March 15, 2009


complete the following and try to restrict it to a maximum of 12 words---

"i wonder..."



Anwesa said...

i wonder-why the world has gone wrong and still,we wanna live here.

P said...

i wonder if this blog's author is suffering from a writer's block..


Lucifer said...

lol @ jinxed pixie's comment

i wonder what my bhabhiji is doin rite now :P

shruti said...

I wonder how you all come up with such nice ideas!

Pri said...

@ anwesa
u make me wonder if i really want to live here or is it just that i dont have a choice??

@ jinxed pixie
u make me wonder if that was a lucky guess or u really are a mindreader?? :p

@ mayank
duh! u make me wonder why ur wondering about it when u can probably just ask her!

@ shruti
u make me wonder whether u havent read "jinxed pixie's" revelation up there! heehee

Rambler said...

I wonder..."mera kya hoga, kaliya"

Cяystal said...

I wonder when will I stop wondering?

Anonymous said...

I wonder whether I will ever be the one I want to be!

That was less than 12...yes!

Ratzzz said...

i wonder..."if the Doctor is playing the patient??"

tulipspeaks said...

I wonder... if I will get to play in the rain today..


Blog Boy said...

I wonder.. Why people fall in love when they know they will suffer.

Arv said...

I wonder... if I would see all the places in my travel wish list.

Pallav said...

I wonder....Why people dont mind thier own business
I wonder.. why people cant fogive others

The Furobiker said...

i just wonder!

The Furobiker said...

i i could never find out what i am wondering about :(

Pri said...

@ rambler
u make me wonder whether ur sucha huge 'gabbar' fan!! :p

@ crystal
u make me wonder if there are more ppl like us, then we could probably form a club :D

@ meera
u make me wonder if ur always this confusing :-/

@ the rat
u make me wonder what u mean by that *scratchin chin*

@ tulipspeaks
u make me wonder where in the world u are for it to be raining right now!!

Anonymous said...

i wonder when my mind wanders and when it wanders i get wisdom

иidhi S said...

I wonder why people fall in Love and still fear to commit

Anil Sawan said...

i wonder why you wrote this!
i wonder why i asked that!

P said...

i AM a mind-reader..
my talent has been reduced to the levels of plain old luck??

batates_777 said...

I wonder when will I be together with the one I love ?

enchantinganki said...

i wonder,y do i have 2 wonder?

(btw , have been away from ur blog..missed some posts...will catch dem soon)

Pavi!!!! said...

I wonder when again I’ll be able to write!
I wonder where the old pavi is?!
I wonder what those 6 months will be like!

ruSh.Me said...

I wonder about the Wonders of this Wonderful World!!

Pri said...

@ chriz
u make me wonder if we will ever be able to understand the meanderings of your wandering mind :)

@ nidhi s
u make me wonder what is more important--love or commitment? :)

@ sawan
u make me wonder why u wonder soo much :D

@ jinxed pixie
ahh that makes sense..somewhat :D

@ batates_777
u make me wonder how many people are wondering about the same thing right now :)

@ ankits_agrawal
u make me wonder if there exists any one answer to that 'wonder'ful question :)

@ pavi!!
u make me wonder what this (esp the third thought) is exactly about but neverthless wish u luck! :)

@ rushme
u make me wonder why i cant wonder on sucha optimistic note :)

Voice said...

I wonder ~ who are you? :)

Pratz said...

I wonder why you want me to wonder

IncorrigibleV said...

i wonder what life would be like a couple of months from now.

Pri said...

@ voice
u make me wonder who u think i am :)

@ pratz
u make me wonder why u wonder so much :p

@ vandita
u make me wonder whats supposed to be happening coupla months from now :D

வேணு வேற்றாயன் said...
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