December 22, 2008

the 'what' tag!!

i am tagged by "adi" yet again---i seriously dont know if he has any other purpose in life than to scamper all over blogworld for tags and come to me with them :D
but thanks buddy, what would i do without u? esp during these 'bloggers block' phases that i come up with :)
so here goes...

1. What could be the 1 wish you will ask if a genie comes in front of you?
A: would ask for 3 more wishes :D

2. What could be the 1 period you would want to go in a time machine?
A: every period has its pro's and con's..i think il'l stick to the present.

3. What will be the 1 question you will ask if you happen to meet the captain of a UFO?
A: "what will it cost me to settle on your planet??"

4. What will be the 1 thing you would do if you are to go invisible for 1 minute?
A: scare someone by vanishing into thin air :p
what else can u do in ONLY 1 minute?? :(

5. What will be the 1 thing you do if you have 1 crore rupees rite now?
A: change my blog url to "" ;)
(cmonn! dont tell me u wanted one of those 'miss india' contest winner answers)

6. Who will be the 1 person with whom you would love to live life long, apart from your Parents, Partner, Bro or Sis ?
A: noone anymore

7. What is that 1 song which you always hum, without even sensing that you are humming it?
A: keeps changing..current one is 'ma sunao mujhe woh kahani' from jagjitji's album--CRY...its beautiful and dunno why, cant stop humming it :)

8. What is that 1 mannerism in you which can be easily noticed by others?
A: they say--if im not found talking, im found eating! :-/

9. What will be the 1 thing which you would want to take with you to your grave?
A: my body in one piece--with no part missing.. (i know this is a gory answer..but with all the bomb blasts going on, u can never be too sure)

10. What is that 1 habit of yours, which are trying hard to get rid off?
A: my impatient attitude

11. Who is that 1 person who deserves a tight slap from you rite now?
A: a senior doctor who's name should not be taken...

12. What is that 1 food item you will not say NO, anytime when offered?
A: chocolate (anytype..anywhere..anytime)

13. Who will be that 1 dead famous personality, whom you would want to come back alive?
A: i wouldent want to deliberately bring up the ghosts of the past..let them rest in peace!

14. Who is that 1 teacher, you would not forget anytime in your life?
A: miss shilpa sawant--from high school (for all the right reasons)
dr sahakari--from med school (for all the wrong ones)
[actually there are many more in both categories, but lets leave them for another time]

15. Who is that 1 friend, whom you are missing so much rite now?
A: u miss only those people who are far away from u...i hold all my friends close to my heart :)

16. What is that 1 thing you would do if you know your death date?
A: let the people i love, know how much i love them (ive done that a little less too often)
and if i have a lil more time at hand, complete writing my book and submit it to a publication house...

17. What is that 1 thing which you are planning to dispose for a long time and hasn’t done it yet?
A: getting my visa papers sorted..

18. Who will be that 1 famous personality, with whom you would badly want to date?
A: im not open to dating just as the FAMOUS personalities will have to wait! ;)

19. Who is that 1 person with whom you are madly in crush rite now ?
A: well as of now, NOONE!!



Ratzzz said...

reached first for a change...Yaay...

Visa papers?? wr are u off to Pri...

Sen Doc huh?? i feel d same in my prof.. if only they ll let me do it for a change..


Priya Joyce said...

hey cool answers..:P

I njoyed reading :P

Arv said...

Hi there...

now that was an interesting tag with some kewl answers... :)

was a nice read to start my monday morning... thanks..

have a nice evening... cheers...

Urv said...

Yayyyy!! I am tagged. I am tagged :)

//they say--if im not found talking, im found eating

People tell me I am always eating :(

Rambler said...

looks like this senior doctor guy has troubled you a lot

Lena said...

you did it!
i didnt want to scroll down to see those you tagged but then i had to :D

and chocolates? :D
what about sharing? :P

Lucifer said...

u dont have a crush on anyone?? how does that feel??? i always had a crush on smone or d other...keeps me goin :)

Pri said...

@ the rat
///Visa papers?? wr are u off to Pri... ///
even i dunno..heehee.but rest assured, whereever i am, will keep u posted :)

///Sen Doc huh?? i feel d same in my prof.. if only they ll let me do it for a change..///
sigh! i understand...if only wishes were horses, beggers wud ride! *dreamy look*

@ priya joyce
im glad u did...feel free to take it up :)

@ arv
im glad it helped kickstart ur monday morning :)
that indeed is a compliment...

@ urv
yus yus u hurrryyy! :D

Pri said...

@ urv
always eating??? :o
now i must introduce u to my folks...itl help them feel im not the only one ;)

@ rambler
not thaat much..but then it dosent take A LOT to make me WANT to slap someone :p
but yaa he truly deserves the slap :-/

@ lena
yup..u can consider urself tagged here for life :D
sharing chocolates?? ummm lemme see...u can have the dark chocolate if u want, i dont particularly like those :p

@ mayz
no i dont...maybe the answer would have been different even a few days back (remember the 'confused' post?) but i must say it was a narrow escape :D

Anonymous said...

scamper? that makes me sound like a mouse :(
but good answers.i liked ans 15) the best...

lukkydivz said...

ur tags arealways interesting n funny to read :P makes me feel like copy-pasting all ur answers :P

Anonymous said...

ill take this tag wen i come back... for sure

IncorrigibleV said...

visa papers??
kithe chale tussi?