November 06, 2008


to all the single ladies out here----
what would u say if 'pappu' proposed to you??

to all the single ledas---
how would u feel if u were 'pappu'??

(P.S: those naive and innocent souls who arnt yet bollywood-stricken and are oblivious of 'pappu' , please turn on your speakers before answering the question.....)


Trinaa said...

say yes..n then give him pvt dance lessons! :P

Anonymous said...

pappu cant dance baabaa... not the post for me to answer

Pri said...

@ trinaa thats a good one..pappu will be very happy :p

@ chriz
why?? :(
even the 'ledas' are supposed to be answering (see the second question in the post)....

lukkydivz said...

lolz.. i am one pappi :P dont mind at all :)

lukkydivz said...

and then we both would dance to "aao twist kare jaag uta mausam"


Ratzzz said...

Never say no to "France Mein Holiday".. teek hai will teach him to salsa.. Private!! mind it...:P

Richa said...


nah not for me.. :D
pappu has to know dancing b4 coming over to me :D

Princess said...

I dunno, haven't seen the movie yet.. ;)

Pri said...

@ luckydivz
i can actually visualise that ;)
not a bad idea at all :D

@ the rat
ahem! now thats really romantic...pappu turns out to be one helluva lucky guy *grin*

@ richa
ohh but pappu cant dance :(

@ princess
its got nothing to do with the film darling...its just that pappu cant dance....chk out the song and ul know all there is to know about 'pappu' :D

Cяystal said...

I agree with tinni..will give pappu dance lessons..
and he will get a PAPPI from my doggie :P..

PS-Pappu naam kuch LS sa hai..won't do for me :P

Keshi said...

I dun hv much knowledge abt 'pappu' but I read abt him Sol's blog once. Is he a loser? LOL!


WritingsForLife said...

haha... this is funny :-)

Pri said...

@ crystal
aww..bechara naam se maar kha gaya ;)

@ keshi
the song in the backdrop says it all keshi...but considering u havent heard it before, i think u should get someone to translate it for u :)
pappu is not exactly a loser....but pappu cant DANCE!! :D

@ raaji
but u dint answer the question :(

Pri said...

@ all
i wonder where the guys have dissapeared...none seem to be answering :-/
cmonn martians, being pappu cant be all thaaat bad....

Toonfactory said...

Hey there came to ur blog via Trinaa's I guess...Nice space...well though I cant dance that good saalaah but I don't think that makes me Pappu...does it???
Nice Blog...lively lovely post...write more often will ya?


Urv said...

Take a big box of Cadburry I guess ;)

alok said...

pappu ko itna saarjo publicity mil raha hai :D, kya kare Rab jo jodi banai hai :)

Pri said...

@ toothfactory
naww not at all...ofcourse it dosent make u 'pappu'...pappu CANT dance ;)
ohh and thanks for dropping by....hope to seeya again....

@ urv
oyee pappu propose kar raha hain...apne paas hone ki khabar nahi bata raha ;)
but maybe cadbury should work just fine with me :D

@ alok u mean publicity ke liye pappy kuch bhi karega???? :p

alok said...

Hahaha nahi! par foukat mein milgaye tu :D aishe bhi pappy ko tu dance aata hai na? she will be proud ki ushne pappu ko nachwaya (aur nachna shikhya, whatever) :)

Pri said...

tsk tsk! pyaar mein faydaa-nuksaan nahi dekha karte :p
and only rakhi sawant would be proud ki usne kisi ko nachwaya...haha!

relations said...

if i were pappu i wud only dance to my pappi's tunes..
and that needs no learning..
every Indian male is adept at that..

Keshi said...

tnxx Pri! :)

if Pappu cant dance, i so dun want him!


Pri said...

@ relations thats an innovative answer ;)
im sure pappu would be every girls dream man if he follows that advice :p

@ keshi
awww...poor guy! u wouldent even offer to help him learn to dance??

IncorrigibleV said...

hahaha i wud prolly say yes, dance nahi kar sakta na, guitar toh bajata hai :)

laddu said...

well i will never mind since i am pappu i ve no mind so i cannot mind :P:P
will move on with never say never attitude and keep on proposing till someone finally agrees....;);););)