July 01, 2008

what do u deserve??

(complete this in not more than 10 words)

"i deserve........."

waiting eagerly for your answers :)


Rambler said...

An answer for every question that pops in my mind.
I got exact 10 :)

Ankur said...

i deserve myself!!! :)


Urv said...

..that I don't need to justify what I deserve :D

Vrijilesh Rai said...

love, help, appreciation, solace, fun, rest and loads of peace!

RiĆ  said...

I deserve to be loved by everybody! :)

Unknown said...

I deserve something that I know i'll never get.

Solitaire said...

I deserve..

A $10,000 diamond ring from Tiffany's at my proposal.

Are there any prizes for the winning entry?

lukkydivz said...

I deserve *love*

@sneha di

shortest entry wins...and so the 10000$ diamond ring comes to me from pri :P

Sach1 said...

I deserve everything that I desire and the one's that I don't!
(10 on 10)

aneri_masi said...

I deserve...to be the princess that I am :)

Sol, am I allowed to brag about my ring? :)

Anonymous said...

hey where did my comment go?!

Anonymous said...

ok here u go again...

i deserve more friends like yu and Aner :)

annd yes Aner... go on brag abt yur ring :D tell the world :D


hope u dnt get kid-napped :P

Rakesh said...

i deserve everything what i expect is good for me and not bad for others

Chakoli said...

the desrvu=ing things;-))

ash89 said...

to know what he's thinking...

Anonymous said...

...a normal life.

khushi said...

a smile! :)

Anonymous said...

you to know how much i hate you...

The Furobiker said...

a relaxing 10 hour sleep

RADhika said...

... a long holiday with my bueu...!

Blog Boy said...

To live life king size

Pri said...

@ rambler
ahh i wonder what the questions are :)

@ ankur
then i must say u have what u deserve...dontya?

@ urv
hmmm...but why do u need to justify??
lol!!u sure u meant 'justify' when u said (read 'wrote') 'justify'????

@ vrij
now that was pretty specific...cool! :p

@ ria
ahhh...then we could have a TV show called 'everybody loves Ria' ;)

Ankur said...


Pri said...

@ j
how can u be so sure??
u never know :)
sometimes life gives pleasant surprises too...
keep the faith!

@ solitaire
whoaa!!god save the poor..oops i mean...rich guy ;p
prizes?? naah knowing ur standards, i dont think i can afford to give away prizes...heehee

@ luckydivz
i dunno about the 1000000$ ring...but there is definitely a lotta love from me coming your way :)
and yess u deserve it!

@ sach
err...now im a lil confused...u deserve everything u desire---fine!!:)
but the ones that u dont (desire) too??? err whats that supposed to mean??

@ aneri masi
yus yus...bragging is allowed...
and im glad u have already gotten what u deserve :)
though i think u deserve a lot lot more than that...

Pri said...

@ veens
oyee!! what happened to ur blog handle :-/
neways this one is more apt...heehee
and thanks for the compliment u greedy girl...rnt u happy having us as friends jo tum aur maang rahi ho??
waise bhi, u wont find another like me...
main duniya mein ek hi piece hoon :D
god broke the 'cast' after creating me..he dint want to stereotype 'perfection' u see ;)

@ rakesh
a very considerate statement...nice! :)

@ chakoli
i wish u could be more specific :)

Pri said...

@ ashu
i understand...

@ holytrance
amen!! :)

@ anonymous
u sound like me...my replyto you in my next post :)

///you to know how much i hate you...///
why do u hate me btw????
i think i deserve to know that too...

Pri said...

@ khushi
u got it then!
:) :) :) :)

@ abhishek khanna
haha...u get more than what u deserve then...with u sleeping during work hours et al ;p

@ radhika
woww...now thats romantic! :D

@ blogboy
i dont see anything stopping u...go right ahead...
life is waiting! :)

@ ankur
huh?? no?
u mean u dont have yourself?

aneri_masi said...

acchha, yeh dekho...brag time...this is the design I have, and a bigger, shinier rock in the center(for about $20,000)


Keshi said...

I DESERVE nothing cos I GET what Im entitled to.


Karthik S said...

i deserve what?? I dont know

Pri said...

@ aneri masi
woww...thats beautiful! :)

@ keshi
now that is something to say! *smiles*
here's hoping u r entitled to everything u rightly deserve :)

@ karthik s
not fair! :(
we all know or atleast think we deserve something or the other...

kyamaloom said...

I deserve... HER!
I would never disagree on this fact.


I deserve to be one big director. :P

Which I know I will anyways. :P

Pri said...

@ sutta
i like ur confidence :)
all the best!

@ anonymous
knock knock...u still havent answered my question :-/

IncorrigibleV said...

...to be truly loved by 'him' once in my life.