts :) for u to cherish later on.

Keshi said...

nice :) Laughter is the best medicine and when it's very funny memories it's even better!


Anonymous said...

sweets,i promise to replace all those tears with smiles and wipe away all those sad memories

luv u

Pri said...

@ anand
thanks anand, n i guess u r right---"sometimes its all about memories" :)

@ venom
wish u the same buddy! :)
n guess we hav more in comman than i thought we did...:D

@ introvert
really??? thanks!!

@ princess
well ive tried to save thm as posts...but thn again, we dont really need blogs to remind us of things we r soo sure we'll never forget , do we?? :)...but yess they do serve as a backup n mebe many yrs down the line , i wud read thm in awe, wonderin if all this really happened...:)

@ keshi
u said it keshi!
sweet memories often leave a grin on our face...a smile, whcih lasts for a long time --even after we are done reading thm :)

@ d
its a cute thought ,d...but considerin the stubborn pest tht i am ,im not too sure thts possible (atleast for humans)
thanks neverthless for liking nostalgic moments...:)

Anonymous said...

long time no see :(

Pri said...

@ anonymous
yes...been a lil busy lately :)

Ekta said...

hey pri,
am sooo glad it was a normal pain and not a relapse...hope ur completely ok now!