January 23, 2009

IODEX---for toothache??

Today, the maid who works at my house enlightened me of a marvel which really ought to be updated in medical journals...it could put all our pharmacology studies and drug-surveys to shame..seriously! *rolling eyes*

this one-piece unique specimen asks me for IODEX as she is having a bad toothache...yess TOOTHACHE!! seeing my surprised open-mouthed expression she tells me---"aap doctor log kuch nahi jaante...badi badi dawaiyon se kuch nahi hota...iodex hi kaam aata hain" ("u doctors dont know anything...medicines dont have any effect..only IODEX works")
before i could even open my mouth to say something, she took a blob of IODEX on her index finger and put it in her mouth rubbing it on the 'tooth in question' [for those who are not aware, this wonder-medicine IODEX is a topical pain-relief balm which is used for joint pain/sprains and under no circumstances known to mankind (until now that is) has claimed to offer relief for toothache/nerve root pain/internal injury etc..sigh!]

she further surprised me by refusing the analgesic i prescribed and said that she and her entire extended family have always been using IODEX and somehow it has never let them down...sure everytime this happened, the tooth ultimately had to be extracted but that ofcourse was destined to happen...atleast IODEX had postponed the suffering..hmpf!!.

must say the 'ooh aah ouch' advertisement has indeed left behind its magic on the grey matter of our masses.and in a wonderous way which cannot be rubbed off even with long hours of lecturing...

after i got over the initial horror of the situation, i tried to scare her saying she can die if she continued to do that (i even exaggerated a bit by making distorted facial expressions to try to show her how painful it would be to die of iodex-poisoining..sigh!)
but instead of expressing fear and awareness, she leaves me stunned and giggles "IODEX malo kaam pe chalo"

it was really traumatic---my medical knowledge and acting skills, both being ignored like that...sniff!! :(


Nitin said...

doc add this also in ur practical database ...

Iodex is also used as bread spread for giving the high feeling, believe me they eat bread after applying iodex... generally its last used when they don't find other sedatives like proxivon, corex.. etc..

Anonymous said...

That is definitely, but so funny..haha...Hope ur maid realises it soon and stops using it!

Anonymous said...

Damn!!! Nitin just stole what I was about to say... Had you been an engineer from one of the IITs you would have known this for long now :)

Anonymous said...

iodex just tastes like sarsi fruit...

i have tried it too.. a few will like the taste too

Pri said...

@ nitin
ewwww...PLEASE tell me ur joking :-/

@ meera
i hope so too...only divine intervention can convince her off it now..sigh!

@ i walk alone
u mean to say u are confirming it...man! and i thougth nitin was kidding :-/
but seriously are all IITians this weird or is it only those few who were dropped on their head when they were babies? *rolling eyes in disbelief and doubt*

@ chriz
GRRREEEEAAAT!! what else have u eaten? amrutanjan? tiger balm? moov? volini?? *raises an eyebrow*

Hemanth Potluri said...

hahha...she doctors dont know anything lol :P..she should have studied it with ease then ..


Ratzzz said...

YUck.. cant even think of it...

eeewwww.... atleast my maid doesnt gimme such stupid fundas... Thank god!!!

Arv said...

OMG... I have heard some crazy remedies but this one takes the cup... :-0

Lucifer said...

m sure if i tell my dad that hez soon gonna burn his MDS degree

Rià said...

gosh tht was bad!seems the iodex ad left a deep impact on her for sure.

Pri said...

@ hemanth
i guess thats what she thinks...sigh!

@ the rat
both she and u are lucky then :D
but she's there with us since a pretty long time...thanks to which i am blessed with the patience to put up with that nonsense :-/
i think i would miss it if i had some sane 'help' around....heehee

@ arv
u said it!!
not only the cup but the saucer too :p
(ok sorry..bad joke!)

@ mayz
i felt like doing just that!!
but then i thought uske paas toh 30 daat hain (two extracted)..mere paas toh bas ek hi MBBS degree...cant afford to burn it :P

@ ria
yea..i seriously dunno whether to laugh at her innocence or yell at her ignorance :-/

Abhishek Behera said...

iodex? no i will believe you. i m not verifying this.

@ nitin/i-walk-alone: !!!

rahul said...

my doc is wasting time over the wrong people again?? :p

Trinaa said...

omg!! really..m goin to recommend it to my best friend..she keeps complainin of toothache! :P

Pri said...

@ abhishek-sim
are u an IITian??????? :-/

@ rahul
well IMHO ppl who think IODEX works for a toothache are the ppl who really need a doctor...sheeesh!!

@ trinaa


damn!! poor friend of yours :p

Anonymous said...

pri has got the knack of putting a simple situation with lot of humor and fun element :)

Anonymous said...

Strange World, Strange Thoughts.
What to say ?
I have heard more stories about Iodex.

alok said...
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alok said...

Amazing! I didn’t know you have a maid who is a doctor :P

I can certainly understand about your concerns for the maid. And poor you, ushne pura doctori-ka waat laga diya.

P.S: I am curious to know, what the real doc will do now? (maybe your action will help many such maids or some IITians as people have already mentioned about it). See now even some IITians are doctors who are doing equal to a maid :P

Pri said...

@ sam
thanks to those in my life who constantly add to the humour in weird ways :-/

@ hobo
really?? would love to hear...will have to update my maid too :D

@ alok
///Amazing! I didn’t know you have a maid who is a doctor :P///
whatta coincidence...even i dint know!!

///P.S: I am curious to know, what the real doc will do now? (maybe your action will help many such maids or some IITians as people have already mentioned about it). See now even some IITians are doctors who are doing equal to a maid :P///

well the real doc is too much in shock to act right now...neways her prescription has been royally ignored :-/
but alok?? i think u guys might just have invited the wrath of IITians all around..err..leave me out of this..me wants no controversy :p

Cяystal said...

Iodex for toothache? Daamn!..never heard of it! :O...
Ask your maid to tell us some more of thse things :D

alok said...

Oh! I didn’t notice the invitation of wrath, I have so many friends who are from IIT and they too tell me these kind of (iodex) stories and most of the times it was purely meant for fun, nothing meant for a controversy or to start a big fight. At least, I didn’t mean it that way …

Anyways, hope you will come out of the shock soon :P

Dewdrop said...

HaHa... ur maid better come to her senses fast... IODEX is not for internal consumption

enchantinganki said...

I do have severe toothache from last 3yrs ,but NO m not gonna use Iodex at any cost....,even if ur maid is right!!!

Anil Sawan said...

lol, tht was funny!!!!

Ankita, you may want to try it.. Chris says it tastes good :P

Pavi!!!! said...

ohh i didnt know! iodex helps to cute toothaches! thnx for sharing!

Pri said...

@ crystal
sigh! doctor ko chodkar witch doctor ko pooch rahe ho?? sharafat ka zamana hi nahi raha :-/

@ alok
oyee that was just a joke :D
and neways im not afraid of controversies...aur yahan pe toh we've got jeeta jagta full-proof evidence from our side hainna---ur IITian friends? ;p

Pri said...

@ dewdrop
naah main samjha samjhake thak gayi...she's HOPELESS! :(
waise i have explained to her husband...i think he should be able to hide the IODEX from her :D

@ ankita
wayy to go..ur smart!!
kaash thodi si akal use bhi aa jaati...she has been working in my house since i was a kid seen me right through school to college to med school..so sometimes i feel she takes me for granted...hmpf!!

@ sawan
haha bery phunny sawan...i dont think chriz should be trusted..besides ankita is too smart to fall for that :D

@ pavi!!
oyeeeeeeeee....phuleez! why is everybody believing my maid?? *rolling eyes* :(
it wud be a proud moment for her if she could read my blog..sigh!

IncorrigibleV said...

superlol... but i have heard the vicks and iodex etc vapours giving u a 'high', havent heard abt ppl eating it for that :O

NoIntroductions said...
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NoIntroductions said...

just to add in about this topic... am not sure about putting it in the inside of your mouth but I know it works if your mouth is swollen due to a toothache and you place it on the swollen area on the outside. It definitely relieves the pain and the swelling goes down.

Anonymous said...

actually it is not so shocking....first of all iodine is not so horrible and it stops swelling many foods have iodine....then the analgesic in it is actually wintergreen (do any of you chew gum?) Thirdly there is wax in it and parafin is in I do not know how many things. So it probably does have an analgesic effect, stop swelling and absorb into the gum......I doubt it is going to harm someone who uses it once in a while for a tooth ache really LOL....people do worse with all the junk food, chemicals, forms of msg, preservatives that are in our foods every day....are all of you who are complaining at your right weight LOL

Anonymous said...

In fact, go here and look up about the major ingredient Benzocaine which is in oragel and see the places in the body and such that that is use for and some of the side effects of over use that you never hear about....Cheers


best dental clinic Singapore said...

I have heard about this IODEX, its one of the trusted and top brands in India. Its best know not just for toothache but also for other kinds of pain such as waist, back and joints pains and even sprains.

samlakhmani said...

do ppl in kota actually use iodex to keep awake...and study or just to get high.....