February 28, 2009

we are like that only!!

ok so its official now----im a self diagnosed not-responding-to-therapy kinda manic-depressive!! *takes a bow*

i always had a doubt about this but now after the last post and todays current mood, im soo totally sure!!

ohh yes and i also have the BESTEST friends in the world :D :D :D :D

ok after that bit of polishing the apple, here comes a side-note apology:

im sorrrryyyyy :( :(

----'pratik' for not having answered your calls, replied to your texts nor responded to your offliners :(
u know me dont u? and if u dint, now u do!...but i promise to make up for that with hours of lecturing and a bery special post coming up soon (*evil laugh* u know what im talking about) :p

----'aartu' for having yelled at you when u tried to take off my rose coloured glasses.
but then when ur wearing them for so long, it kinda hurts to see someone removing them off only to crush them below their feet.
but i know i will be forgiven and your lecture will be forgotten...heehee
afterall thats what best friends are for arnt they?

----'rahul' for giving you the cold treatment because u sided with aartu..ok ok u guys have a point!

----'niks' 'bubbles' and 'giggly' for cancelling out last minute on the 'sonu nigam' concert we were planning to go since soo many days and that too with a stupid 'i just dont feel like it' excuse (sorry guys..could'nt come up with a better one and knowing u can see straight through my lies, why even try??!)..neways hope u guys had fun..ok who am i kidding?? hope u guys missed me like hell!! :p

----'ankur' for not being able to meet up with you (but the loss is mine u know..after meeting up with me, im sure u'd be so impressed that u would write a superlong post about me on your blog..see how much of free publicity im sacrificing.sigh!)
ok ok jokes apart, im really sorry..but koi nahi..zindagi bahot lambi hain yaar..ek na ek din zaroor milenge maybe for a bloggers meet..who knows? :)
hope u have a nice time in goa and once again sorry for not being able to update u much on the place due to sheer lack of enthusiasm that day.
anyways hope the change in weather does'nt give u a skin rash *makes a straight face*

----'vands' who has managed to make me smile by replying to all my posts she had missed on--all in just a coupla nights..
its such small things which flatter me..seriously!
im sorry vands, for not having had the time to speak to you as much as i'd like to...
and im also sorry for having absentmindedly logged out after coming back from the 'brb' break on a coupla ocassions. i havent replied to your comments as yet too (blame it on the 'rough patch') :(
but i promise to catch up with u a lot more in the manic days to come :D

phew! and last but not the least--
whoever ive unintentionally hurt with the last post and not even realised it..

im happy to have all these above gems in my life..and il'l always treasure them :)

ohh and needless to mention thanks to all those who commented and emailed me and tried to lift up my dead spirits thus letting me know who i can count on :)
though there are those days when i decide that im never going to see the face of blogger.com again atleast in this life, i also know its impossible to do that with u guys still around here.and in my own special silent way im soo very thankful for that.

all i have to say is that im this crazy idiotic sometimes insensitive sometimes overtly sensitive girl who has her mood swings to handle and utopian expectations to deal with...who will keep having these manic-depressive episodes for as long as she lives..........................
who will throw tantrums at you sometimes with no fault of yours...
who will be soo patient with u at other times that u'l wonder if she's the same crazy nut she was yesterday...
who will try to convince herself every single minute that expectations are ugly and life should be lived logically...and yet who knows that her life for one, is the most illogical one she's ever come across...
there is this constant fight between her dreams and rationality...
between her expectations and practicality...
between her emotions and logic...

but one thing we can be sure about is that whether we win or lose, we will fight and never give up...
because...err..we are like that only!! :-/


Lucifer said...

i give up...i thot i was great at understandin ppl...but in ur case i jus give up...mayb coz i kno d reason for ur depression so it kinda makes d whole thing even more difficult for me to understand...

Pri said...

@ mayz
i dont know what exactly ur talking about...but all i can say is please dont assume based on some half-baked information u have about me..thats the worst thing anyone can do to himself..ul'l only end up confused :)
here's a clip i would like you to see...nobody could put it better than robin williams---
(its from good will hunting)

no offence...but that was just to tell you that u cant figure out my entire life of 25 years in a days post..so dont try! :)

rahul said...

oyehoye i was been given a thanda kandha?? :(
v may crush the pink coloured glasses but that is only bcoz v trust ourselves more than them to hlp u cross the street of life samjhi?
u r like tht only but we luv u for being like tht only

Arv said...

I cant understand much of wat you are going through... but... do take care... hope the tide turns soon... cheers...

Ekta said...

ooh..after all those sorrys...have u any frds left at all..haha?:-)

Pri said...

@ rahul
how on earth do u know exactly what to say?? (sometimes just sometimes..so dont be too happy i said that)
but jokes apart, i cant imagine life without u guys :)

@ arv
thanks..the tide keeps changing..guess thats what life is all about..u cant afford to get sucked in by the waves :)

@ ekta
ahh sure...infact ive got stronger friendships...
saying 'sorry' just means ur accepting u were wrong...it definitely does'nt mean losing out on friends--atleast not the kind i have and perhaps because they know how much they actually mean to me :)

aditi said...

You are lucky to have so many true friends...though of course number doesn't matter..
And not just lucky...you deserve them.

rahul said...

ya the previous header was better and more suited to your nostalgic moments :(

Ankur said...

goa trip was good... and yea... we are gonna met some day if thats the gods wish!! :)

Take care,

IncorrigibleV said...

tu pagal hai... but jaisi bhi hai acchi hai :)